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WHO WE ARE: The third largest regional multi-media publisher ‘Big 4’ are 1) Trinity Mirror, 2) Johnston Press, 3) Newsquest, 4) Northcliffe (source: Newspaper Society) Over 300 newspaper titles 180+ local media websites A monthly average in excess of 5.7 million unique users (ABCe Jul – Sept 2009) 5,724,336 million unique users: NQ core sites (not including S1 or Exchange and Mart) = 7,134,841 UU / 69,655,092 PI monthly (source: Omniture Jan 2010) A monthly average of nearly 70 million page impressions (Omniture Jan 2010) Investment & Re design

total reach

THE STATS: Male | 46%

Female | 54%

5.7 Million Users LOYAL | 70% visit our sites several times a week LOCAL | 87% of our users live in the area UNIQUE | 42% of our users do not read the local newspaper Life remains local with 66% of people saying that working close to home is one of the ‘most important factors’ (Source: The Wanted Ads, Newspaper Society 2010) Local media websites are regularly used by over a third (36%) of online job seekers, more than any other (Source: The Wanted Ads, Newspaper Society 2010) 38% of jobseekers value the direct relationship with the advertiser that local media provides (Source: The Wanted Ads, Newspaper Society 2010)

total reach

TARGETING We’ll deliver your display advertising when you want us to, cutting out as much wastage as possible and ensuring that it is seen by as much of your target audience as possible. Geography: Simple, this is already done as you can select the sites that best suit your geographical needs, 87% of our sites users live within the associated newspapers footprint. Just to be sure we can target to UK residents only to filter out any foreign or ex-pat traffic. Time: Be time specific, when are people most likely to be responsive? Lunchtimes and evenings when people are not working. Filter out overnight traffic (midnight-8am) to ensure a responsive audience. Advertise around shift times to shift workers. Day: Which day is best? We can tell you which are the busiest days of the week on our jobs pages (Sunday, Monday) or perhaps you want to appear on the same day that rec’t features in the associated print product.

Section: Think about which parts of the site your audience is most likely to use, eg the audience on the sport and motors sections is largely male, those of family and shopping is largely female, that of what’s on and leisure is a younger audience. Capping: Capping your advertising means the same people will only see your advert a specified number of times therefore increasing the number of people who see your ads by not wasting the impressions on those who have already seen it. Behavioural: Target ROS people who have previously visited the recruitment pages or target people by the keywords they use when using the job search facility. Don’t forget a) It’s not like ROP, you can appear where you like on the site and b) we do all of this for you, we’ll plan, administer and monitor the campaign for you recommending changes where necessary to ensure results.

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total reach

The Brief: Luxury top end contact centre opening in York October 2010. Aim to recruit a total of 73 staff by 2012. 43 of which are needed prior to the opening in October 2010. The Proposal: A Page Peel on the home, leisure, tourism & jobs page to attract both passive browsers & active job seekers. Leaderboard on jobs pages and vacancy listing. Delivered: 0.08% click through rate against a national average of 0.03%. Page peel: 60,000 pi’s & 76 click throughs Leaderboard: 50,000 pi’s & 28 click throughs Vacancy listing: 337 views from local site 115 views from fish4jobs 66 email alerts sent 43 applications received

The Brief : To recruit Customer Service Reps in Darlington and to show Orange as the employer of choice in a competitive regional marketplace. The Proposal: Overlay and leaderboard on jobs page capturing every user 3 times as well as a leaderboard on the homepage for passive browser attraction. Delivered: Yielded a click thru rate of 0.11% against a Newsquest online national average of 0.06% Overlay: 30,600 pi’s & 246 click thrus Leaderboards 283,039 pi’s & 109 click thrus Client delighted with delivery and visual execution.

The Brief: To recruit between 12-15 people in the Basingstoke area. The Proposal: A Sponsorship Slug on the home page of maximum prominence was key. Delivered: With an average Newsquest online click thru yield of 0.06%, this campaign delivered 0.09% equating to 303,426 pi’s & 287 click thrus. The Client Said: “The day attracted 45 people, of whom 25 passed the verbal and numerical reasoning test. Of the 25, 20 went on to  pass the subsequent interview.  They are now filling in application forms and as they come back we will screen them - those who pass screening quickest will be offered roles. ” Joy Sewell, HR Manager, Cash Solutions

The Brief: To recruit as many Social Workers / Senior Practitioners in the Brighton where it is difficult to attract these type of experienced people. The Proposal: Post It and mini banner on the jobs pages until closing date of all listings capturing every user 3 times and the mini banner for 164,000 pi’s. Delivered: Post it : 8.47% click through rate against a national average of 0.03%. 23,295 pi’s & 1973 click throughs Mini banner: 0.06% click through rate against a national average of 0.03%. 196,376 pi’s & 114 click throughs Client was very impressed with the creative look and delivery.

WHY ADVERTISE ON YOUR LOCAL NEWSQUEST SITE? TOTAL REACH | Greater local audience in comparison to a national jobs board TRUSTED BRAND | When looking for a job we know that 68% of our readers turn firstly to their local paper. 33% turn to our local sites. In comparison to 29% to a commercial job board. INNOVATION | We can host the most sophisticated campaigns from page peels, post it’s to overlays. Solutions tailor made for you. CAMPAIGN MANAGMENT | We’ll work in partnership with you to plan, implement & manage your campaign to deliver the best results. VALUE FOR MONEY | Relevant targeted response, 189 email alerts per ad, 14 responses per listing.

“life really IS local”

total reach

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Newsquest Recruitment  

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