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SEPTEMBER 29, 2015



The battle over abortion Bears react to backlash over Planned Parenthood controversies EMMA KING Staff Writer

In light of congressional debate and the subsequent creation of a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, the nationwide discussion about abortion rights continues to thrive, both around campus and on social media. Just off Baylor’s campus, a group of pro-life activists took the reins last week as they covered the walking bridge over Interstate 35 with signs

supporting the bill’s suggested cut in Planned Parenthood funding. Also in response to the bill, multiple Twitter hashtags have surfaced that are still gaining mentions by the hour, both for and against the idea of stopping Planned Parenthood. The problem is that Planned Parenthood has been accused of selling aborted baby parts for profit. The institution responded by saying it only receives compensation for costs related to transport.

Of course, that information would not be found in the annual financial report, which exhibits the number of other services the organization offers, like testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, access to contraception and cancer screenings. According to its 2013 data, abortion only accounts for three percent of their services performed. Nonetheless, that three percent has politicians and activists up in arms. President of Baylor’s Bears for Life Colo.

senior Cristina Kenigsberg, said the I-35 protest was the work of Pro-Life Waco, an organization that partners with Bears for Life, “We haven’t done anything super dramatic on campus lately, but we’re definitely completely for life,” Kenigsberg said. “We think that the work that Pro-Life Waco is doing is good.” One of Pro-Life Waco’s signs on the bridge featured #PPsellsbodyparts, a Twitter hashtag that supports cutting funding for Planned

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Photo illustration | Richard Hirst

A Supermoon happens when the moon is at the closest part of its orbit around Earth meaning it appears larger in the sky. The photo above illustrates the phases of the bloodmoon in the night sky over McLane Stadium. From 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. Sunday, Waco got to experience not only a Supermoon, but it also had the joy of seeing a blood moon as well, the first in more than three decades.

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Baylor Business School dedication EMMA KING Staff Writer The official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation kicked off the 2015 Leadership and Innovation Summit with a full conference center

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Pope uses popularity to chart new direction for church and the US RACHEL ZOLL

Vol.116 No. 117

of Business, now housed in the new building. “It’s not just about bricks and mortar, it is about building a future. It’s not about how much more we can make, it’s about the difference we can make. Because of your gifts and support, you have


Associated Press Baylor Football Young returns to the field after being injured at the start of the season. pg. 6

and multiple standing ovations on Friday. There was hardly an empty seat in the Meyers Conference Center, as many thanks were given to donors and architects alike who helped make the Paul L. Foster Campus possible. “It’s not about today, it’s all about tomorrow,” said Terry Maness, dean of the Hankamer School

In Congress and at a parish school, at the United Nations and a city jail, Pope Francis spent a whirlwind U.S. visit bridging the realms of the disadvantaged and elite, trying to turn the attention of the mightiest nation on earth away from ideological battles and

toward a world he said desperately needs help. From his very first appearance, he wove together issues that are rarely linked in American public life. At the White House with President Barack Obama, he upheld religious freedom while seeking urgent action to ease climate change.

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Associated Press

SPREADING LOVE Pope Francis arrives for a Mass on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Sunday, in Philadelphia.

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