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project description The semi-static coworker robot (CWR) is completely programmable to handle the process of sortation in the sterile supply department of a hospital. The CWR cleans and sorts surgical instruments, freeing the medical technologist to do quality control and maintenance of instruments, thus improving overall workflow efficiency and hygiene of the hospital. The medical technologist activates the robot unit by touch interface and defines the workspace and target area with hand gestures. Autonomously, the robot then picks through the instruments and places them in trays based on a wireless data system. At the end of the process the CWR visualizes through its interface the successful completion of the sortation task. Through its intuitive ability to learn from the gestures, CWR can be used in many tasks related to the daily requirements of the sterile supply department. project: student traineeship

period: six month, 2012

designportfolio von jona rammler  
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