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Portable Ice-maker and Ice machine Specialist This article will help an individual to gain knowledge on Undercounter Ice-machine. This Ice – Machines are also used commercially and in residents. Bluestone Appliance Undercounter Ice Machines not only expertise with the equipment but also have knowledge of several functioning institution like healthcare, hospitality hotels ,motels, restaurants, cafes, schools and governmental, religious and residential institutions. This unit dedicatedly tries and matches up with businesses and consumers by delivering proper equipment in commercial and Residential Ice Machine. This company specialises is Ice machines but they have a smaller markets of appliances used outdoor and refrigerators also. This company is refurbishing Ice makers over 6 years confidently. Therefore, there product carries a warranty. The corporate office is situated in New York. Warehouses are there across the country and these helps them to deliver the product within 5 business days in North America. The orders are mostly shipped within 24 hours and transportation time taken is between 1-5 days. After the shipment is picked up customers are tracked, therefore delivery could be planned with the customers accordingly. It is always advisable to browse and let the experts of the company assist the customers if they have any product related queries regarding Undercounter Ice Machines. Bluestone appliance ice-maker is a commercially certified Ice-maker. This product is certified by NSF. Design Bluestone Appliance Ice Maker is designed and mass-produced in ways so that it meets highest standards of safety and operation. The Ice-Maker always meets and exceeds the safety and sanitation norms. These machines are individually tested and it gives a complete warranty of 90 days. Due to shipping and handling time to time damages are found. Scratches and dents are seen at the body of the ice maker. They may contain slight dents and scratches which are usually expected. Scratches are mostly seen at the back side of the machine. If the machine is build into a cabinet then the scratches and dents are not noticeable. The price at which the machine is available is $1099. This price is for a fully functional 80lbs ice maker and bin. This bluestone ice-maker is used widely in household, bars, restaurants, supermarkets etc. The shape of the ice which this unit produce is crystal clear gourmet bullet shaped. Each ice maker is accompanied by a bin for ice storage which is already insulated in it. There are certain features of the Ice-Maker      

25 lbs. of ice can be stored in the storage bin The body of the Ice maker is made up of stainless steel and rollers levelling heavy-duty. For easy installations it includes power cord, lines for drainage of water. Prevention for automatic overfill is also present. Maintenance for the machine is easily done and it is also very much user friendly. CFC-free R-134a refrigerant is used.

Accessories There are certain accessories which are given by the company at the time of installations they include pipes or hoses for drainage and were water can be fed. Ice scoops made of plastic is also available. Warranty The warranty of the product of Undercounter Ice Machines is based on the usage of the product meaning how it is handled. Ice –maker durability is last longing if it is used in proper manner. The unit will have dents and scratches which are acceptable and warranty will not cover it. Warranty is based upon complete operation of the unit. Warranty will not cover the issues related to the physical condition. For more information about Undercounter Ice Machinesor more products visit our website to avail discounts on all our products.

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This article will help an individual to gain knowledge on Undercounter Ice-machine. This Ice –Machines are also used commercially and in res...

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