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How To Take Care Of Your Alpaca Blankets One of the easiest ways to beautify any living room and bedroom is to add some right kind of decorations and accents. There is no need to spend a great deal of money on paint, furniture as well as other furnishings to create a great theme. You can make the perfect setting for each room in your home with the proper type of pillows, throws and an alpaca blanket. You may also use blankets, pillows, and throws to make you more comfy on those chilly evenings. Consider the Function of the Rooms Think about the kinds of activities that go on in the rooms that you want to decorate, before you begin looking for furnishings and throws. You don't want to invest in items that will break for any room that your children and pets frequently use. Think about the kind of color and theme you want for each room. You'll just need to think of the general theme that you would like for each of the rooms. When it comes to choosing throws and blankets, you should always think about quality. You will have to spend a little more on quality throws and blankets; but, they will last quite a bit longer and have a better look when compared to cheaper quality furnishings. Size and Color Matters Before making any purchases think about the different size options. When you only plan to use the throws for decoration, then you should choose a size that complements the piece of furniture they'll be used on. You should always purchase the bigger size if you want to use the covers as both a blanket and an item for decoration. If needed, you are able to fold the blanket to make it smaller. Keep in mind that you may also use those blankets and covers to hide clutter when you're pressed for time. There are a variety of colors in the traditional Peruvian throws and cover, such as fawn, gray and maroon. Choose a color that offsets the general color scheme of your rooms, because these pieces will be used as accents. Care Of The Alpaca Blanket To help keep their quality and appearance, the Peruvian wool and fleece cover will need special care and storage. Unlike regular coverings, Peruvian wool needs to be washed carefully. Hand wash your alpaca blanket in warm water, with a very mild detergent rather than machine washing it. The Peruvian fibers are very delicate and machine washing can ruin the integrity, shape, and exotic appearance of your blanket. Press the blanket between two cotton cloths to remove any excess water when drying the covers. Then lay the cover on a sweater drying rack until it's completely dry. Fold it up nicely and put it away, when you aren't using it for the season after you have cleaned and dried the blanket. You could lightly steam it to get rid of any creases if you plan on using it. Take the Peruvian throw to your dry cleaners and inform them of the material, in case there are any stains that don't come out after you've washed it. Always remember that you don't have to buy all your home decorations and throws at the same time. Picking up a couple of items here and there, will give you additional time to see what does and does not work for each room. Iris Alpaca Products

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How To Take Care Of Your Alpaca Blankets

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How To Take Care Of Your Alpaca Blankets