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Febuary 2011

Another exciting year to spread the gospel! El Tejar Festival

God’s anointing draws the people in!

As I look across the multitude of people, I see young and old, the homeless, gang members, hurting and lost people. I am reminded once again why we do what we do. I am reminded why we make the sacrifices. I am reminded of the ultimate sacrifice of a man who gave His life on a cross and filled our lives with purpose. It is an honor to live another year and spread the hope of a loving Jesus who shed His blood for us. It’s a year to be grateful for life and honor Christ by going further than ever for Him. We started this year off with 2 great outreaches that left two cities marked for eternity!

Our program was cut short by a group of salsa dancing people dressed up in random character costumes.

Santa Apolonia Festival

Reggeton singer “Luz Verde” (Green Light)

The crowd came from out of nowhere!!!

Alicia had their attention captured with the Jesus painting.

Extreme Makeover Missionary Base Edition Our missionary base camp in Guatemala has been in need of a new roof for quite a few years now. We have delayed the roof replacement and other major projects for far too long and finally this year we have decided to go all out with an Extreme missionary base makeover. Where is Ty Pennington when you need him?!! ☺

Major remodeling needed in the bathrooms!!!

Demo is so much fun! It fulfills every man’s desire to destroy something!

We found all sorts of crazy things. This is what a dead rat looks like after many years of hiding in our roof ☺

“The vicious attack!” Bee stinging fact: The only time bees sting is when an intruder, be it animal or human, comes too close to a nest, disturbs it, or physically harms a bee. The threatened bee will not only sting in defense, but also release an “alarm pheromone” to attract other bees, signaling them to join in the attack. I wish I would have read this fact about a week ago! ☺ Walking into the base last week I was prepared to help Juanito and the construction crew fight “a few bees”. I had a can of rodent spray ready to spray the “little” hive and get back to remodeling the base. But as I opened the door to the room where the bees had been discovered I was shocked to find thousands of honey bees!!!! I was expecting one little hive but I found dozens of honeycomb all over the room!!! I quickly realized that my little can of rodent spray was not going to cut it! But before I knew it, the bees began swarming all over us. When I felt one crawling behind my ear I couldn’t resist the urge to swat it away. Bad move!! Next thing I knew we were being attacked by all the angry bees!!! I’m sure we were quite a site, 5 grown men running all around screaming and swatting at the bees. We finally were able to run down the stairs and escape but we all had been bit dozens of times. Wow I guess that’s why people call a pest control company! We finally got the Bomberos (firemen) to come and get rid of all the bees. In the States the firemen help rescue cats in their spare time and here they help with pest control! Thank you Guatemalan Bomberos!

“Dream come True” Marathon Update

I started the race off at 6am and was full of energy running along side some 14,000 other runners! With each mile I passed I knew I was that much closer to my goal. By mile 18, I was on track to finishing the race in under 4 hours. But then mile 20 arrived….and as runners would say, “I hit a wall”. That’s when I pulled a muscle in my leg and then on mile 21 my knee exploded in pain. By mile 22 I had to pull into a medical station and I wondered if I would be able to finish.

My biggest fans!!!

The last 4 miles I literally limped all the way to the finishline. I finished an hour later than I had anticipated but “I Finished” and that was all that mattered! My dream of running a marathon came true when I crossed that finishline. It was truly a life changing experience. It was the hardest but most rewarding thing that I’ve ever done in my life. Afterwards I made an announcement that I am officially retiring from my marathon career (one marathon was enough for me). “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 After running through the famous Disney Castle

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