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STREETdinner 05 MAY 2014 Streetdinners are neighbours invited into different private kitchens to cook together. StreetDinners are their creations served at a community table for guests. Streetdinners are making food social. one neighbourhood at a time.

STREETdinner Volunteer teams Do you want StreetDinners on your street? connecting to neighbours great food

Do you love food? Do you want more connection with your neighbours?

part of a city wide network

Join our StreetDinner teams with 16 others from all over Amsterdam. Local teams that get support, skills & tools for self-organization. In your community we are looking for a team of 3-4 people! Find videos from earlier StreetDinners on



# Inform your community about the StreetDinner. # Spread promotion-materials and info. # Help recruit 10 local kitchens and 50 volunteers. # Be in contact with the volunteers in your area. # Be in contact with the StreetDinners. # Coordinate the logistics for the day. # Coordinate budget, funding and permissions with the StreetDinners. # Raise awareness in local media and online. # Help make it a beautiful day!

# An online platform and printed promotional materials. # Awareness in medias and online. # Help with budgets, fundings and permissions. # Help with program, decorations, ideas and problem-solving. # Coordination of ticket-sales and distribution of this to your budget. # Coordination of logistics for the day. # Facilitated meetings with all StreetDinners Teams in Amsterdam. # A variety of (decoration)-materials connected to 5th of May and StreetDinners. # Helping to make it a beautiful day!

in total 1-2 hours a week, most of it talking to your neighbours.

STREETdinner next steps Do you want StreetDinners on your street? then these are the next steps for you and us.

1. find a local coordination team of 3-4 people. 2. find a suitable location. 3. apply for permission and local funding. 4. make a budget with us for ticket-price and costs.* 5. join our next city meeting to discuss program & ideas. * Your budget is based on the local funding and 90% of the ticket price for non-volunteers (guests). This budget needs to cover expenses for food and materials on the day. We have a budget for city-wide and online promotion and a team to support you with problem-solving and coordination.

2014 01 22 localteams  

Our description of what it requires to organise local StreetDinners

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