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WEEKLY NEWS August 9th






THIS WEEK IN CANADA Sooke International Triathlon The Sooke International Triathlon was held this past weekend on the beautiful West Coast of Vancouver Island. The pros competed in an Olympic distance Chase event where the Women are o first, then the guys start a pre-determined time after and have to chase the Women. There's prizes for each the men's race, women's race and an overall. With a few of our top athletes racing, it was sure to be a great day! Jeff Symonds came 2nd in the Men's and 3rd overall (pictured in the Bike Barn t-shirt at the awards), and Rachel McBride came 2nd in the Women's with the fastest bike split of the day and 5th overall, and Nathan Killam rounded out the top 10 men with the 5th fastest run split on the day. Only 3 weeks until Ironman Canada!!


THIS WEEK IN FRANCE A new Ironman 2nd place! “Only a week after my fourth place on the Ironman 70.3 I got the second on the podium of the Bolton Ironma (UK). Anvers: I missed a little bit the swimming, correct biking and good running in 1:16 or 2 minutes better than my best time in 2011 and 4 over 2010! I am happy and confident for my Ironman. On the evening of Anvers large bowel appear. Despite taking 38 Imodium between Monday and Saturday (yes, 38!), Rice for lunch and dinner my condition does not improve. With the exception of diarrhea, I feel good about my workouts. We will say that I approach the deadline a little in the dark... On the day of Ironman I am motivated, especially in the absence of Graves and Bayliss the race is wide open. After swimming hidden at the back of the small group of 3, I started cycling at a quite high rate/speed. No one follows me, great! Slowly the gap with Farlow grows, behind they are a bit further. All was going well until the 60th when I fall in a wet corner... A few scratches and a bit scared but no break on the guy (just a crack on the hanger). I get up like a kangaroo, totally excited and go back almost as if nothing had happened! Eventually I managed my effort to 145th km when I got back in survival mode: A giant hypoglycemia falls on my head, my stomach saying to stop all food and drink except water. So I lost about 8 minutes on Farlow in 50km, I go to the park 2nd. And it continues during running, not running at a good pace on the first 13 km, no more juice, completely dead... and a little demoralized, I hear:''Farlow Farlow at 5mins… at7mins Farlow at 9mins… then 15mins! ''(A loss of 11 minutes on Farlow in 13 km and an average of 7mins on other competitors). Then miraculously forces are back, thank you to the glasses of Coke and cake appetizers I swallowed on the “ravitos” during running. Within two minutes now I run like I never did before. Farlow is too far but I know that I can manage to stay 2nd. With a very good marathon (2:54 but the distance was not totally there) I managed to keep my place. Nick Saunders completed the podium. After Malaysia (3rd) and Wisconsin (2nd), this is my third Ironman podium. I hope that victory will come one day! Now a bit of rest , direction Embrun for 10 days holiday / training sessions and then direction Louisville on Aug. 28 when a new Ironman is waiting for me. About the world championships distance Ironman and Ironman 70.3, respectively, I am ranked: 44th and 17th. Which stands for qualifying on the two distances (described by roll down on IM). However, with an objective of improvement and an ''entrepreneur'' approach concerning the investment / benefit, I refused my two race numbers, preferring to stick to the adjusted program with my coach Stephane Palazzetti. Next year I will be in Hawaii and will make of it my main objective in 2012. I’m already working...” - Romain Gui"aume -


THIS WEEK IN GERMANY/AUSTRIA Fistball World Championship in Austria The Austrian Fistball National Team powered by COMPRESSPORT won the 2 first matches and is on the right way to defend the WC Champion crown next weekend in Austria. The team use our R2 and QUAD for training, recovery and the QUAD during the matches. Not sure if everybody know fistball :-) Here a couple of pics:

Dominik Berger 2. beim Kremser Triathlon OD (Austria) Good and hote race last weekend in Krems for our young austrian PRO athlete, Dominik Berger finishing second behind the austrian triathlon champion Franz Hรถfer. Good last test on the olympic distance after the Ironman Austria and before his next 2 big races on the half distance in France and Ireland.


2nd. Ironman Regensburg in Germany After the very cold and rainy race in Frankfurt 2 weeks ago, again a very bad weather last Sunday in the wonderful city of Regensburg for the second Ironman Germany. Great succes for the brand new R2 orange limited editon and for the RacingSocks. No top COMPRESSPORT PRO athlete this weekend at the starting line but a lot of old and new extremely satisfied customers.


THIS WEEK IN ISRAEL/BENELUX A link to a fresh review on COMPRESSPORT R2 by one of the most popular web site for sports gear: Bottom line of the review: ➡“Most comfortable compression sleeves” – they even slept with them ➡“best “cost effective” product” ➡

“best in performance”

“best in recovery”

“ best compression product that’s being sold today in Israel, significantly better than the 2XU and other brands”.

Alexandra Tondeur & Wim De Cort Belgium Champions


THIS WEEK IN SPAIN The Andalusian Federation of mountain races sponsored by COMPRESSPORT Leading compression brand, COMPRESSPORT, is pleased to announce another sponsorship since 25th july, further extending the brand's links with Basque and C a t a l a n Fe d e r a t i o n Mo u n t a i n r a c e s C O M P R E S S P O RT w i l l b e t h e o f f i c i a l compression brand partner of Andalusian Federation mountain Races also. On july 31st took place the V Aramotz Mendi Lasterketa Spain Cup in Amorebieta Vizacaya and the Andalusian mountain races team got 3 podiums already using COMPRESSPORT products.

Adrian Sifre professional Handball Player What Adrian thinks about using COMPRESSPORT. “I’m Adrian Sifre, I play in CAI Balomano Aragón Team from Zaragoza, We play Honour Spanish League (ASOBAL) and European Handball Championship (EHF) . What I was really excited about when I was asked to wear COMPRESSPORT products as a professional handball player was the very detailed sizing matrix - because I have long agreed with the view that for graduated compression garments to work properly they need to be specifically fitted to the proportions of the limbs. R2 & Full Socks are reassuringly tight to get on, but once fitted I found that they were very comfortable and not at all restrictive. The quality of the materials used is excellent and after half a dozen hand washes they are as supportive as the first time I put them on. The main concern for me is the ability to stay injury free and recover quickly. When you are putting in training day after day and playing every week-end, you need the right products to help you stay healthy. Since using COMPRESSPORT, I have noticed that I am able to train harder without picking up injuries”


THIS WEEK IN SWITZERLAND Triathlon of Nyon: Mike Aigroz won with a confortable margin in front of Manu K端ng in windy conditions. Mike, normally a long distance specialist, is still fast on short distance format! Congratulations on both COMPRESSPORT athlets!

Arnaud Tonus in the Mx2 Top 5! Still 3 rounds to go, but the Swiss Yamaha Rider is up front every weekend. He scored a very good 5th position in CZ, battling with the best in second moto aboard his Yamaha 250 YZF.

Road Alex Moos king of the mountain!

Motocross: Julien Bill is the new World Champion Mx3!

The Mountain bike marathon leader of BMC still have some skills on road racing: he clinched the Swiss mountain championship last week!

First Swiss ever to be crowned World Champ, it's a dream come true for the Geneva Rider. Julien won every rounds but one and dominated the serie on his Honda 450 CRF - Monster Energy.


Thanks to a" of you for sharing your news, pictures, results, adventures, and testimonials. See you next week!


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