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==== ==== For more great marriage saving tips and advice, visit: ==== ==== How Solving Your Disagreements Can Save Your Marriage As much as nobody likes them, disagreements are part of every relationship. Many times it is the unresolved disagreements between a couple that can lead to a divorce. While not everyone will agree all of the time, it is important in a relationship to learn how to discus your disagreements and how to solve them. Whenever you are involved in a disagreement, do not put off disusing it until another time. It is vital to resolve the issue at hand right then and there before the problem gets any bigger. Disagreements cannot always be avoided, but you can change the way you talk. Refrain from arguing with one another. Arguments will undoubtedly lead to breakdowns in the communication between the couple, which causes even more problems. It is best for each of you to keep an open mind whenever talking to one another. In order to avoid arguing and to continue with a discussion, remember these simple tips. The first tip is to refrain from being defensive during the discussion. Defensiveness will only cause your spouse to argue more and it may lead to more strains in your marriage. Also, do not bring up past mistakes. This bad habit will only turn your smallest disagreements into serious and complicated arguments. Forgiveness is the key to a good marriage. Learning how to forgive is like a marriage reset button. Without forgiveness, little actions seem huge because of all of the past baggage they drudge up. Also, do not fall into negative patterns in the way you relate to one another. Some of these negative patterns include emotionally and/or physically hurting your spouse. Sometimes the only way that someone can express their hurt is to hurt back. Rather then hurting your partner, you will, without a doubt, hurt your marriage instead. The day will certainly come when your spouse will say "enough is enough" and your marriage will be over for good. Disagreements can be had over many things. But these disagreements can be avoided when certain behaviors are modified. For instance, leave jealousy out of the relationship and recognize it when it appears. Jealousy can lead to irrational thoughts, feelings and actions leading to arguments and defensiveness in your spouse. Also, do not break your promises or be an undependable spouse. Promises that are broken will pave the way for distrust in the marriage. Saying you will do something and then actually doing it will most definitely avoid a disagreement. Replace these unhealthy behaviors with a positive one like support. Showing support to your

spouse tells them that you are willing to stick with them through thick and thin. When it seems like your partner has a problem, show him that you are willing to listen and support them all the way. After listening to their problem, if you are sure that they are wrong, do not express your thoughts right away. Instead, show understanding of how they might be feeling about the problem. Then help them to solve their problem by urging and encouraging them to come up with the solutions on their own. In this way you can be a good example for your spouse so the next disagreement will contain a better understanding and respect for one another.

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How Solving Your Disagreements Can Save Your Marriage  
How Solving Your Disagreements Can Save Your Marriage  

For more great marriage saving tips and advice, visit