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Cultural Laboratory Jonathan Wilson Design Book Project 5

#01 Rationality

#02 Virtuality

#03 Curiosity

#04 Brief

#05 Site





Buildings need to be able to adapt to future problems that cant be thought of now. Old buildings with fixed functionality are becoming redundant. My intent is to create a structure that can allow for change, but at the same time still have enough architectural character to be seen as a valuable piece of architecture.

A flexible building can change an adapt to all problems with ease. This type of building is needed for one involved in the cultural and creative arts as these formats are changing rapidly. Do avoid the building becoming outdated easily I need to create a structure that is flexible to new technologies.


vs Technology is something I intent to explore and use in the building. Techtomicly these elements can be used to enhance the design. And create a lightweight structure with the aforementioned intents. In another sense of the word, modern day technology must be considered as well. Art is no longer a one was conversation between person and wall, nowadays people engage with culture through technology.


vs Creating a spiral within a box is a key element for linking spaces, but this is not always as easy as it seems. Lateral movement must be free and have no boundaries. Walls and rooms create a definitive path, in such situations there is one route per person, in a free plan there are an infinite number of movement paths.


#07 Notions


Vertical Links These spaces offer vertical links throughout the building for orientation purpose. They are also areas that are used for circulation, are key to the ventilation of the building and are areas for natural light to enter the structure.



The double glass faĂŽade acts as a glass brise soleil. It protects the building from wind, noise and morning sun. Aesthetically the faĂŽade beds the building within its urban context through means of transparency and reflection.

The completed structure of the mediatheque with public ground floor and private penthouse on top level.

#08 Analysis

Set-Backs Set backs were allowed for the penthouse and mezzanine. The penthouse set back for privacy reasons as well as capitalizing on views with a large terrace for outdoor living. The mezzanine allows for a productive creative environment with visual connections

#09 Structure


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Cultural Laboratory Design Book  

Design book containing thought and process of UCT Architecture Studio 3 Project

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