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The Daily Package. What’s to love? There’s lots to love. Newsquest’s 16 daily newspapers and websites. Our flagship media brands. From north to south, Glasgow to Southampton via fourteen other towns and cities united by a dominant sense of community and belief in the power of local coursing through their collective veins. The anonymity and media noise of the major metropolitan conurbations doesn’t exist here. These are ‘second cities’ and ‘prospering smaller towns’ where people have pride in where they’re from, a genuine connection with their local world, and a thirst for unique local content and interaction with media brands that have been around for generations. This single-buy, integrated package of 16 award-winning regional daily newspapers and websites;

offers pre & post campaign testing and analysis within 48 hours of publication. Few print media owners can talk to you about that level of measurability, accountability and immediacy. We can because our Daily Package comes with a 3000+ strong reader panel.

year old male brand ambassadors – “players”. We have the research and the case studies to share with you that show what an effective (and under-used) brand platform our sports sections really are. Speaking of brand – the Daily Package is one complete canvas on which to showcase and spotlight national brands. Less ad clutter than the nationals means that strong established brands achieve maximum standout and exposure (and remember you can test this for yourself via the panel). People notice things more when they see them in an unexpected environment.

The 48 hour turnaround creates realtime insights into current consumer thinking. Measure your clients’ ad effectiveness across four key metrics; ad recall, brand recognition, brand engagement & purchase intention. Apply our insights, make informed changes to copy and creative and test again – measurability built in as standard – that’s The DR dream? An easy buy, cost effective our guarantee. audience actively seeking out the ads – ad Want more? High quality avoidance is NOT an issue in local media, sports platforms, with totally unique FACT! content proven to engage with 18-34

For a Great White (or should that be yellow?) Shark in a fish tank, read national brand in local newspaper.


The Titles Basildon & Southend Echo Bolton News Bournemouth Daily Echo Bradford Telegraph & Argus Colchester Evening Gazette Dorset Echo Glasgow Evening Times Lancashire Telegraph Oxford Mail South Wales Argus Southern Daily Echo The Swindon Advertiser The Brighton Argus The Northern Echo The York Press Worcester News

Cut-in ad shapes – page domination, integration and brand stand-out.

I’m one of 3000+ readers who will tell you whether your ad is working hard enough for you – within 48 hours of publication




SINCE 1974


PLAYERS ‘Players’ – 18-34 year old men who play local team sports. Like a lot of young men, many of them are brand-aware, socialize a lot, like the latest and best of what they’re into – gadgets, cars, phones, clothes, games consoles and the like. They are keen on appearances, and exist within a peer-group culture where banter & bragging-rights is key, and malebonding is done with the assistance of lagers and shots. So far, so what you say?

“When I’m not playing football, I’m watching or reading about about it” Okay, so for the bit that you didn’t know. These men, these ‘Players’, so sought after by brands desperate to benefit from the turbo-charged boost of acceptance amongst these brand ambassadors, are local media fans. Really.

Roll my cheese...

We deliver unique local sports content, that in turn delivers an engaged audience of committed local sportsmen. Hyper local coverage. Our national sports played out on the parks and playing fields of the country by weekend Rooneys, Gerrards and Lampards – in their heads anyway. So we know a thing or two about local sport, but we don’t profess to know too much about what’s going on in this little selection of locals getting all competitive…but it made us laugh. Cheese Rolling, Shin Kicking or Bog Snorkelling anyone? Enjoy!


What’s more, they are one of our most engaged and loyal readership segments, and they read on a regular basis. We always suspected this, so we commissioned the research to see if we were right. We were.

“The local paper is the source of all bragging rights from one week to the next. It’s indispensible” So, the sports sections of our local newspapers provide a platform from which to connect with this uber-attractive group, to speak to them on their own terms, in a language they relate to, at a time when they are completely engaged with relevant, unique content that they can’t get elsewhere, in an environment free from ad clutter – so your message gets immediate cut-through.

“Local leagues, scores, match reports. It’s our own little bit of fame isn’t it?!” Sounds interesting? For the Statto’s out there, feel free to have a look at some of our vital statistics. For anyone wanting a piece of the Players action, call or click now…..

“I can get Premier League news from anywhere and everywhere. I can’t get the local content anywhere else but my local paper. ”

An INSIGHT into the lives of the player...

Players in Numbers

18 – 34

year old local sportsmen


3 2

face to face interviews

4 5

focus groups



11 7

10 9

8 77%


Proportion of Players that use local paper or website as main source of information on their team’s news/results.


read their local newspaper regularly for local sports news

12 Player A - Young, free and single

Player B – Young, less free and not single

1. In final year at uni, working part time, living in flatshare with 5 mates.

7. Middle manager, career path on the up, just sold flat and moved into first house

2. Out 5 nights a week, lager is drink of choice.

8. Married with one on the way

3. Priority is mates, sport and girlfriends – in that order.

9. Out once a week with his wife for a meal & once with ‘the boys’ after the game.

4. Prolific Next Gen console gamer.

10. Time is precious, a delicate balance between family life and time with mates

5. Heavy mobile user, most likely with 02, a texter not a talker.

11. Still plays team sport, to keep fit and socialise as much as for the sport itself

6. Brand aware, with aspirations to high quality in what they can afford now, and what they want to afford in future.

12. Still aspires to quality, and always will, and has the spare cash to treat himself when he wants.


Said local newspapers provide a breadth of local sports information not available anywhere else.


said local papers play a key role in campaigning on local sports issues THE RESEARCH ISSUE

M Y P E R F E C T S U N D AY A case study that demonstrated the pulling power of our sports sections amongst 18-34 year old local sports-playing men. A case study that showcased the strength of our flagship titles as brand platforms for cool, edgy, younger-targeted brands – brands not traditionally associated with our medium. A case study that highlighted the role of cut-in ad shapes in more deeply engaging this target audience. This is the case study we desired, and this is the case study we got. We already knew that this highly sought after target demographic were a locked-in audience for our sports sections. Previous exploratory research told us that they devoured the completely unique local content. They couldn’t get the local league tables, results, match reports – and the associated local fame – anywhere else. Over 1000 face to face interviews reaped the facts we suspected were out there if we probed. 66% accessed their local paper for local sports content, a massive 93% of these did so on a regular basis, several times a week. What’s more, we built a picture of these local sportsmen. Brand ambassadors, rating quality high amongst their brand aspirations. They tended to be first among equals, fit, young and sociable, seeking (and getting) the best of what they want. What do they want? The best mobile phones, games consoles, lager, cars, clothes, gadgets and girls.

They turn there first over any other section of the paper, and they read it for twice as long as other readers.

These men are highly engaged with the unique local content that our sports sections provide – they are there because it’s about them.

We christened them ‘Players’. Scoring on and off the pitch, money in their pockets, a marketers holy grail. Phase two involved putting this on the line in a live environment – we knew that we had to work with a brand and a product aimed at this exact group in order to put the meat on the bones of our belief. That brand was Alfa Romeo, and the product was the newly-launched Mito. The very hottest of hot hatches, directly aimed at 18-34 year old men via TV, the web, specialist motoring mags, and no press. Except us. Our study involved some classic pre and post research in two locations, both home to Alfa dealers – Swindon and Bournemouth. 672 interviews across the two locations, our Players sample boosted to 25% of the total. Full page Mito brand ad in the Bournemouth Daily Echo and the same content given the cut-in treatment and run in sport in the Swindon Advertiser. Pre and post carried out either side of a three week campaign running parallel in each location. We measured awareness and recall of brand, product, advertising and dealership. The results speak for themselves, and you can see a selection of headline-grabbers on the opposite page.


I N S H O R T. . . We have a proven brand platform waiting to be exploited by brands seeking to engage with 18-34 year old ‘Players’. Our papers drove an increase in brand, model and dealership awareness in both locations, most significantly amongst ‘Players’. Specific ad recall saw huge leaps amongst Players in both areas, with the majority able to name the specific title in which they saw the Mito ads.

Players were more likely than other reader groups to prefer the cut-in treatment to the traditional full page. A third of those who preferred the cut-in approach specifically did so because of its location in the sports section, amongst highly relevant content.



Introducing the Newsquest Reader Panel... With 3000+ panelists and growing, our reader panel is your window into the thoughts of real readers Recruited from – real people. amongst the ranks of readers of each of Newsquest’s daily title portfolio, the panel brings measurability and accountability up front and centre stage as part of the Daily Package proposition.

RAM – Straight Outta Stockholm… RAM = Research and Analysis of Media Our panel partners, hailing from Sweden and steeped in Scandinavian cool Founded in 2002, 7 years of worldwide expansion have followed Currently partnering over 400 newspapers, mags and websites in ad testing Unrivalled bench-marking, 15 million surveys done, and counting Lovely people!


The panel is all about driving ad effectiveness. It effectively strips away the layers of uncertainty that can surround any advertising activity in any medium – whether it is a success or a failure. It enables the systematic testing of key metrics, proven to drive ad effectiveness, the ‘success’ of an ad, and ultimately purchase intention amongst the target audience. In a nutshell, it makes our medium more accountable and your ad more effective and hard working. It works by testing an ad, or series of ads, against 16 key areas, broadly grouped into 4…..

RAM Advertising Measurements...

Ad recall AD RECALL

Sender identification Previous knowledge Positive BRAND

Overall impression Suitable for me Easy to understand New Information Interesting Fresh approach Thoroughness Benefit


Look for more information Visit web site Visit advertiser Have bought/will buy


On the day of publication the panel is activated. Panelists view the front page of that day’s paper, as well as the ad in question. If they’ve read the paper and seen the ad, they answer the questions. The standard nature of the questions ensures that your test can be benchmarked against the millions of others in the system. We can slice and dice as much as you like in order to get the most relevant comparisons – with over 15 million surveys done so far we’re not struggling with numbers and robustness. If you want more than the standard test then the system allows for ad hoc questions to be put to the panel too, all bases are covered. A 48 hour fieldwork period ensues, with panelists receiving a reminder after 24 hours. This gives us a high typical response rate of around 50%. At the close of fieldwork, the results are available to us almost immediately. So we can be back in front of you and/or your client with your results, & our insights and recommendations, ready for a discussion two days after your ad runs. The speed and turnaround of results means that you can make any suggested changes to copy or creative in time for your next ad – mid-campaign, real-time, actionable insight. Of course, we then test again and can measure the impact immediately once more.


Panel Users

Relevant advertising. Effective advertising. It’s proven, it’s simple, and it’s very effective. We think it gives us an edge, and reflects our confidence in the strength of our medium, and our willingness to add value wherever we can.immediately once more.

Our panel will give you soem pointers, sometimes it can be as little as a speeling mistake.

How the Reader Panel works... exposure



stopping power

brand linkage



brand engagement

brand demand




Your client you. You NQ Dailies.

in association with

JICREG Jan 2009


1. Your ad runs within the paper. [exposure] 2. Over 1 million people read a Newsquest Daily Newspaper. Lots of people see your ad. They form an opinion. [reach] 3. The panel is activated. All panelists are emailed and invited to rate your ad that day. [test] 4. 48 hrs later it’s done. Survey results, analysis, real-time insight and recommendations. We’re ready to share.[insight] 5. Powerful insight drives educated copy and creative changes. Run the new ad and we test again. [improve] 6. Success. Results uplift, a more effective ad, more engaged consumers. [results] 7.Your client you. You NQ Dailies.


We started with an idea... That the smaller towns and cities of the UK are distinct, and distinctive, local markets insufficiently served by current national communications planning.

Then we had another...

Talk 2 Me explores attitudes to life in smaller towns, the nature of communities, people’s relationships with their local newspapers, attitudes to national and local press advertising and finally, responses to national and local press advertising case studies. The combination of these themes delivers insight of real value in local communications planning.

That these local markets offered companies the opportunity to achieve disproportionate The simple fact is there’s a genuine appetite impact in their brand communications for effective local communications by major brands. Such an approach positively through effective local targeting. shifts people’s emotional and rational And then we had some questions... perception of brands. What did we need to know about these towns and cities to make that a reality? What unites them and what makes them different?

And so,Talk 2 Me was born...

And with ‘trust building strategies’ central to the future of successful and sustainable brands the role of the local newspaper becomes crucially important in unlocking the nation’s markets - and of course ‘locking in’ the nation’s consumers. Our crucial insight is that you play with local communications strategies at your peril, genuine local understanding and insight is key. We invite you to work with us at Newsquest to deliver compelling local communications and to truly unlock the nations markets.



MAJOR METROPOLITAN AREA - VERY LITTLE SENSE OF GEOGRAPHICAL COMMUNITY work or other shared activity binds people together instead



IN SUMMARY • Prospering Smaller Towns across the UK offer marketers a fantastic opportunity to achieve disproportionate impact in their communications. • Every town is different, attitudes towards and between communities traverse a spectrum between the metropolitan and the rural. • Local advertising copy must adhere to certain principles. • Local newspaper brands can deliver additional authority and credibility for national brands. • To truly engage the consumer in their language, on their terms and in their environment requires exceptional local understanding and community insight. • We deliver the local analysis, understanding, and platforms, you bring the creative and national planning expertise.

YORK - A UNIFIED COMMUNITY strong ties to town overall


COLCHESTER - NETWORK OF SMALL INTERLOCKING COMMUNITIES strong bond to immediate neighbourhood, less so to town as a whole


VILLAGE - A SINGLE COMMUNITY where everyone knows each other and feels part of a defined community


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