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Program Caution! Here in Ghent we have a special rule. We love to party and go hard until the early morning, every time again, but the diehards have to help with the cleanup. You have been warned! It's the price to pay to make it on the last ones standing pictures ;)


APRIL 11TH 2014

Opening dance Vooruit

The first party of the weekend. DJ'ing by Sep, Chrisbe, Kris and Bruno with focus on Lindy Hop and live music by The New Orleans Night Owls in the main room. DJ'ing by Superheidi, Erik and Marijke with a focus on Balboa or Blues in the second room. BALZAAL

20h00 First song 22h00 Start live band 23h00 Jack ‘n Jill prelims 04h30 Last song BRUGZAAL

22h00 First song, Balboa 00h00 Lindy Hop 01h00 Balboa 02h00 Blues / Slow Drag 04h30 Last song


Tea dance Vooruit

Dancing downstairs in the café to the tunes of our great DJ's Bruno. Stoff, Sep, Kris and Chrisbe. 13h00 First song 18h00 Last song

Bar crawl

Barville, Hotsy Totsy and many others

Discovery the Jazz bars of Ghent. Enjoy live music from small bands and dance on even smaller dancefloors. Nomad Swing and another surprise band will play for you. Our ‘local foreigners’ Joris, Bara and Irene will guide you around! 15h30 Meetup at Vooruit Café 18h00 Last song

A great day in Ghent

In front of Postplaza (Korenmarkt)

With a wink to the iconic picture “A great day in Harlem” we are going to do our own version. Join us on the stairs of Postplaza to take the picture. 18h15 Gathering and taking positions 18h30 Say woopie!

Gentse Hoppers ball Vooruit

We have three amazing bands for continuous live music in the main room with a focus on Lindy Hop. Birds Of Swing, Nomad Swing and Friends and Mary and her Swing Serenaders. Like back in the day. We can assure you it'll be the bomb! Again also DJ'ing by Petter, Superheidi, Chrisbe and Kris with a focus on Balboa or Blues in the second room. BALZAAL

21h45 First song, start live band 00h00 Jack ‘n Jill Finals 04h30 Last song BRUGZAAL

21h00 First song, Lindy Hop 22h45 Balboa 02h30 Blues / Slow Drag 03h45 Last song


APRIL 13TH 2014


Oude Vismijn

Come fill your empty bellies with the amazing food of Fred our Swinging Chef and his helping hands. The dancefloor is already open for the brunch attendees. DJ'ing by Stoff and Superheidi. 13h00 Bon appetit! 15h00 Buffet closed

Tea dance Oude Vismijn

Bigband 't Mouvement will get your feet back on the dancefloor on this lazy Sunday. In between sets DJ Chrisbe will be taking care of you. 15h00 First song, start live band 18h00 Last song

Blues night Volkshuis

Blues dancing into the end of the weekend. The New Orleans Night Hawks making you shake your everything deep into the night. DJ'ing by Marijke, Kris and Sep. This place closes when the last person leaves! 21h00 First song 22h00 Start live band ... How long can you go!?

Eating and Drinking Etablissement Max

Goudenleeuwplein 3, 9000 Gent

The oldest place in Ghent for eating stunning waffles, since 1839!


Donkersteeg 35, 9000 Gent

Great Coffee since 1937!


Meersenierstraat 16, 9000 Gent

A great coffeebar in the shadow of the Dulle Griet canon.


Walpoorstraat 2, 9000 Gent

Espresso or slow dripped coffee, it’s up to you. They will let you choose between their own roast, or some nice suggestions written on the blackboard. Single or double shot, italiano or americano, your coffee is tailormade.

Café Labath

Oude houtlei 1, 9000 Gent

Coffee lovers should focus on Labath. Thomas will make your coffee with his black beauty: “La marzocco”, a handmade espressomachine from Firenze. He is surrounded by some top-baristas. Also tea-aficionados can get by in this place. Tea

is chosen by Ann Van Steenkiste, a famous tea sommelier, who also advises star restaurants for their tea recommandations.

Simon Says

Sluizeken 8, 9000 Gent

Another nice place to spend your afternoon with coffee and cake. This B&B has a nice interior with painted drawings of the Belgian artist Panamarenko on the walls. They claim to serve the best cappuccinos in town. Better check it out!

Restobar Charlie Oudburg 15, 9000 Gent

A Rock ’n Roll bar with special bar foods. At Charlie’s they take local products and give it a real fun twist. Tapas like blackpudding cupcake or Mastellen with smoked salmon. There is always a link to Ghent in the food. Try the “kroakemandels”. They are deepfried highly salted peas. Before crisps/chips got popular and mostly replaced them these salty fried peas were served in bars and pubs with the drinks. If you’re rather a sweet tooth try the ‘gestreken mastellen’. Mastellen is a kind of bagel, made of sweet dough and usually spiced up with cinnamon. Why is it special? We iron them! Just like your shirts. There aren’t many places where you can find them, but at Restobar Charlie they have the real stuff. (If you’re attending the Brunch on Sunday you’ll get a Mastel as well! Yum!)

Il Castello

Geldmunt 2, 9000 Gent

At the feet of Gravensteen (=the Castle of the Counts), bordering Veerleplein, Il Castello serves pizza for over 20 years. Pinno, Stefano and Domenico are truly Italian, and they show it on the menu, as well as in the way they are welcoming their guests. Pizza, saltimbocca and antipasti are real treats


Kraanlei 79, 9000 Gent

A tiny store with delicious old-fashioned sweets and other popular Ghent delicacies such as ‘mokken’ and ‘knopkes’ (=cookies) and cuberdons (=raspberry-flavoured sweets). A cuberdon is a cone-shaped candy. We call it a “neuzeke” (=little nose) because of its shape. They are made of sugar , arabic gum and raspberry juice. No preservatives are used. The outside is relatively hard, whereas the inside is gelatinous. Cuberdons can only be preserved for about three weeks, after which period the inside begins to crystallize. This limited preservability is the reason why cuberdons are not exported outside of Belgium. When you look to the facade of this building you can recognise six of the seven acts of mercy in the bas-relief. In former times this was an inn where the homeless could find shelter.


Walpoortstraat 11a, 9000 Gent

Ready for a different chocolate experience? Nicolas Vanaise is a young Ghent chocolatier looking for new ways in the traditional chocolate world. So he's trying to combine local Ghent products with chocolate. In his shop, you will be surprised by pralines with Tierenteyn Mustard, Delirium Tremens Beer, Filliers Gin or gingerbread! And as he is continuously experimenting with new tastes and flavours, you might be the first to get another new chocolate sensation.


Groentenmarkt 3, 9000 Gent

Ghent's traditional mustard maker TierenteynVerlent was established in 1790. This shop has been running since 1860 and it retains its original interior of tall glass cabinets of apothecary and spice jars behind varnished timber counters. Mustard is still made using original techniques and only natural ingredients: vinegar, salt and ground mustard seeds. Each jar comes with its own little wooden spoon (plastic spoons can also be used, but not metal, as it separates the vinegar). One of the best mustards you can find. Side note! Ghent has another mustard maker also called (Ferdinand) Tierenteyn, yet they are totally unrelated. Their product is sold in some supermarkets and trattoria.

Groot Vleeshuis

Groentenmarkt 7, 9000 Gent

The Great Butchers' Hall dates back to the 15th century, when meat halls were indoor market places with centralised sales to monitor the freshness and quality of the meat. The building has a remarkable and splendid open wooden truss roof. If you look up, the sight of Ghent’s special Ganda Hams hanging there will whet your appetite. The impressive medieval and covered Great Butchers’ hall houses the centre for the promotion of local East Flemish products. The ideal base to discover the East Flanders’ cuisine, from appetizer to dessert.

Frituur Bij Sint Jacobs Bij Sint Jacobs, 9000 Gent

Next to café Trefpunt, you will find one of the nicest “frietkot” from Ghent. Those two brothers might look Turkish, but believe me, they can make fries like no other. You can already practice: “ne grute mee mayonnaize en stuufvliessaase.” They are open till 5 am in the weekends, perfect for late night munchies.

Gents gebak Abel

Sint-Pietersplein, 9000 Gent

In this charming fairstall, they’ve sold “oliebollen” or “smoutebollen” for over 100 years. Abel is a well known family in Flanders. Their recipe is kept secret. Even the son in law can’t have it. For the

record, he was a chef in a famous restaurant when he met the showman’s (carny) daughter. They fell in love, and he left his trendy kitchen for the truck. So you will have doughnuts baked by a star chef!

Julie’s House

Kraanlei 13, 9000 Gent

A cosy pastry house overlooking the Leie river in the middle of Ghent’s historic center. They serve a daily choice of delicious brunches, artisanal pies and colorful homemade cupcakes. Their “cake ladies” love hosting you in our beautiful pastry house surrounded by the grandeur of the Gravensteen castle, the authenticity of the Patershol and the relaxed atmosphere by the water.

Huize Collete

Belfortstraat 6, 9000 Gent

Chocolatier / coffee shop / second hand bookstore. Taste their homemade pastries and chocolates. Enjoy a hot brew. Read one of the hundreds of books stacked high in every room. A place for peace and quiet in the middle of the centre. And many more... You can find these and quite a few others on the GHX 2014 Google map at

(Jazz) Bars Hot Club de Gand

Groentenmarkt 15b, 9000 Gent

A small true jazz bar all the way in the back of a narrow alley. They have some tables outside, a couple indoors at ground level and some on the first floor. Always super cosy. Swing Jazz Jam every Sunday night. You can dance here late at night when most of the crowd has left for bed. Then we shove tables aside and create a little dancefloor. Before that just enjoy the awesome music.

Hotsy Totsy

Hoogstraat 1, 9000 Gent

One of our finest Jazz bars. The interiour is a total vintage extravaganza with crazy pictures and paintings all over the walls. Often you can go here for live music.

Club Reserva

Jan Breydelstraat 32, 9000 Gent

Another bar of the same owners of the Hot Club de Gand. A little more classy, but with the same mission. Hosting concerts on a weekly basis throughout the year. Usually no room for dancing during a concert, but great atmosphere.


Klein Turkije 18, 9000 Gent

A cocktail bar in a vintage decor. It’s an unusual mix, but somehow works beautifully. Definitely try an exotic cocktail, fruity smoothie or milkshake. Next to jazz, Razvan, the host, also plays soul, funk, afro and nu disco. We dance here at least once a month on Sunday afternoon. All tables are then put aside.


Korenmarkt 19, 9000 Gent

One of the oldest jazz bars in Ghent. Hosting live music on occasion. We don’t dance here much, but it’s a nice place for a drink none the less.

Vooruit Café

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, 9000 Gent

The Café at Vooruit is a lively place. It’s big and can be quite loud, but a great place for a drink or lunch. We dance here at least once a month on Sunday. All tables aside and swing out on the slippery tiles.


Sleepstraat 33, 9000 Gent

A true “bruin café” (brown bar = bar that has brown walls from all the smoking inside. This before the total smoking in public places restriction of course, yet the atmosphere remains pretty much the same). Occasional live music for us dancers.


Groentenmarkt 12, 9000 Gent

Neighbour to the well known Hot Club de Gand, Pol is selling all kinds of “jenevers”. This beverage from which Gin was copied has many tastes. Sweet, dry, oaked, fruity. You name it, he has it! You haven’t been in Ghent, if you didn’t have a jenever at Pol’s Dreupelkot. (Dreupel (Ghent dialect) = Druppel (Dutch) = Drop, meaning a tiny glas) And many more... You can find these and quite a few others on the GHX 2014 Google map at

Shopping Bar D’oh

Onderstraat 29, 9000 Gent

Bar D'Oh would love to take care of you and your dreams with adorable lingerie, playfull nipple tassels or bedroom toys etc. Unlock your fantasies ladies (and maybe gents as well?)


Rabotstraat 1, 9000 Gent

A real private vintage clothing and accessories shop. Devi-Shri opens her world only on appointment or also once a month a weekend, and that happens to be the same weekend as the GHX! (Friday 11th April from 14:00 till 22:00 and Saturday 12th March from 14:00 till 19:00) Enjoy!

Broc en Bouche

Lange Kruisstraat 6, 9000 Gent

Vintage, retro and new stylish clothing by Belgian and foreign designers. Alterations possible. Handbags by Delvaux, Hermes, Burberry. Own designs including dresses and handbags, with nostalgic appeal.

Galerie Design7 / Frederic Rozier Nieuwpoort 7, 9000 Gent

A mix of design from the Thirties to the Nineties, from various countries, by different designers in various price categories. Just have a look at the

nice vintage furniture.

Louise & Madeleine Kraanlei 61, 9000 Gent

Hand-made gifts (jewellery, linens, ceramics, etc.) by Belgian and foreign designers. New fresh ideas with a hint of nostalgia for times past.

Olga's Retro

Korte Meer 23, 9000 Gent

Specialised in vintage snake and crocodile leather handbags from the Fifties onwards and secondhand handbags by such brands as Prada and Dior. Also sells clothing.

Zoot/Zoot shoe-boutique

Serpentstraat 8 / Hoogpoort 46a, 9000 Gent

Feminine, playful, upbeat, colourful and a little bit vintage: these are the keywords for the Zoot collection. Trendy brands such as Edith & Ella, Magdalena, Fever, Red Juliet, Pepa Loves, Tatty Devine ..."

Zsa Zsa Rouge

Serpentstraat 22, 9000 Gent Gift and accessories shop with colourful and original bags, gadgets, clothes and pure kitsch. And many more... You can find these and quite a few others on the GHX 2014 Google map at

Hair dressers & Wellness Ferly’s

Guldenspoorstraat 33, 9000 Gent

Inspired from the 60ties, have some quality time in this hair salon. Kimberly works with high quality products. Ask her that little thing you’re afraid to ask to other hairdressers. Easygoing, and a touch of extravaganza.

Kapper Kaprijke

Sint Niklaasstraat 40, 9000 Gent

Another hairdresser with a vintage mindset. The decor could have been borrowed from an old French movie. Very friendly staff. Notice the sanseveria collection.

Rasschaert & zoon

Lammerstraat 11, 9000 Gent

This is a cosy, low-budget saloon for men. Here you don’t ask for fancy stuff. You just enjoy the latest news the staff shares with you, spoken in the Ghent dialect . Top topics are soccer (they are big fan of the Buffalo’s), or the latest bicycle race.


Sint-Margrietstraat 18, 9000 Gent

The name Bar-Bier is a nifty wordplay. It can be read as Barbier, the old word for barber or BarBier as in bar and beer. This barber shop / pub is located close to the Gravensteen (=Castle of the

Count). You can have a drink, and/or a haircut. And if you’d like even a shave. Ladies and Gentlemen, both are served here. Thursday and Friday open till 22:00. An appointment is advised.

Aqua Azul

Drongenhof 2, 9000 Gent

If you want to give yourself a treat, you should go to Aqua Azul. This sauna center is housed in a really beautiful late art nouveau house. The salon, with fitted furniture, functions as bar for the sauna guests. The basement is beautifully transformed into a cosy and functional spa center.


Blaarmeersen, 9000 Gent

A sport and recreational park south-west of Ghent. If the weather is warm and sunny go have a swim and enjoy the mini sandy beach!

Sightseeing and activities Halfvastenfoor Sint-Pietersplein

It’s the 517th time this fair is held.It’s the first big fair of the season in Flanders. You will find over a hundred attractions and as the 13th is the last day, there is a 30% reduction. It is here you can find the “oliebollen” at Abel you read about in the eating and drinking section.

Flower Market Kouter

If you wake up early Sunday morning, you should visit the flower market on Kouter. You can have your aperitif with some oysters at the “blauwe kiosk”. The big music kiosk in the centre of this square was build by Adolph Pauli in 1878. From mid spring till the end of the summer classical bands are playing during the flower market from the Kiosk. On random days with nice weather we sometimes also bring out a big boomblaster to the Kiosk and dance there. The granite floor is just the right amount of slippery and it’s super nice dancing outdoors under a blue sky.

The Historic Centre

Gravensteen, Oudburg, Patershol, Vrijdagmarkt, Korenmarkt, Graslei, Ghent’s many Towers...

We can’t let you go before you had a walk in our historic city centre. Ghent has some beautiful old buildings. The old centre is full of life and the atmosphere is quite amazing. Do some shopping. Go have a drink. Taste some delicacies. Enjoy! Also see

The Venues Vooruit

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23, 9000 Gent

Behind the beautiful eclectic facade of the Vooruit building, you can find up to 367 rooms big and small spread out over 11 floors. Amongst them a grand café, a ballroom, a cinema/theater and a large concert hall. It was build just before the first world war by the political socialist movement Vooruit. It was originally their festivities and cultural center. Today the building is run by a nonprofit cultural organisation with the same name organising events of all nature all year round. The building was completely restored between 1990 and 2000. Today it is known as one of Belgium’s best centers for art and culture.

Oude Vismijn

Sint-Veerleplein 5, Ghent

This was the indoor fishmarket back in the day. It has a monumental entrance. Neptunus, the Roman God of the sea, stands on top of the building riding his carriage pulled by two seahorses. He has ruled over the main entrance since 1689. On both sides of the gate there are sculptures of a man and woman representing the rivers “Schelde” and “Leie”. They were added in 1872, replacing two mermen destroyed by a big fire. At the same time, the market was extended to the Rekelingestraat, and a new entrance was started to be used (the

same we will use on Sunday). Through the old monumental passage, you can reach the tourist information desk. (even on sunday). Nowadays it’s a fancy bar, restaurant and event hall.


Sleepstraat 33, Ghent

You will be entering the former communist office. (take a look above the bar)This “brown cafe” still has the same lay out it has had for years. Just the pooltable is gone. During the week, you will meet unemployed people, and doctors, old and young poor and rich… Iris will serve you from the bar. No table service here.

Transportation Personal transportation Ghent is a pretty cosy city. Locals walk or ride their bikes pretty much everywhere because everything is super close. Park your car outside the city to save money on parking or use one of the many underground parking garages we have. We advise you to park under the Sint-Pietersplein. It’s the cheapest car park, and stays open all night. GentZuid is a bit closer to Vooruit, but closes at night! If you park above the ground, you always have to use the parking meters, even at night! Dock your boat in Portus Ganda. Rent a bike Do yourself a favour and rent a bike for the weekend, it’s relatively inexpensive and so much easier than walking or taking public transport everywhere. Useful links

Public transportation Bus or tram The Flemish public transportation is run by De Lijn. You can buy a ticket from one of the ticket vending machines at some major stops or from the driver. The driver charges a little extra though. They have their own routing application, but it sucks. Use Google maps directions for public transportation instead. Useful links Taxi If you’d want to take a taxi we can recommend V-tax. They are relatively cheap and always available on short notice since they are the biggest in town. Call +32 9 222 22 22 to order one, 24/7. Useful links

Good to know Illness

Doctor on call

+32 9 236 50 00


General number 112 Police 101 Ambulance/Firebrigade 100 (or also 112) Poison centre +32 70 245 245 Main Police station Antonius Triestlaan 12, 9000 Gent +32 9 266 61 11 (24/7) UZ Gent (University Hospital, biggest) De Pintelaan 185, 9000 Gent +32 9 332 21 11 AZ Sint-Lucas (Academic Hospital, smaller, but more central) Tichelrei 1, 9000 Gent +32 9 224 61 11

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