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Mixed Use Development • Zoning

• Conventional Development Patterns Versus • Mixed Use, Integrative Development

Zoning • Separation of Different Uses • Fosters Monocultures • Encourages Car Dependence • Supports Single Use Sprawl Development as of Right • Mixed Use, Integrated Development Requires Variances

Conventional Development • Office & Industrial Parks • Housing Subdivisions • Civic/Public Pods • Strip Shopping Malls

Mixed Use Development • Main Streets

• Town Centers

• Neighborhood Centers

Office Parks vs Main Streets & Home Offices

Live/Work Units, Converted Offices

Housing Subdivisions vs Neighborhoods

Civic/Public Pods vs Town Centers

Strip Shopping Malls vs Main Streets

Neighborhood Center Corner Store


Convenience Store

Mixed Use Fail

Exeter Town Center Development  
Exeter Town Center Development  

Master plan for a new Town Center for the rural town of Exeter, RI. Located on the eastern border of Connecticut, this small town has demand...