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Life in the Fast Lane

It’s been a season of running as we are approaching the end of our three month itinerating schedule. We have preached in several different States and have seen the hand of God moving mightily in every church that has received us. We have spoken in small, medium, and large churches (up to six preaching engagements a week) and as a result we have seen a great spiritual awakening towards missions. Especially among the youth, as they have responded by the hundreds to commit their lives to spreading His love to the nations. We consider it a great honor to be used to inspire and motivate the youth for missions.

Training for the big marathon! Right after the holidays, Jonathan will be running his first marathon (26.2 miles)!!!

Doug and Danielle’s Big Day!!!

Here is a list of questions and answers that Jonathan has received from many people during his training: 1. I didn't know you were a runner? • The truth is, I don't really like to run. 2. Why in the world would you consider running a marathon? • It’s always been a dream of mine to feel what the marathoners feel when they cross that finish line. 3. Have you lost your mind? • If my legs and knees could talk, that’s exactly what they would say! ☺ 4. How do you stay motivated and committed in between your hectic preaching schedule? • I signed up for the marathon before I started training. So anytime I feel like quitting I remember the commitment that I made when I signed up. And also, I have the best fans that anybody could ask for! ☺

Doug has been working alongside us for over four years now. He has been faithful to God’s call and we’ve seen God pour out many blessings over his life. Last year God brought a great woman into his life. One thing lead to another and last week they committed their lives to each other. It was a day to be remembered and Alicia and I were honored to be a part of their big day!

5. How has the training been? • In the last three months I went from 0 miles to running 40 miles in one week. I’ve completed one 5k, one 15k, and three half marathon races. 6. What is your goal time for finishing the marathon? • At first I thought that if I can make it to the finish line crawling I will be happy. But then I found out that Oprah finished in 4:30….I must beat Oprah!!!

Wedding Party Peter Mark was a great ring bear

After months of hard work, Jonathan is proud to announce the release of his new book, “Beyond The Pain.� He has already received hundreds of testimonies from people that have been greatly impacted through this book. It is a true testimony of overcoming adversity and turning a bad situation into a triumphal situation. The book is now available in English and in Spanish. For more information on the book or if you would like to get a copy of the book you can visit:

Farrant News!!!  

December newsletter

Farrant News!!!  

December newsletter