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project description Workmen need to feel safe to do a good job, and if working in a dangerous environment within confined spaces, their equipment forms the basis of a successful rescue if there’s an emergency. In this concept, the focus is given to the research of the usability of gas detection devices and breathing protection apparatuses. The detection of toxic gases and the implementation of safebreathing device are closely connected. The Saver 360 combines both elements in one device and supports the workmen in case of an emergency. To be sucessful in case of a gas alarm the workman has to put on his breathing protection within three breaths. The element which provides the oxygen emits a visual signal so the workmen can react more quickly and a faster rescue becomes possible.


project: cooperation

The best way to understand it: do it. period: four month, 2010 team: two students

designportfolio von jona rammler  
designportfolio von jona rammler