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==== ==== For more great marriage saving tips and advice, visit: ==== ==== How To Put Romance Back Into Your Marriage Isn't romance a wonderful thing? To have a person in your life who loves you unconditionally and cannot help but express that to you. Someone who embraces you for who you are and can effortlessly make you feel wanted, appreciated and adored. You can't help but reciprocate these feelings of emotion. This is something which you cannot fake; it is completely organic in nature. Rest assured, romance will always exist between you and partner. Many will claim this to be untrue, but I would urge those people to keep an open mind. Now this will sound corny, but it's true: If you have a loving and caring marriage, then the rest will follow Let's reflect on that for a second. Think back to when your marriage was just going great (hopeful it still is but none the less) being anything other than respectful, appreciative, loving and compassionate with each other was just completely out of the question. It simply wouldn't have been a concern for either of you. As a result of this, romance would have always been in the air So if you feel that this is something which your relationship is lacking, then start to consider what is preventing you from treating each other with the positive characteristics we have discussed. The most common reasons appear to be work, children and a general sense of worry and anxiety. In other words, commitments (of time and to other people) and negative thinking patterns. When you are working eight or more often stressful hours of the day, then naturally this doesn't put you or your partner in the best of spirits. However, if you both make an effort to deal with the stress by the time you walk through the front door, then you can just make a habit of switching off from work for the day and enjoy each other's company. What I have learnt to recognise is that the way we tend to think is habitual. An exercise you can do to take a more positive approach to life is to be aware of anytime that you are being negative and simply stop yourself in your tracks. Tell yourself 'being negative like this has no benefit to me, so I am going to stop now'. Looking after children is also something which is neither easy nor stress-free. I would therefore advise that you research and invest into someone who can look after them one or two evenings a week. Finding undisturbed time for the both of you to spend together is crucial. When you are doing this, not having to clock-watch and think about getting back also helps greatly. Lastly, romance doesn't need to be expensive; it doesn't have to involve whisking your partner off to Paris for the weekend (although, trust me when I say that you will get no complaints if you do!) the main thing is that It should be fun and spontaneous.

It could be as simple as playing a game of mini-golf or bowling, sharing a candlelit bath, preparing a meal together and inviting a couple of friends over, or my personal favourite, snuggling up together and watching a movie! The possibilities for romance really are endless.

==== ==== For more great marriage saving tips and advice, visit: ==== ====

How To Put Romance Back Into Your Marriage  

For more great marriage saving tips and advice, visit

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