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Dear Editor I am writing in the hope that my request can be done. I think that in the Tec in the CCI the computers are in not good working conditions, they are really slow, the freeze while you are working, most of the times they shot down, and you lose all your work you have done. For students it is really important to have good working computers because we use them a lot for most of the works we have to do.

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By: Constanza de Le贸n



New things Each semester our school Tec de Monterrey cares about his students, and always tries to modernize, to innovate, to make changes itself but mostly to impress. This year was no exception, so they bought expensive new chairs and tables for classrooms. This is the fact that the classes are so long to be more dynamic and can make better use of classes have also made more aesthetic classrooms, because besides the move, painted and installed new mini projectors and whiteboards for student use. Now the students are learning differently and with which we expect better results for this new semester. The chairs were installed in classrooms one and two in the area of university, and classrooms four for high school. The lucky ones who have class in these classrooms can live this experience and develop further in school. Some people think it was an unnecessary and expensive change, that only has made classrooms are a mess and created so students can copy easier. But we have to adapt to them as we have done with all the changes and know take advantage of it. We expect the Tec continues to innovate with new and more needed things to have a better education system and thus become people ethical. Internationally competitive, at the same time are citizens committed to the economic, political, social and cultural life of their community and to the sustainable use of natural resources. By: Jonathan Rivera


Breaks at Tec! Come and join the breaks at the Tec, there’s so much to do!!! Probably spending time with your friends is the best thing you can do in school, and at the breaks you can do that. There’s the cafeteria where you can ask for anything you want, you have three options of cafeterias. There is one at Aulas 4 another next to de CCI and one in the middle. The three of them have places where you can seat to chat with your friends. Enjoy your breaks!! Take that time to spend time with another people, to be nice with everybody you pass by. Get to know other people and you´ll see you can have a great time.








TOP 10: Best Teachers Alejandro Usabiaga: Math teacher, the funniest teacher of all.

Verónica Guerrero: Professor of mathematics and computer. Patient and kind is the best teaching.

Leticia Alatorre: History and art culture teacher. Strict but very good.

Amy Ferris:

Englesh Teacher. you learn a lot of her.

Lourdes Orozco: Computation Teacher. te best classes with her

You will have

Rosa Garcia: Biology and Chemestry Teacher. have a unique way to teach.

Yolanda Gasca: Literature Teacher. and fun.


She is passionate

Rex Ferrer: English and Math Teacher. Very funny and good profesor.

María Marín: Spanish Teacher. You lern haw to write with she.

Alejandra Asencio: English Teacher. If english is a problem she has the solution.









New York Trip An important part of the high school is the free time and enjoy. In the Tec something that the students wait for all his high school to relax is the New York trip. And what makes it so special? To begin the trip is made in the hardest semester of all “fifth�, also before starting any part in Tecmun generation, which is a representation of the United Nations and after that New York is a great opportunity to relax. As well is the trip with the most number of students involved. We stayed at the Wellington Hotel is located near Times Square, is a very good area for shopping and Broadway is close too, which is the best theater in the world. The city that never sleeps is the perfect destination for a group of students. On this trip some of the most amazing places to visit are: the Empire State Building, the memorial of 9/11, central park, the metropolitan museum of art, the statue of liberty, the United Nations, Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, Central Station, Fifth Avenue and many other beautiful places. It's a very rewarding experience and also learn a lot from it, you learn to travel alone, to ask for directions and you become more independent, all this despite the fact that a group of teachers are in charge of the group. The big apple is one of the biggest and most incredible cities of the world and it is certainly a unique experience that can only be lived once in your life, and it is well worth paying for it. By: Jonathan Rivera