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2 0 1 Cruz 4 Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris-Val de Seine, Paris, France (Master 1) California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, USA (4th yr Bachelor’s)

“the greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”


1 2 3 architecture arc c h ite e c ture urbanism art + photo


Grover Beach Library


San Francisco Library




Courtyard Stage



Grover Beach Library Grover Beach, California Third Year: In third year we did extensive site analysis as well as social analysis. We spent a great deal of time gathering information and really making the project satisfy all. At the same time, we were also getting deeper into materials and how these materials get to the site. Lastly we had a lot of exercises on shapes and proportions. For the library I took the shapes or forms already existing on the site and fused them together to make the library attractive and user friendly. The bars represent the entryways people have to the existing park, the circle is an area where people currently gather and kids play around the fountain. I then took this intersection and moved it to the corner of the city block so it can interact with the three other city blocks and bring in people to the library.

San Francisco Library San Francisco, California Second Year: The area where the site was located at was very urban and “concrete.” The area felt like it was completely disconnected from nature, which is one of the most influential factors when it comes to Japanese architecture. I wanted to put “life” into this neighborhood. To counter this lack of landscape I decided to give “nature” a big role in my design. For a while I asked myself, “What is nature? What defines nature or the natural?” I dug down to the lowest level of what makes nature or creates every living thing: a DNA helix. Not only did I want the helix to be the the form of my design, I also made the surrounding buildings the culmination of influences such as the shapes and heights of the different spaces making the physical library, a result of the play between the nature-built VS the man-built.






7 6




8 6




Second-Floor Plan

Third-Floor Plan

1/16” = 1’-0”

1/16” = 1’-0” Children Services Staff and Support


Circulation Services






1 - Entrance/Lobby 2 - Checkout/Service Desk 3 - Children’s Area 4 - Community Living Room

parking Garage 1/16” = 1’-0”

5 - Market Place 6 - Staff/Support 7 - Adult/Teen Area 8 - Roof Terrace 9 - Courtyard 10 - Community Homework Center

First-Floor Plan 1/16” = 1’-0”

Parasite San Luis Obispo, California a First Year: “Thorough site analysis nalysis is an esse essential se ential com component of any architect’s design process. Although this project will ultimately culminate in the fabrication and installation of a full scale intervention, we must start at the ground level. This essential first phase of design focuses on gaining a complete comprehension of the area that the project will inhabit, both in the micro and macro scales. Areas of investigation and understanding should include but not be limited to; the environment (sun position, prevailing winds, vegetation, micro-climate, topography, etc.), context (materiality, scale, morphology, style, circulation, etc.), culture (history, ethnicity, political boundaries, etc.), and perception (spatial movements, spatial sequence, etc.) at a minimum.�

Idea: Capture the passerby, to capture the view...

Courtyard Stage San Luis Obispo, California First year: we proposed a stage over a popular lawn at the center of our campus at Cal Poly. The site was between the architecture and landscape architecture buildings. My proposal was not only to have the stage easily visible to the passerby, but also visible from afar. The beginning of the stairway is adjacent to the parkour and visible from anywhere in the open area. The stage is elevated and cantilevers over the lawn to have a greater impression and impact during its use.


Jardin Collectif

2 urbanism

27092013/jonathan CRUz/Callixte déchin

Appropriation spatiale Théatre-bar-jardin-exposition en plein air Le site se présente comme une parenthèse dans la ville où l’homme n’a jamais réussi à lui trouver une fonction durable. Cette


dent-creuse possède ainsi sa propre atmosphère. C’est une dans le bâti. Un espace où la végétation est non-controlée. C’est aussi un lieu d’expression d’un manque. Le projet se présente alors comme une intervention discrète afin que l’espace garde sa particularité. Cette pause dans le bâti devient alors une pause dans le quotidien des voisins. Un espace ouvert facilement


priable. Effectivement, le plan laisse une grande liberté de mouvement, d’assise et de vue. Les modules mis à diposition des

visiteurs permettent d’augmenter cette appropriation de l’espace. De même, l’espace est destiné à accueillir des formes d’expressions


comme annexe en variées : c’est un espace d’intervention artistique qu’elle soit musicale, picturale ou gérée par le plein air. Le projet propose aussi un lieu d’animation quotidienne : cinéma en plein air, espace de réception, jardin collectif...

jeux pour enfants

art - intervention

espace de détente



des espaces animés et des zones de repos

une vue continue

des espaces animés par la végétation


3-D Animation




Hand Drawings

3 art + photo


hand drawings ink stippling: automotive pencil: forms

white pencil: human body

Jonathan Cruz Portfolio 2014  

This is my current portfolio halfway through my 4th year in school.

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