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gardens Jon Diaz de Alda Astobieta Enterprising Initiative Competence 9 Evaluation 3

Presentation: The name of my business is “Green gardens” and the slogan is “grow seeds and take quality”. My business is selling different characteristics Gardens. The objectives of my business is to profit from my sales and please the customer with your purchase. Finally, the characteristics of my business are the activity, commitment, competitiveness and effort. Product: In my business I sell different lands, different quality, different size and different price. There are many different types of lands, available as many as you could think. My business is special because my lands is cheaper than the other lands. My lands have higher quality because it has not chemical compounds and my lands are rich in nutrients. The service we offer to our customers is excellent, because we always serve with respect and listen to any questions people could have. Potential Market: The potential buyers are farmers, people who like the countryside and people who like ecology. The potential buyers are the people who like the countryside and people who have money. Anyone can buy land of green gradens, but they have to meet the agriculture and the ecology. If not understand, will it can explain. The advantages are good quality products, good service to customers, and enterprise segurity. The disadvantages are the limites land space, and the danger of theft.

Putting on the market: The putting on the market is good, because it has a nice logo or motto. The logo represents the company. This is our logo:

The price we offer to clients is well. Is suitable considering the quality of the land. One characteristic of the company is the price, because it is cheap.



-Comfort of the company. -Product segurity. -Product quality. -Cheap sale. -Land stewardship. -Good customers service.

-City remoted land. -Land little space. -Enough people in little land. -Few adverts.



-Good customers. -Business rich. -Many money. -Lot for sale. -Many customers.

-Bad customers. -Bad marketing. -Little sale. -Floods. -Little money.

We have a advert for people to contact us. In the advert are the characteristics of the company and the contact number of the company.

Setting: The location of our company is, street Gorbea, number 8, in Vitoria-Gasteiz, and company lands are outside of Vitoria-Gasteiz. There are many facilities in our company. The land are maintained, we offer all the tools you needs and if you have any problem we solve in a short time. The company team is good, because always you need something you would get and always are prepared to work.

Crew: There are several employees in the company and everyone takes care of one thing. Some employees handle customer service. Others work in caring for the land and other are dedicated to finding customers on the street. The profile of the employees is working, responsible and polite. If you have these three characteristics can work for me in my company.

Funding: I get money selling orchards, donations from the people, corporate profits, family support and friends. The company with the money you earn has to pay the workers, buy tools and needs of workers. The money left is for me, because I'm the boss.

green gardens  

this is my business

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