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in focus British Rototherm News Update | Q4/2011

Product Focus

Power Generation

Multi Stage Restriction Orifice Plates


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Sentinel Dairy pasteuriser product application

Product Focus


Multi-Stage Restriction Orifice Plates

Restriction orifice plates have traditionally been used to reduce pressures in GAS AND LIQUID FLOWS by forcing the flow through a Product Focus Multi Stage Restriction Orifice Plates


Application Focus Elite SafeGauge - Aircraft Tyre Pressure Gauge


restricted bore. The precise pressure drop is produced by accurately calculating the orifice bore, having taken into account all the relevant process and flow conditions. Applications

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• Gas and Liquid Flows • High Pressure Drops

Application Focus Sentinel: Dairy pasteuriser product application


Industry Focus Rototherm - your partner in Power


Over seventy five years of manufacturing experience


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Prevents • Cavitation and Flashing in Liquid flows • Choked flow in gases. • Excessive Noise / Vibration Where very HIGH PRESSURE DROPS in liquid flows are required MULTISTAGE RESTRICTION ORIFICE ASSEMBLIES may be required to achieve the desired pressure drop whilst preventing problems such as CAVITATION, FLASHING and high NOISE and VIBRATION levels. CAVITATION is a potentially damaging, erosive condition which


occurs when the internal pressure of the liquid passing through the

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Further downstream from the orifice the pressure recovers suf-

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orifice falls below its vapour pressure and vapour bubbles form.

ficiently to collapse the bubbles with extreme violence. Cavitation calculations are performed during the design stage of a Multistage RO to calculate cavitation factors at each stage in the orifice assembly.

FLASHING is a similar phenomenon to cavitation except that the process pressure never recovers sufficiently to collapse the gas bubbles resulting in two phase flow - liquid and gas downstream of the orifice. Erosion of pipe work and valves and other instrumentation can occur due to the impact of liquid droplets carried at high speed in the vapour flow.

be achieved by either increasing the upstream pressure or lowering the downstream pressure. A Multistage Restriction Orifice assembly will enable staged reductions in pressure to prevent choked flow occurring. Rototherm Multistage Restriction Orifice Plates are manufactured from a wide range of materials and are engineered to meet specific project process conditions and requirements. Plates are usually welded into pipe with a separation of one pipe diameter, the number of plates and orifice bores being determined by calculation. Process connections to existing pipe work can be either standard process flanges or machined ends suitable for butt welding. As well as multistage assemblies - Rototherm manufacture a wide range of standard plate orifice plates - ‘concentric square edged’ for general application, ‘conical entrance’ or ‘quarter circle’ for low Reynolds number flows, and ‘segmental’ or ‘eccentric’ for flows containing light solids and slurries.

CHOKED FLOW IN GASES – also know as critical flow – occurs when too large a pressure drop is attempted across a single orifice plate. When the downstream pressure is less than 52.8% of the upstream pressure, the flow through the orifice will become sonic, at which point no further increase in flow can

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Application Focus

Elite SafeGauge Aircraft Tyre Pressure Gauge The Rototherm SafeGauge safety pattern tyre pressure gauge incor-

All Rototherm tyre pressure gauges are supplied calibrated before

porates a series of new and unique features that have given rise to

leaving our factory - and - if required - a factory calibration certifi-

new standards of safety in aircraft ground support.

cate can be supplied (traceable to UK National Standards).

The SafeGauge is available with a 100 mm dial and uses the unique

The gauge is offered with either a fixed or flexible hose for connect-

“SafeCase“ solid front, blow out back design that provides operator

ing to the tyre - and each gauge is supplied with a choice of Type

protection, over and above the basic requirements of the European

5265 (small bore) and Type 4660A (large bore) Schrader™valve fit-

Pressure Gauge Standard EN837.

tings - with quick release connections.

Being retained on the gauge by a centre screw, the blow out back

A robust ABS carry

prevents the risk of injury due to flying debris from the rear of the

case is offered as a

case in the unlikely event of Bourdon tube failure.

useful accessory.

Protected in a rubber case, the SafeGauge is a robust, easy to use

SafeGauge is currently

pressure gauge ready for the most demanding ground support

being supplied to major


airlines, aircraft manufacturers and ground support companies around the world from Australia to North America, Europe to Asia. SafeGauge safety pattern tyre pressure gauges are now available to buy online from Rototherm’s E-Commerce website.


in focus

Rototherm Online -

all change on the web!

All websites in the Rototherm group are getting a design make-over with all content being updated with the latest news and information. The first site to get a all new look is that of RTD-Products - the UK’s leading manufacturer of platinum resistance temperature detectors.

A sneak preview of the new Rototherm site -

economical way of buying their product - 24 hours a day, 7 days a The new RTD products website -

week. Products featured on the Rototherm Online web site include:

Over the coming months - the RTD site will be available in French,

•• Chart Paper

German and Spanish languages. An e-commerce site is also planned

•• Disposable fibre tipped pens for all Rototherm Chart Recorders

to be in place early in 2012.

•• Chart Drive Motors •• Stainless steel pressure gauges - available in a wide range of dial

New Rototherm Website

sizes, process connections and pressure ranges •• Sentinel Chart Recorders

Set to launch fully in early 2012, the site will com-

•• Aircraft Tyre Pressure Gauges

bine a new look with a wealth of new and updated technical infor-

•• Pressure Gauge Accessories

mation ensuring the most up to date information on our products is available 24/7.

New products to be added to the site in the coming months will include:

Rototherm E-Commerce Site In an exciting development British Rototherm has launched its first

•• Orifice Plates

e-commerce site - Rototherm Online.

•• Thermowells •• Temperature Assemblies

Initially available to UK customers only, the site offers a wide range

•• Temperature Transmitters

of Rototherm products, available on fast delivery times, as well as representing a considerable price saving on standard list prices.

Payment can be made via the Secure server by all major credit and debit cards and all stock items are despatched with 2 working days

The objective of the site is to give our UK customers a faster, more

for fast delivery.

in focus


Application Focus


Dairy pasteuriser product application Since Rototherm manufactured the first bimetallic back in 1934, Rototherm products have been widely used by dairy farmers and producers across the world. Ideal for food and dairy process applications, our high quality instruments are regarded as the most reliable and accurate to be found anywhere. Included in the dairy range is the dedicated Sentinel Pasteurising Recorder Controller. The 3 pen format allows recording of HOT and COLD product temperatures, plus an EVENT PEN which records Divert Valve position on any portion of the chart. Recording using “dual-zone” or “half-chart” format is easily set-up, and event pen step sizes are easily adjusted to suit any user. DIVERT CONTROL is a standard feature with accurate, reliable switching via a 6 amp output relay. An additional DIVERT PROTECT facility allows over temperature trip-out if the sensor fails. An advanced BACK-LIT DISPLAY offers the user a UNIQUE indication of the pasteuriser status during operation. The HOT and COLD values are continuously indicated on the top display line, whilst “FORWARD”, “DIVERT”, “AUTO” or “MANUAL” are shown on the bottom display line, and continuously updated as the status changes.

Control/Alarm SET POINTS are easily displayed at the touch of a button and the status of output relays is continually indicated by colour-coded LED’s. Three selectable levels of SECURITY, including password and hardware locks are available to stop unauthorised access and alteration of the instrument. Housed in a STRONG steel case, which can be wall, panel or pipe mounted, the Sentinel is designed for rugged environments. A gasketed lockable door with tough acrylic window protects the internal components to IP65. The slim case is ideal for shallow compartments, and will RETROFIT in place of Rototherm, Negretti, Honeywell, ABB Kent-Taylor, Chessel or Foxboro models. The Sentinel is SIMPLE TO OPERATE. Sensor type, chart range, display units, chart speed and relay actions are easily and quickly modified if needed. The Sentinel SEN 30P can be supplied fully set-up to suit individual customer requirements and makes full use of the EXTENSIVE list of pre-printed pasteurising charts in the Rototherm range. Standard version Sentinel Chart recorders are now available to buy online from Rototherm’s E-Commerce website:


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Industry Focus

Providing cost effective solutions for the power generation industry

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of industrial instrumentation, it’s

Rototherm also offers an extensive range of thermowells that are

no wonder the world’s leading power generation companies have

used extensively in the power, process, pharmaceutical and petro-

come to trust us for the supply of quality temperature, pressure and

chemical industries.

flow measuring equipment. Thermowells are used to protect temperature With over 100 years combined manufacturing experience, British

indicators and sensors from process media and

Rototherm and Thermocouple Instruments have come together to

enable the servicing or replacement of sensors

form the UK’s premier instrument supplier.

without the need to shut down plant.

Rototherm manufactures a range of products specifically designed

Available in a wide range of styles and

for use in the power generation industry.

materials, all British Rototherm thermowells are manufactured to the highest standards

These include:

• • • • • •

of finish in our modern, well equipped machine shop and are manufactured to

Mineral Insulated Power Station Thermocouples

Rototherm’s high quality standard that is

Seamless Stainless Steel Sheathed Mineral Insulated

approved to ISO9001:2008.

Thermocouples Sheath material options: 310, 321, 316 stainless steel and

Rototherm is proud to supply

Inconel 600

instrumentation to all of the UK’s leading

Options for 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm diameter Mineral

power generation supply companies, as well

Insulated cable

as manufacturers of power generation equipment.

GDCD16 power station specification material available. Acromet solid tip extensions available on all MI cable diameters.



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in focus


Over seventy five years of manufacturing experience For over seventy five years, throughout the world, British Rototherm equipment has been installed wherever reliability and long lasting performance is demanded. One of the world’s leading manufacturer of industrial instrumentation, British Rototherm products are manufactured in its modern factory located in the South Wales region of the United Kingdom. Sited on 6 acres of land at Kenfig Industrial Estate, the company operates from a 60,000 square feet (5,574m square metre) factory. Working closely with our customers around the world, Rototherm has developed products for use in a variety of different industrial applications. As well as offering a world class product, Rototherm provides its customers with a level of service and support that is second to none. With a firm understanding of our customer technical requirements, we are able to offer a products that will be right first time, every time. With competitive prices, short delivery times and an commitment to quality that goes beyond the expectations of our customers, Rototherm must be the supplier of choice for all of your industrial instrumentation needs.

Rototherm worldwide Rototherm customers are served by a Global Distributor Network, and by worldwide offices and distribution facilities staffed by dedicated teams of experts. Covering all continents, Rototherm distributors can be relied upon for technical support and service. For details of your nearest Rototherm distributor or stockist - please contact us. Our Address:

Contact us

British Rototherm Company Limited Kenfig industrial Estate, Margam, Port Talbot SA13 2PW United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 1656 740 551 Fax: +44 (0) 1656 745 915 Email:

Our Group Websites: Rototherm’s Global site Rototherm’s E-commerce site RTD Products Bentley Instruments Bentley Instruments E-commerce site TM

British Rototherm has accreditation to the latest ISO standard ISO9001:2008 ISO9001:2008


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