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The Keys  to  Becoming  a  Multi  Locksmith     Being  multi  talented  doubles  your  opportunities,  benefits  and  choices.  Be  a  multi  locksmith   today.     Qualifications  and  Training   The  Master  Locksmith  Association  (MLA)  certifies  master  locksmiths  through  a  series  of   accreditation  processes,  particularly  a  four  part  exam  covering  written  and  hands  on  aspects.   However,  before  becoming  a  Master,  a  locksmith  should  learn  the  ropes  before  doing  anything   more  sophisticated.  Locksmiths  must  undergo  and  pass  three  exams  and  qualifications  (see   below)  offered  by  the  British  Locksmiths  Institute  (BLI),  which  is  a  subsidiary  of  the  MLA.     The  MLA  is  the  primary  trade  body  for  locksmiths  in  the  country  and  though  they  have  no   regulatory  role,  they  are  widely  recognized  by  the  Home  Office,  the  British  Standards  Institute,   the  police  and  the  Association  of  British  Insurers.  If  you  want  to  become  a  multi  locksmith,  you   will  encounter  the  MLA  at  some  point  as  their  qualifications  are  also  recognized  throughout  the   locksmithing  industry.     To  take  up  one  of  the  BLI  courses,  you  should  start  out  as  a  student  member.  You  will  need  to   pass  a  Criminal  Records  Bureau  (CRB)  check  and  supply  references.  Classes  are  usually  held  at   MLA's  headquarters  in  Daventry,  Northamptonshire.  You  may  visit  the  MLA  website  for  more   details.     You  may  be  able  to  start  as  a  trainee  or  an  apprentice  with  a  local  locksmith  company.  Unlike   years  ago,  there  are  no  longer  any  formal  apprenticeships  in  locksmithing,  so  may  have  to   contact  a  renowned  locksmith  to  see  if  he  is  willing  to  guide  you  on.  You  may  check  the  'Find  a   Locksmith'  database  on  the  MLA  website  for  details  of  locksmiths  near  your  location.  Or  make   use  of  search  engines  and  apply  location-­‐specific  keywords  such  as  locksmith  Sutton  or   locksmith  Epsom.    

Locksmith Salary   Apprentices  or  trainees  can  earn  around  £13,000  annually.  With  some  career  experience  under   your  belt,  you  can  earn  from  £14,000  to  £25,000  or  more.  A  multi  talented  Master  Locksmith   can  earn  much  more  than  that.     Hours  and  conditions   In  most  cases,  locksmiths  work  around  40  hours  a  week,  which  would  include  evenings  and   weekends.  Night  calls,  which  can  run  until  the  wee  hours  of  the  morning,  are  particularly  very   common  for  locksmith  companies  that  offer  24  hour  emergency  callout  services     Locksmiths  are  sometimes  based  in  a  shop,  probably  cutting  keys  and  selling  locks  and  a  variety   of  other  security  devices,  but  most  locksmiths  also,  or  even  solely,  visit  customers  on  site,  for   instance  to  fix  or  install  a  lock,  or  aid  someone  who  is  locked  out.     Always  keep  in  mind  that  though  some  of  your  work  will  be  done  indoors,  you  will  also  have  to   work  outside  in  all  kinds  of  weather.     Skills  and  knowledge   Locksmiths  deal  with  other  materials  other  than  keys  and  locks,  for  that  reason,  carpentry  skills   will  be  of  great  use.  Locksmiths  may  also  find  engineering  and  electrical  skills  equally  beneficial.     A  multi  locksmith  may  also  need  the  following:   • • • • • •

Exceptional practical  skills   Exceptional  communication  and  customer–satisfaction  skills   A  remarkable  patient  approach,  with  the  dexterity  to  give  attention  to  detail   Carpentry  and  metalwork  skills   Problem  solving  skills   A  high  interest  in  electronic  and  mechanical  devices  

The Keys to Becoming a Multi Locksmith  

Being multi talented doubles your opportunities, benefits and choices. Be a multi locksmith today.

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