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LUKE LEARNS TO SURF ... after riding 412kms first Adventurer Luke Tyburski is no stranger to a challenge having done the Marathon de Sables ultra desert marathon and recently ran the Everest Ultra Marathon with Nepalese champion runners.... Luke gives a full account of his latest challenge where he rode 412kms from London to Newquay and then learnt to surf.

When I first told people 18 months ago that I was going to learn to surf in Newquay, but first cycle there in a day, most of these people just laughed, and said “Luke, you don’t even own a bike, you wont make it!” The plan to complete this adventure was for last year, but due to injuries I sustained running The Marathon des Sables I was unable to prepare for this mammoth challenge, but it stuck in my head that I was going to do it. When I decided to finally buy a bike in September last year, Luke Learns to Surf was back on. Still, when I told people I was going to cycle from London to Newquay on the southwest coast of England in a day, I had looks of disbelief, and plenty of wry smiles that said “you’re never going to do that in a day!” But here we are, and I can Surf, even with legs that rode for 18 hours non stop, covering 412kms from my front door in west London to Towan beach Newquay. All week I had been practicing going to bed early and waking up early for the start of my adventure, going to bed at 8pm, and waking up at 4am was my usual sleep pattern.

Saturday the 22nd of June, the day of the challenge came, and after crawling into bed at 7:30pm the previous evening, I woke up at 3am, ate a couple of sweet potatoes, drank some Chimpanzee Bar Gunpowder electrolyte drink, showered, had a coffee, then switched on mentally… it was going to be a long day, but it starts now I told myself. At 4am I stood in front of the glass paneled door separating myself from the beginning of this epic adventure, the howling wind, and torrential rain that was pouring down outside didn’t exactly encourage those first few steps. I knew as soon as I walked out that door into the wind and rain I would be soaked within seconds, and would stay this way for the rest of my ride, this was tough to contemplate. At 4:15am its still dark, and as I pedaled along the A30 with my jersey and rain jacket bulging of food, spare tyre tubes, drink bottles filled with numerous liquid concoctions, I knew today was going to be a challenge, and one of (if not the most) difficult physical challenges I’ve ever attempted. As these thoughts ran through my head all I could manage to do was laugh!



Luke Learns to Surf challenge July 2013  

Adventurer Luke Tyburski writes about his latest challenge - where he rode 412kms from London to Newquay and then learnt to surf.

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