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Ourselves We are Glow Company, a cooperative formed by 14 students of the degree Leadership Entrepreneurship and Innovation. We base our work in the method learning by doing, because we begun to develop and work in our own projects, earning real money without any experience, but we make them increase as we work on them.

“The road is made as it is walked”

Our goal The aim of this project is to make students reflect about overcoming their self limitations through collaboration and creativity.

“Ordinary people doing extraordinary things”

Our reason We studied in a traditional way until we get 18 and went to our Team Academy, where we received a different education, a practical one. Because of this mixing, we have both point of view about the educational system, and we want to introduce a different way of learning, more active and practical one inside the traditional way of learning.

“System must change, as the world changes”

Our experience …being entrepreneurs… We began to develop our own projects three years ago, in 2011, when we founded our company. Since then, we have travelled to San Francisco and Madrid, and now we are going to travel to India and China for three months, financing all these learning journeys with the money we earn in our projects. Plus this, we have got our knowledge in theory reading more than 50 books per teammate (more than 700books as a company).

…teaching entrepreneurship… We have been developing this project over 10 schools in the Basque Country, Spain, and we have impacted more than 200 students. With this project, we have appeared in the most read newspaper of the north of Spain twice.

“Do not study, but keep learning”

Our project For making all this happen, we have create a workshop than consists in two sessions, both of two hours, by which we make students answer to a challenge we create, working in teams and giving special focus to creativity, teamwork and braveness (we want them to get in the uncomfort zone and do those tasks they do not use to work in).

* In the next page, you can see an example of a workshop


1 Session Introduction Challenging Assumptions Exercise

Team presentation. Line up according to your birthday but without talking.

Bottle Game

Create value using different kind of products, like post-its or empty water bottles.

Result Presentation



2 Session Stanford Challenge



Determined amount of money and a determined time lapse to get as much money as possible. 3minutes each team.


3 and 4 Sessions Dreams & Passions

Create your company to achieve your dreams!

Pitching Dialogue Session

3 minutes each team.

Our contact In case of having any doubt, any question or suggestion, please, do not hesitate in contacting us,

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