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How Much Would it Cost to Call out an Emergency Locksmith? And, what are the things to consider before hiring one? Since there is no government-based licensing scheme intended for the locksmith trade, anyone can just set up a business, putting consumers at risk to phony traders. This article is designed for you and for those who are planning to hire a reputable locksmith. The prices here are estimates given by expert locksmiths. The next time, use this guide to avoid paying over the odds for an emergency locksmith. Depending on where you’re based, or the type, size and brand of lock that must be taken into account, emergency locksmith prices may vary. Keep in mind that call-outs done in the middle of the night or in weekends may cost more. Locksmiths may also charge more fees for their travel to your home or where you’re located, and sometimes, for parking. Guide prices for calling out emergency locksmith services. (*You should expect to pay within the price range for these various emergency locksmith services.) These guide prices were supplied by Gordon Stubbs, your local Locksmith, in July 2012. Service

Guide Price (Estimate)

Removing a broken key without replacing the cylinder

£70-£90 *excluding materials

Replacing a generic Euro-Profile cylinder in uPVC doors


Replacing an anti-snap, anti-bump Euro-Profile cylinder in uPVC doors


Lock picking – opening one standard mortise lock and one standard rim lock

£80-£120 *Note that security locks of higher quality, such as Banham Patented Locks, will usually cost more to open.

How to Hire an Emergency Locksmith Since anyone with a lock pick can call themselves a locksmith nowadays, take these precautions to avoid getting ripped off when hiring one. 1

Ask your family, friends, or coworkers for recommendations when looking for a locksmith. Always choose a local locksmith. Locksmith Camden has a lot of locally operating locksmiths that offer security solutions and emergency services. 2 Check and verify if your locksmith is registered with the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA). – Locksmiths accredited with the MLA undergo criminal record checks and regular inspections. The MLA is generally recognized as the primary body for the locksmith trade by most social organizations, such as the police, Home Office, and British Standards Institute (BSI). You can visit the MLA website and search for an accredited local locksmith. Locksmith Windsor locksmiths aim to make customers feel secure in knowing that their job is being done professionally at a competitive price. 3 Hire a specialist. – In some cases, locksmiths only focus on particular areas of their trade. Ask around. Hire locksmiths that have the skills that fit your needs. 4 Canvass prices. – Just like with all trades, get a couple of estimates from a few locksmiths before you commit to any work. 5 Ask a locksmith for a no obligation survey. – Reputable locksmiths will visit to survey your home security and give advice on minimum requirements, as well as needed additional security measures. A survey is a good opportunity for you to measure how comfortable you are with having that locksmith in your home.

How Much Would it Cost to Call out an Emergency Locksmith?