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project description A trust and belief in the effectiveness of a medication has been scientifically established to have a positive effect on the impact of taking the drug. MedAssist is a patient-centered dispenser which reinforces the positive placebo effect in daily home-medicine applications. The device automatically dispenses medications at the time they should be taken and subsequently displays to the patient the effect of taking the drug with the virtual impact scales. These diagrams essentially show the level of active ingredient in the patient’s system, depleting over the course of the day until each delivery of a tablet, at which time the scales replenish. Every morning the clinical staff changes a secure 24h-tablet-reservoir ring, customized for each patient’s daily medication needs. An integrated chip in the device confirms the reservoir ring is associated to the correct device and patient identification. In the field of home care the nursing service brings the ring tablet reservoir to your house on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the patient and the medications to be dispensed.



medical design

two students

period: three weeks, 2012

designportfolio von jona rammler  
designportfolio von jona rammler