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HIGH QUALITY Shepherd Videos uses the same gear as BBC teams. We shoot in HDV so our customers are HD ready right from the start. We use high quality Mics and the state of the art editing equipment. Take a look at our showreel at

VERSATILE Whether you want online video or DVDs we can deliver at a sensible price.

QUICK TURN AROUNDS We use high quality, professional editing software so Shepherd Videos can achieve very swift turn arounds, if required. We can have your video on the internet in a matter of hours. Memories are made of this.

WE KNOW IT’S YOUR MESSAGE Unlike most video teams we use only highly experienced professional journalists to conduct interviews so that we make sure that you deliver the message you want and your business needs.

ATTENTION GRABBING If you want to be noticed you have to find new ways of talking to people. Broadband speeds are increasing all the time and the price of holding large files online, is tumbling down. As a result online video is both affordable and cost effective. But your company needs an online presence as slick and professional as the operation you run. Shepherd Videos can create sparkling, tightly edited audio visual promotions that your company can be proud of. Contact us and you will be surprised the affordable packages we can offer.

WEDDINGS Wedding videos you will want to share with friends and family. We will provide you with ten DVDs as part of the standard package and pick out a highlight for inclusion on Youtube or any other similar web site. We will email all the wedding guests so that they can so that they can treasure a day that should be uniquely special.

CORPORATE Do you want your web site to stand out? Do you want your company to have a human face? Give potential customers the chance to get to know a little bit about you long before they start buying. A short video that introduces your company to the world turns a web site that simply catalogues your products into one that is true shop window for your business..


POWERPOINT Do you have a Powerpoint Presentation you want to share with a wider audience? It used to be hard to put a Powerpoint display on your web site but now contact Shepherd Videos and we will do it for you with no fuss just the way you want it as a video you can put on your web site.

Does your company sponsor a local team or maybe you have a float in the local carnival? Then why not post a short video about the event on the internet? You can then add this to your web site or send out copies of a DVD (perhaps to the proud parents of the team you sponsor). It’s a great way to capitalise on your local sponsorship, turning payments usually made for good will into a genuine marketing campaign. Shepherd Videos is adept at fast turn arounds so you can have that video online a day or two after the event, when it is still fresh.

PRODUCT DEMOS Do you have high value or large products in your portfolio? Ever wanted to demonstrate them in two places at once or found the potential cost of travelling 100 miles or more, a doubtful business investment. Then why not video a demonstration and send it on a USB memory stick: a cost effective business gift.

EXHIBITIONS Some companies spend £10,000s on taking a stand, some even £100,000s: but when it’s over most of that investment has to be forgotten about. Why not have a short video of your stand you can show to customers, employees, shareholders and even stand designers at future exhibitions. It’s a great way to preserve the value of your investment.

CAMPAIGNS Walk down any street and you will find at least one of the houses has a sign in the window saying ‘no junk mail. People have had enough of traditional advertising. So why not try something a little bit different? You don’t have to pay out huge sums for tv advertising. You can have DVDs you give away to customers or deliver to key potentials. You can also have an online presence and send links by email. Shepherd Videos can also advise you about going viral: getting the internet to run a marketing campaign for you.

YOUR PARTNER Shepherd Videos wants to be your partner, working with you to grow your business. Because the only way our business will thrive is if your business thrives.

Shepherd Videos UK Ltd

519 Lea Bridge Road, London E10 7EB, UK Phone +44 (0)20 8257 8004 email: info@baa.me.uk w: http://www.baa.me.uk Jonathan Brind: 079149 76706 Mark Walsh: 07943 459692 Registered company number 6969914, Data Protection Act registration: Z1698338

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Shepherd Videos UK  

UK based video maker

Shepherd Videos UK  

UK based video maker