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Locksmith Jobs:  Everything  You  Need  to  Know   As  you  can  see,  locksmiths  are  esteemed  professionals  all  over  the  world  and  throughout  history.   However,  not  anyone  can  become  a  locksmith  just  by  acquiring  a  set  of  tools.       Locksmithing  has  always  been  a  vital  part  of  human  history  that  involves  making  keys,  repairing  and   opening  broken  locks,  installing  new  locks,  and  changing  locks.  As  time  passed,  locksmiths  have   branched  out  to  other  fields  of  security  more  and  more,  into  areas  such  as  safe  maintenance  and  repair,   security  system  installation,  repair  and  maintenance.  Interestingly,  the  demand  for  locksmiths  will  never   run  out.  In  fact,  it  will  likely  increase  given  the  fact  that  the  general  public  and  businesses  everywhere   constantly  seek  better  ways  to  safeguard  themselves  and  their  belongings.  The  UK  National  Statistics   anticipates  a  25  percent  growth  of  locksmith  jobs  between  2006  and  2016  in  the  industry.       Self-­‐Employed   A  business-­‐minded  individual  with  enough  knowledge  and  experience  in  locksmithing  may  start  up  his   own  affairs.  He  may  start  out  with  a  mobile  shop,  complete  with  all  the  equipment  he  requires  to  install,   repair  and  pick  locks  when  there  has  been  any  damage  or  when  someone  lost  his  or  her  keys.  The   businessperson  is  usually  in  charge  of  running  the  business,  which  most  likely  would  include  handling  his   own  sales,  advertising,  customer  service  and  daily  operations.  In  a  larger  scale,  he  may  employ  office   staff,  sales  representatives  and  additional  locksmiths  to  help  with  the  daily  workload.  In  some  areas,  a   license  should  be  acquired  and  maintained  by  a  self-­‐employed  locksmith.  Enfield,  and  other  parts  have   London,  however,  have  an  absence  of  government  licensing  for  locksmiths.       Working  for  Others   Local  hardware  stores,  shoe  repair  and  laundry  stores,  department  stores,  supermarkets,  police  forces,   safe  and  lock  manufacturers,  insurance  companies,  government  agencies  and  big  industrial  plants   commonly  offer  locksmith  jobs.  A  locksmith  in  such  environments  may  or  may  not  have  much  synergy   with  the  general  population.  Working  for  others  typically  offers  a  higher  job  security  than  being  self-­‐ employed.  In  addition,  working  for  others  can  be  a  great  opportunity  to  train  in  the  locksmithing  field.   Large  companies  usually  offer  apprenticeship  opportunities  to  interested  applicants.       Diversifying   Locksmith  skills  can  be  used  in  other  security  fields  as  well.  These  fit  quite  considerably  into  jobs  like  the   installation  and  repair  of  safes,  the  installation,  repair  and  maintenance  of  security  systems,  and  the   installation  and  repair  of  security  shutters.  Individuals  with  a  background  in  locksmithing  may  also  make  

a successful  shift  into  security  consulting  work  and  sales  for  locks  and  security  system  manufacturers   and  distributors.       Requirements  and  Salary   In  most  cities,  a  locksmith  should  at  least  have  a  high  school  diploma  or  equivalent,  as  well  as  a   mechanical  and  mathematical  acuity,  and  superior  hand-­‐eye  coordination.  Individuals  with  patience,   high  tolerance,  meticulousness,  and  accountability  tend  to  best  manage  the  daily  tasks  completed  by  a   locksmith.  Balham  apprenticeship  work  and  classes  at  technical  schools  offer  training  relevant  to  the   field  and  can  help  an  aspiring  locksmith  get  into  the  field  faster.  Job  candidates  are  usually  required  to   undergo  background  checks  to  ensure  a  clean  slate.  As  of  February  2012,  a  locksmith  can  earn  around   £27,500,  a  year.     For  more  information  about  Locksmith  Jobs,  CLICK  HERE  

Locksmith Jobs: Everything You Need to Know  

As you can see, locksmiths are esteemed professionals all over the world and throughout history. However, not anyone can become a locksmith...