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Design Portfolio Sketch




John Newman drawing 3d modeled and CNC carved in Walnut

Art Oil on canvas, 22”x42”

1994 2014

Bronze and Aluminum,5”x5””13”

Ink on paper, 22”x30”

Ink and Watercolor on paper, 16”x24”


1994 2014

Pencil on paper, 20”x25”

Silver, Brass, Copper, and Amber, 1”x2”

Ink on paper, 22”x30”

Bronze, 5”x5”x9”

Art Alabaster and Brass, 8”x7”x5”

Belt Buckle, Shibuichi, 2”x4”

Wedding Ring, White Gold and Diamond

1994 2014

Necklace, Silver and Amber, 1”x1”x1”

Fountain Bubbler, Copper, 8”x8”x5”

CoC-GVU Rous Rig, Aluminum frame used in Gabe Brostow’s PhD Thesis on motion capture

Gesture Pendant, Silver with IR filter, used in Invited Exhibition at Chicago Museuem for Applied Arts

2000 2003

Aluminum modifications on iRobot for CoC’s Borg Lab Search and Rescue competition

DVD production and animated menus for CoC’s Digital Video Special Effects classes 1999-2001

CoA-Imagine Lab Free Trade Area of the America’s Headquarters (2004)

Atlanta’s bid for the NASCAR Museum (2005)

2003 2014

Technology Square (2000)

Peachtree Corridor Study (2006)

CoA-Imagine Lab The New World of Coca Cola (2006)

Solar Decathlon Georgia Tech (2007)

Georgia Aquarium (2005) Piedmont Park Expansion (2006)

2003 2014

CoA-Imagine Lab Technology Square Phase 2 (2009)

Clough Undergraduate Learning Center(2008)

GT 3D iOS App (2012)

Walk of Heroes: Veterans War Memorial(2010)

2003 2014

Jonathanshawportfolio 2014  

Quick 3 day portfolio, work in progress.

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