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Does Your Locksmith Have a Locksmith License? Since the locksmithing trade is not regulated in any way by the British Government, anyone can practice as a locksmith regardless of their ability, experience or motive. Unlike the other areas of the security industry, which are government licensed, the government doesn’t see a need to regulate the locksmithing trade. Because of this, the Master Locksmiths Association has come up with its own licensing scheme. MLA approved companies or locksmiths that can be found on the MLA website have met 3 key criteria, particularly: ●

They’ve been appraised, verified, and checked for accuracy, authenticity, and validity. – Through the MLA, members can now be checked on a standard level following debates in the Houses of Commons and Lords. They’ve been regularly examined. – Before a locksmith can obtain a locksmith license, the MLA will go and check prospective and approved locksmiths and companies on a regular basis. These inspections, which are done by a team of inspectors, can include checking jobs done by the locksmith, getting keys cut and checking audit trails for purposes of quality. They are qualified. – An examination must be passed to obtain a locksmith license. Examinations are done to ensure that there’s a minimum standard maintained within the industry.*

To look for licensed locksmiths within your proximity, you may use the search tool on the MLA website by entering location-specific queries, such as “locksmith Ashford,” “locksmith Streatham,” “locksmith Hounslow,” or “locksmith Amersham.”

I want to obtain a locksmith license – what should I do? First thing is to do some research. Where do you want to work and how’s the market going? How many locksmiths will you compete against in the area you’ll be working? Note that some areas have a lot of thriving locksmiths and you may have a hard time to make it. If you think you have what it takes to be a successful locksmith then you need to contemplate about what services you will be offering, as well as what services are needed by the customers. Will you cover residential work or commercial? How about auto, safes, access controls or electrical security? There are a variety of fields and specializations within the locksmith trade that you may opt to work on. Formulate a business plan and be realistic with your target profit and costs. New locksmiths may need to undertake a locksmithing course. Seek advice from as many renowned locksmiths as you can and try to get referrals from people who have undertaken courses already to see what they think. Get in touch with MLA-affiliated training providers, as well as visit their premises to have an idea about their background and the amount of experience they possess. There are instances when some people front up as training companies even after only receiving a short 3-day course.

Regardless of some interesting marketing, a nationally recognized qualification in locksmithing is still inexistent. This is one of the main reasons why the MLA have been funding a qualification and associated apprentice scheme for upcoming locksmiths, which was launched in September 2012.

Does Your Locksmith Have a Locksmith License?  
Does Your Locksmith Have a Locksmith License?  

New locksmiths may need to undertake a locksmithing course.