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SEPTEMBER 25, 2015



Artists plan to take over Waco Art festival allows Wacoans to perform, paint and more this weekend HELENA HUNT Staff Writer The free Waco Cultural Arts Festival will take over downtown starting at 6 p.m. today, with three days of music, food trucks, dance, film and more at the Waco Convention Center and Indian Spring Park. From tonight to Sunday afternoon, students and locals alike are invited to celebrate one or more of the five festivals making up the Cultural Arts Fest. MusicFest, WordFest, {254} dance-fest, ScienceFest and Celebration Africa FilmFest will provide something for every attendee to enjoy, said Sandi Horton, one of the

festival’s board members. The festival will open today with a free College Night geared to Baylor students. A range of musical acts, including Union Revival and blues group Mojo Assassins, will play on the outdoor amphitheater at Indian Spring Park until 11 p.m. As part of College Night, students will also have the opportunity to listen to public readings of poetry and prose in the Waco Convention Center starting at 7:30 p.m. today. After the performances, Horton expects there will be an opportunity for students to participate in an

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ARTISTIC ENCOUNTER The Waco Cultural Arts Festival will kickoff at 6 p.m. tonight at Indian Spring Park and will be a weekend long extravaganza at other downtown locations. The festival will allow Waco residents and Baylor students to immerse themselves in the art of Waco.


McLane to help guests use Wi-Fi JILLIAN ANDERSON Reporter Everyone has their phones out, checking the stats or other football games, but someone’s having a bit of trouble. He can find a person in a bright yellow polo shirt ready to assist him by telling them his flip phone doesn’t have Wi-Fi capabilities. Micah Lamb, assistant director of support systems, said that the idea of Wi-Fi coaches was influence by trends in NFL stadiums. The Wi-Fi coaches program was launched last year with the opening of McLane Stadium. McLane Stadium is one of the first collegiate stadiums to have Wi-Fi and is one of the only two in the Big 12. Management Information Systems students, called Wi-Fi coaches, help fans with Wi-Fi set-up at games. Baylor Information Technology Systems and MIS partnered to give students the opportunity to test their skills and help fans. The goals of the WiFi coaches are to give the students a more handson experience with solving real-time problems and giving fans a great game day experience. Wi-Fi coaches are students of the Hankamer School of Business studying Management Photo Illustration by Richard Hirst

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Students are reluctant to ride Trump train into 2016 KATIE GROVATT Reporter The rules of politics are being rewritten, and Republican front-runner Donald Trump is behind it. He’s released bold, undiplomatic statements and stirred up controversy, all while dominating the Republican primary race. The businessman and former “Celebrity Apprentice” host has led every Republican poll for the past two months. But as the candidate continues to sell out rallies, triumph in polls and gain supporters, some Baylor students are shaking their heads. “He’s high up [in the polls] because no one knows what his actually policies are,” said Dallas sophomore Michelle Rigg. “He’s focusing on sensational issues and making provocative claims without giving any policy to support his statements. People are just taking the headlines as true without digging

in deeper,” she said. Jefferson City, Mo., junior Paul Kiekhaefer said Trump is gaining support from the far right and most extreme of the Republican Party. “He’s tapped into the anger of the farright wing of the GOP that despises the establishment, political correctness and the Washington, D.C. based political system,” Kiekhaefer said. Both Kiekhaefer nor Riggs support Trump as a candidate. Riggs said she is remaining open-minded in the primary race, as she feels there are several candidates with thoughtful policies. Trump is not among them. “I personally think Trump’s campaign is just another attention-grabbing scheme of a narcissist. He would make a terrible nominee and president, as he would give the U.S. zero international credibility,” Kiekhaefer said.

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Dallas freshman Luke Atkins and San Antonio freshman Nicholas Pantanini raced on a water slide called Life’s A Beach at Alpha Delta Pi’s second annual philanthropic event, H2Oso at Fountain Mall yesterday. The events proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House Charities in Temple.

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