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By Jonas grytemark


1st task* play around with the given shapes to make your onw typeface

decoder by gerad unger famous dutch typo & graphic designer

restless regular italic

bonga tried to make a rounded bold font. kind of sweet & clumsy

2nd task* make your own typeface, based on what ever shapes you may like.

Paradixel Paradixel is a Gridbased font, made from Circles & squars. it's kind of a "mashup" of pixel and dots, linked together like a chain.

inspired by tecnology, 8bit games, furute and space.

Gridbased system Circles on squars

Cutting out piece...

by piece.

Filling the letters


Paradixel regular


punctuation & symbols

ABCDEFGHIJk KLmMNOPQRS tTUVwWxXyY zZæÆØÅ 0123456789 <>,;.:_-'"!%&/ ()=+?@*

Paradixel negative


punctuation & symbols

ABCDEFGHIJk Lm NOPQRS t UVw x y z æ ØÅ 0123456789 <>,;.:_-'"!%&/ ()=+?@*

typeface test

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Boken viser hvordan jeg har laget min egen font utifra diverse former. Skoleoppgave på Westerdals School of Communication

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