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Jonathan Greer Mobiles: Moving Sculpture of self, space, place, and Time. Proposal

Mobile-[moh-buhl, -beel or, especially Brit., -bahyl] "

adjective. " Capable of moving or being moved readily." Flowing freely, as a liquid. What I wish to express in my mobile project is to establish a stable

navigation in heroic proportion creating a compositional relationship between larger than life static qualities and versatile ones that take you on a journey through the interior as well as the exterior. As you approach the mobile I want to establish a aspect of curiosity, where space is established based and where components are at different times; becoming visible as others become invisible, so you must move around the mobile or the mobile to move around you because from ever focal point a new space is seen and a new space is established at different times. This will be a challenge, but keeping the design simple and light might prove to be beneficial for its success. My expectations for the site are to be windy, natural light, and different weather patterns and strains that would or could cause my model to break, weathered, and be devoured by natural elements. Aesthetics of the site are concrete, hard surfaces which hanging the mobile could be a problem as well. This imposes that the mobile be made stable, readable, and has the proper tension and support needed to withstand these natural elements. The expression I want to establish with the site as well as with the mobile is to express from a light organic abstract model the triumph of its physics, of its site, to defy gravity, to define the confines and strains of the natural elements, but to take in those stress and it than becomes its own self amongst the environment, apart of it that is something entire different because of it, heroism, in the midst of chaos, defying place, gravity, and conditions, the contrast of a floating moving object in a weighted heavy environment.


Mobile Final Project Arch 101  

Proposal Of Mobile for Arch 101