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E are grateful to the Holy Father for giving Manila the best in our own.” These are the words uttered by Archbishop Jose Palma, President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), during the installation of the 54-year-old Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle as the 32nd archbishop of the country’s premier See held at the Manila Cathedral, December 12, 2011.


The Jesuit-educated Tagle became the fifth Filipino head of the Archdiocese of Manila in its more than 400-year history. He succeeded Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, who considers his successor’s installation as a “historic milestone”. Archbishop Tagle’s installation as the new shepherd of Manila’s estimated 2.8 million Catholics was attended by church leaders from Southeast Asia, including the Archbishops of Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Rangoon. Dignitaries from both the Church and the secular world also filled the cathedral. In his homily, Tagle was emotional and stopped twice because tears had welled up in his eyes: first, when he thanked the laity and the religious of his former diocese in Imus, Cavite, and when he entrusted his ministry to the Virgin Mary. He made a reminder to himself never to let earthly

glories blind him to his mission to be a servant of God. “I tremble before the love that calls me to lead the people to the Lord. But my poor sinful person finds rest in Him who is the Church’s true shepherd,” said the new Archbishop, who chose the biblical verse from John 21:7, “Dominus Est” (It is the Lord), as his Episcopal motto. “I am also consoled to know that we would be building on the legacy of the loving service of 31 archbishops, and my immediate predecessor, Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales. I feel humbled,” he said. He emphasized humility and loving discipleship as guideposts for his ministry. He likewise stressed the importance of unity among the clergy and the laity and the non-Catholic Christians as divisiveness and destruction “will only sink the boat”. “There is so much that I will learn from you. Teach me. Be patient with me. Let us love one another at all times,” he added. Asked later why he became emotional, he said: “Who will not be emotional when you are before God?” Liza Danielle Marino

PCMed holds SEC workshop for BED faculty SJC Cavite, Amaya hold 3-day joint Ilocos tour O better equip the basic curriculum through Memorandum A workshop on constructing the


education teachers in the full implementation of the Department of Education’s ( D ep E d) new S eco nda r y Education Curriculum (SEC), PCMed-Technokids Philippines hosted a seminar-workshop with the theme, “Overcoming the Challenges of the 2010 SEC”, with Prof. Auxencia AlarconLimjap, Ph.D. of De La Salle University (DLSU) in Manila, January 3, 2011 at the Josephian Instructional Media Center. In 2010, the DepEd ordered the gradual implementation of the new

Order no. 396, series of 2010, and eyes for its full swing in academic year 2013-2014. L imjap str es s ed on t h e contemporary theories on the teaching-learning process that treats teachers as curriculum designers more than being mere implementers. She discussed about the A-M-T (Acquir e, Make Meaning, Transfer) approach in using American professors Wiggins and McTighe’s Understanding by Design (UbD) learning plan.

UbD plan using the so-called “structure of knowledge” was held for the teachers who clustered themselves into groups. The products of which were presented to the body afterwards. Doctor Limjap is a full professor of the Science Education Department of the DLSU College of Education in Manila, and was Vice Dean of the same University’s College of Science from 1994 until she was awarded the Fulbright-Hays Student Grant as Senior Scholar at the Ohio State University in 1999. [JJC]


DMIN IS T R AT OR S , faculty, and support personnel from St. Joseph College, Cavite City and Amaya, Tanza, Cavite held a three-day educational tour in the provinces of Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur in celebration of the Catholic Teachers’ day, January 26-28, 2012. Facilitated by Urbiztondo Educational Tour Services, itineraries include Gov. Chavit Singson’s Baluarte Zoo, Vigan Cathedral, Juan Luna Shrine, Marcos Museum &

Mausoleum, Paoay Church, Sta. Monica Church, Bangui Windmills, Pagudpud Beach Resorts, Laoag Cathedral & Sinking Bell Tower, Malacañang of the North, and Vigan City Heritage Houses. Held every 28th of January, the Catholic Teachers’ Day is celebrated by Roman Catholic institutions wor ldwide to commemorate the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church and patron of Catholic schools, colleges, a nd universities. [JJC]

STUDENT party dominates ARSC elections; Reyes wins presidency


JC’s Augustinian Recollect Student Crusaders (ARSC) local chapter held elections for its new set of officers for academic year 2012-2013 with Jeremiah Nathaniel Reyes winning as president, February 20, 2012.

elected to their desired positions. Reyes, upon learning of his victory, was astounded and at the same time thankful. “It’s amazing how all of us, me and my partymates, won. I think this is a first for SJC.” he said.


A Miting de Avance featuring the speeches, platforms, and plans of action of The other newly-elected student council the candidates from the STUDENT and officers were Mary-yet Xuchelle Mataba (vice KAPIT parties was held in the morning. president), Ainna Rynette Mañalac (secretary), Danielle Francesca Bernal (assistant secretary), In the afternoon, students voted for the Dasslin Gem Corral (treasurer), Ma. Reacielo executive officers for the entire student Santonil (assistant treasurer), Rodchie Valera body, and the departmental officers for (auditor), and Alyssa Pearl Ortiz (public every level. relations officer). In an unexpected turn of events, all The new set of officers will assume their candidates from the STUDENT Party were offices on June 11, 2012. [JJC] Former ARSC National Vice President and incoming Local President Jeremiah Reyes presides over the turnover rites during the 10th ARSC National Congress in Toledo City, Cebu



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Editorial TANGLED OR “TAGLEd”? Cavitenos are proud and just cannot get enough of Luis Antonio “Chito” Tagle, the former bishop of the Diocese of Imus, as hundreds of people came to support him in his installation as the 32nd Archbishop of Manila. His appointment was due to the retirement of Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales who decided to leave the office after his 79th birthday in August 2011. The 54-year old Tagle is the fifth Filipino and the second youngest (after the Irish, Michael James O’Doherty) to be installed as Archbishop of Manila. Archbishop Tagle is just perfect for the job--not too old, experienced, brilliant, courageous and well-respected. He is bold in voicing out his thoughts and the stand of the Church on conservative doctrinal issues. He is able to breakdown complex theological issues so that ordinary people may understand them. Moreover, he makes good use of modern technology and reaches out to all the faithful through YouTube videos and television shows. At the Vatican, he was assigned to handle the controversial History of Vatican II project of the so-called Bologna school. Although a theologian, he is never afraid to question matters concerning religion. He was known to raise concerns on priest shortage in the Vatican’s press conference and the Reproductive Health Bill where the Church and the government are headed for a head-on collision. Politically, some think that putting Tagle into the spotlight is suicide while others believe his appointment is controversial for he is known for his association with “liberal” Catholic issues which is in contradiction of the Pope’s conservative stance. Even as he is now at the helm of the Archdiocese of Manila, many are surprised that he remains firmly grounded. Hundreds come to his doorstep daily for help and he is known not to turn anybody away. The visits leave him tired and stressed out. But still he remains attentive to the needs of the faithful. Many people feel that Archbishop Chito Tagle is an outstanding choice. The faithful, especially Manilenos, are proud to have the “first Manila archbishop who is a native of Manila.” He has a theologian’s mind, a musician’s soul and a pastor’s heart. Moreover, he has a vast experience as a religious man and is also internationally known as a theologian. Archbishop Tagle is the “rising star of the Asian Church” and is hoped by millions will be the “first Asian Pope.” How far he will go as the shepherd of the Father will be revealed in the right time. For now, we continue to pray for his success and give him our full support.

Our “Nanay” and “Tatay”, to leave?


S school year 2011-2012 draws to a close, a number of teachers are reportedly set to leave St. Joseph College to explore opportunities elsewhere. This piece of news sent shockwaves across the halls and set alarm signals. These teachers are reported to test their chances in other provinces and profession. Thus, the question on everybody’s mind is “what will happen in the next school year?” Educators in St. Joseph College are not only “teachers” or “mentors” to the students. They are also considered to be their friend and companion. Students have grown fond of their teachers and have learned to feel comfortable in their

“The friendship and the bond between the teachers and students seem to be indissoluble, until now.” company. Looking up pictures of teachers with their students on Facebook has been a favorite hobby. The smiles and laughter on their faces reflect their unforgettable journey together as a family. The familiar faces of the people in front of the class discussing concepts and lessons have been the “nanays” as well as the “tatays” of the students. Knowing that they would be leaving SJC for the next school

year is a cause for serious concern. Most students have known them for years and have taken comfort in seeing their faces each school day and in looking forward to their peculiar manners of teaching. The friendship and the bond between the teachers and students seem to be indissoluble, until now. It would seem that having new teachers around would be a... Carlos… p. 4

JUNIOR JOSEPHIAN CHRONICLE Editorial Board Maria Alynna Corinne M. Carlos Editor-in-Chief Keiane B. Ambos / Kamille Anne P. Orilla Associate Editors SECTION EDITORS & ASSISTANTS SARAH MHAE DIAZ / Jeremiah Nathaniel Reyes (News), LORENZO MARAU DAVID / Akiram Briceño (Feature), EZZEL MEINE ADLE / Jayby Guevarra (Sports), DONNA MARIE ANGELES / Jose Miguel Alberto Carlos / Lainelyn Quila (Literary) CORRESPONDENTS Liza Danielle Marino, Kimberly Anne Ong, Rodchie Valera Chloie Lance Claud, Kharissa Anne Orilla, Kimberly Anne Ong Lainelyn Quila, Regene Joy Tumbaga, Ann Chizette Campano Anjelamyth Antonio, Arabelle Dorothy Teodoro, Ma. Mikaela Resultan Jaydee Quiambao, Danielle Francesca Bernal, Elisha Isobel Sanchez Daiselle Jam Sebastian, Christine Joy Espiritu Photojournalists: James Diang, John Ronell Rosales, Eriza Adle, Nicole Bilang Cartoonists: Vanessa Aira Laviña, Brian Grageda, Gilchrist Lauren Nocon Layout Assistant: Ria Angela Alejar Circulation Managers: Angel de Guia, Fresie Rose Paredes, Graciella Jean Ambat Ms. Loribelle C. Flores / Mr. Jonald Justine U. Itugot Moderators



T is quite evident. War is everywhere. War has been known to man ever since the dawn of time. Somehow war is human nature; we simply do not know of a world where there is no war. The one thing no one forgets that is brought about by war is destruction. And in this age when wars against foreign brethren are gradually fading away, destruction brought by war is still felt quite strongly. Here inside the Philippines, that effect is most apparent. It’s not the ongoing war between the government and the rebels; rather, it is a more internal war: A war within the government.

“Undoubtedly, every Filipino wants his Motherland to be the best she can be, attaining once again her glorious pedestal among other great nations in the world.” What is this war that I’m talking about? Well, everyone must know about the Administration and the Opposition. These are the two parties that comprise our government, much like in the United States where there are Republicans and Democrats. The Administration is basically the party of the head-of-state, the President. The party supports the government. The Opposition is, obviously, the many political

parties that are not supported by and are not supporting the current head-of-state. These political parties shuffle as to which is the Administration and which are the Opposition, depending on who is in charge. The Administration and the Opposition usually have contrasting ideas. And when ideas contradict, in comes the heated arguments. Division... Reyes… p. 4



Poverty: Our Nation’s Undying Agony “There is no such thing as a perfect world, hence, society can never be equal.”


OVERTY affects everyone; globally, regionally and locally. To be living in poverty is a horrible state to be in, for the individual will be lacking in essential aspects needed for life. In our country, only less than 10% of the population controls all its wealth and land, but more than 50% are living below the poverty line. There is no such thing as a perfect world, hence, society can never be equal. But to have a child die every 3- 5 seconds so that the “ fortunate “ can live as they please is simply unfair. People deserve to have equal human rights, yet why do more than half of our citizens still live without a home, education, healthcare or food? Poverty is caused by three main things: corruption, lack of education and low wages. Corruption causes poverty because

it subtracts from the budget of both the country and the citizens. The Philippines is not a very poor country, it’s just that most of its money is being directed into the pockets of corrupt officials instead of improving the country. The money could be divided to improving the country and the lives of the poor community projects, such as providing clean water or more hospitals. Additionally, corruption has a role to play in the context of increasing taxes. The higher the taxes, the more money the people lose. Since education and healthcare is not legally free in our country, the money just goes to politicians and the government. Lack of education causes poverty: this is due to the fact that individuals with education get more jobs than those without it. Hence, jobless people have no

income to live on and fall below the poverty line. Also their children most likely would not be able to go to school as well, starting a vicious cycle of a continuously poor family. Low wages or poor economy, cause poverty because more often than not, people in poverty earn wages that are not enough to support them, such as food, water, shelter and health care. Indeed, poverty has a bad impact in our society. In order to end this, corruption , lack of education and low wages must be solved first. By abolishing corruption in the Philippines can attain a balanced budget , so it can be spent wisely for the right things in order to better the country. By having more schools, society will be giving the next generation of impoverished children a chance to succeed and pull themselves out of poverty later on in life.

Do you think that former Imus bishop and now Manila Abp. Luis Antonio Tagle has a great change of being the next pope? “Yes, because he’s open minded on the things around him.” (Mikaela Resultan, II-Philippians) “Yes, because he is a good priest.” (Ivan Salonga, II-Philippians) “Yes, because he can serve the Lord with his whole heart and faith.” (James Diang, II-Philippians) “Yes, because he is a good role model and he is responsible for what he is doing.” (Jian Soliven, III-Ephesians) “Yes, because his characteristics symbolize being the next pope.” (Larra Bernal, I-Timothy) “Yes, because he is kind, loving, and deserving.” (Caela Canlas, III-Galatians) “Yes, because aside from seeing him in television and in person, I can tell that he is deserving to have the chance.” (Ronell Rosales, III-Galatians) “Yes, because of his apostolic works.” (Jayrald Misiera, I-Timothy)

Having poverty is unfair, unethical and dangerous. The Philippines should abolish poverty because its people deserve to be free of it. ■

“Yes, because he is a good bishop.” (Rod Namuco, I-Titus) “Yes, because he is a very calm and soft-spoken person.” (Leonard Vallesteros, III-Ephesians)

SOPA & PIPA Censors My Internet “The money isn’t the main concern, but the free and open knowledge that the internet gives us.”


MAGINE a world without free knowledge.” This is what Wikipedia, world’s biggest online encyclopedia, said when they protested against the ‘Stop Online Piracy Act’ or SOPA. SOPA is a bill proposed by U.S. Representative Lamar S. Smith to fight against online trafficking and copyright infringement. It is similar with Protect Intellectual Property Act or PIPA which allows the US government and copyright holders to control those websites that are dedicated to copyright goods. This would limit our access through the internet and block all those sites that would violate the law. It would affect everything that we do in the web; they can block online encyclopedias, blogs, social networking sites, and web browsers. Anything that can spread those patent contents is not safe with this law. Internet helps our studies to be easier; whenever a teacher assign us a research project; we conserve time on just searching

the net rather than using books or magazines. However, if this bill will approve by the US government; there is a chance that they will shut down all of our sources of information. The money isn’t the main concern, but the free and open knowledge that the internet gives us. On January 18, 2012, Websites like Wikipedia, Google, and other 7000 websites protested against SOPA and PIPA. They black out their sites to find out the effect to internet users. Wiki went dark for 24 hours, and estimated 100 million people were affected. This happened for only one day, what if this would happen for a long time?

I don’t think this bill is helpful for us. I mean of course, this can stop online piracy but they’re going to block all of the free things in the web. I feel chaos may occur when SOPA become a law. Well, just think of 2.08 billion people’s reaction when they see their favorite websites being blocked by the government. How crazy is that?

You don’t want Wikipedia to be censored, do you? What if the time comes when there’s no Wiki and we will be stuck on researching in books and magazines, again? Do you want your blog accounts blocked? Or your Facebook or Twitter accounts? I think this is the time for us to stop SOPA; we can fight for the rights of free information. Not by striking but a protest that no one would get hurt, a petition that we are not supporting this bill that can end up to millions of disapproval of people around the world. For now, the protest that happened last January had made a great effect. Some representatives withdraw their support for SOPA and PIPA because of the massive number of 45 million petitioners who are against the act. Even Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, back the protest and stated, “The internet is the most powerful tool we have for creating a more open and connected world.” Let’s be aware of this, you’ll never know the next steps they will make. Would you take the consequences of losing all of the free information and ideas, or making a stand to fight for what is right? If not, can you imagine a world without free knowledge?■

Dear Editor, Hi! Congratulations on the first issue of the JJC! I must say, it is way better than previous issues. Keep it up! I would just like to ask, (I do hope you could include this on your second issue), since our school colors are green and gold, why are our school uniforms colored blue? I know, most students wonder about this too. It just seems a bit confusing and kind of questionable. Thank you very much and God bless! From Josephian101 Hello there, Josephian101! The whole JJC Team appreciates your support. Thank you so much! You see, almost all Josephians ask the same question, I have wondered about that too and have asked people that very question. We all know that green and gold are SJC's trademark. From facilities down to school ids are all designed with that color combination. School uniforms? They are blue and white for a reason. besides being a Catholic school, we are all also am Augustinian Recollect school, managed by the AR Sisters. Such schools managed to have school uniforms with blue and white as their mark. It is a way of letting students know that they are all " brothers and sisters" in such a way. Did ou even know that students from different parts of the Philippines wear the same uniforms as SJC's? It's like you are part lf something BIGGER! Exciting, isn't it? Better wear those uniforms proudly! Thank you and God bless you too! Sincerely yours,

The Editor


City schools, parishes converge for 2011 Marian & Vocation Camp


O deepen the devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to give way to the

awareness and discernment of different vocations, different Cavite City schools and parish

youth ministries converged in St. Joseph College for the 2011 Marian & Vocation Camp with the theme, “Hawak Kamay sa Paglalakbay, Si Hesus at Si Maria ang Kaagapay” held at t h e S J C G y m n a s i u m, November 4-5. A Eucharistic celebration presided over by San Roque Parochial Vicar Rev. Fr. Jerry Belen started the event, and School Directress Sr. Ma. Flora Silvero, A.R. gave the welcome remarks.

Emcees Jalain Carilla and Paolo Noceda interview a participant during the 2011 Marian & Vocation Camp. Photo by J. Diang

Reyes… from page 2

In my opinion (as I have stated earlier), our country remains undeveloped for two reasons: one, the stubborn people; two, the stubborn government. Why do they have to argue who is right and who is wrong? These bashes between the Administration and the Opposition clearly aren’t

leading us anywhere. Do they really believe that such ignorant practices will lead the Philippines to prosperity? Undoubtedly, every Filipino wants his Motherland to be the best she can be, attaining once again her glorious pedestal among other great nations in the world. Even politicians (some, if not all) want our country to be what it should be, prosperous, developed, fruitful. But they fail to realize how childish they are with this “Administration” and “Opposition” thing. Recall the maxim “United we

JJC… from page 6

Internet… from page 5

Bringing honor to both the Division and the School, Junior Josephian Chronicle (JJC) staffers won 2nd place in English Scriptwriting for Radio, and 3rd place in English Radio Broadcasting. Maria Alynna Corinne Carlos

way of making you a Youtube celebrity. A great example of this is in response videos, whereby you create a comeback to respond to a popular video such as news stories. If an amusing event has occurred and it has the potential to converted into comedy, this will be an excellent avenue to help you ascend through the ranks of Youtube.

among our country’s leaders follow. And where there is division, progress halts.

Lastly, you should publicize your work

After dinner, the Regina Coeli Choir of Our Lady of Holy Rosary Parish in Rosario, Cavite performed a song stand, divided we fall.” Although no one can really influence another’s opinion, at least they should meet halfway. Arguing won’t get them anywhere, but negotiating can. So I tell to our government-at-war, stop fighting one another. It won’t lead us anywhere. You should lead us to greatness, not war and destruction. Start with yourselves. Be humble. Do your part in relinquishing this government-atwar, and let us make prosper a country-at-peace. ■ using those social networking sites like facebook, twitter, tumblr, google plus, etc. with all those advertisements people can watch and react with your videos and can compliment or reject you. These tips will help you to be the next Youtube Superstar like Nigahiga, Kevjumba, Happyslip, Supermac 18, and many more. So start applying it very well to make your one time hit a famous one. Good Luck! Jane Samantha Preciado

number, followed by a reflective praise and worship led by UST Religious Education Majors Hanz Ponceca and Donna Jane Lungay. Vocation talks from the Augustinian Recollect Sisters and a La Sallete Brother were also delivered along with a talk on the faith of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Sr. Cynthia Camuta, A.R. A seg ment ent it led “Q u e s t io n s o f F a it h ” patt erned aft er Bisho p Chito Tagle’s television show was hosted by Bro. Anthony Trias, institutional re lig io u s ed ucat io n

Carlos… from page 2 shocking experience for students who will be left behind in SJC. Less familiar faces. Less lively exchange of banter. Seems like everything is new. But change is also a good thing. It gives the students the opportunity to be exposed to other methods of teaching. Everyone needs to explore and to try new things. It is a challenge to every student to be able to cope with new methodologies and to learn how to be friends with new teachers. As children to their second parents, losing them is never an easy thing to accept. New batch of parents are coming but the children are still expecting to see their original

coordinator. Other activities were also done to keep the participants awake and alive for the whole duration of the event. These include diversional activities like games, animations, and intermission numbers from the CMLI winners and the Theatre Arts Ministry. As the dawn set in, the participants joined the solemn Taize prayer followed by a Marian procession. This event was spearhe aded by th e Confraternity of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and the V oc ati o n C lu b. [JJC] “mamas” and “papas” in the next school year. A sad but hopeful ending to their story. It seems to be an exciting yet scary adventure for them, knowing that they will leave the place where they started out as a teacher. SJC has been a historical place for them, more like a home for most. Basically, life is about leaving and bringing one’s self to a different place to be with different people to know one’s self better. It makes one feel refreshed knowing they are growing as a person, particularly as a teacher. One needs to go out and see the world, believing he could make his dreams come true. ■

Choose life...

No to RH bill. A message from the SJC Administration and the Junior Josephian Chronicle


400 Years of Catholic Education in the Philippines A Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines


o therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20)

Dear People of God,


‘Go, make disciples, baptize, teach.’ These are the operative words in the command of Jesus before he left the apostles. From this comes the evangelizing mission of the Church; a mission grounded on the mystery of the Holy Trinity. To the Church is given the power to preach and to teach; a task that has been accepted by the apostles and handed on to the Fathers of the Church, Doctors of the Church, phil osophers, t heol ogi ans & missionaries. The Church faithfully fulfills this mandate she has received from her divine founder of proclaiming the mystery of salvation to all men and of restoring all things in Christ.

A Brief Survey of Catholic Education in the Philippines

‘Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations . . .Teach them all I have commanded you.’ These words of Jesus resonate once again as we take stock of 400 years of Catholic Education in the Philippines. In view of this, I invite you, dear brothers and sisters, to a closer look at the evangelizing mission of the church made possible by Catholic

This same occasion allows us to look back on the beginnings of Catholic Education in our country. ■ We recall the very first school opened by the Augustinian missionaries in Cebu after their arrival in 1565 and the initiative of the Franciscans to provide primary instruction upon their arrival in 1578. ■ We recall Bishop Domingo Salazar, O.P. who in the year 1581 expressed to the King of Spain the need for a college to educate priests which later opened in 1596 as the Jesuit-run College of San Ignacio in Manila. Likewise, Colegio de San Ildefonso in Cebu founded by the Spanish Jesuits in 1598 ■ We remember the year 1611, 400 years ago, when Archbishop Miguel de Benavides, O.P., and the Dominican Fathers established the University of

Santo Tomas; and in 1632, the Colegio de San Juan de Letran both in Intramuros, Manila. We rejoice with UST, the oldest University, in the celebration of its 400 years of continued existence and service in the field of Catholic Education.


■ We remember the year 1632, when Colegio de Sta. Isabel, the first women’s college, was opened. This college is now run by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul who arrived in 1862. We remember also how in 1868 they went to Naga City to open a college for girls, and to establish the very first Normal School for Women in the Philippines on September 18, 1872 at the instance of Bishop Francisco Gainza, O.P.

■ We remember the year 1906, 105 years ago, when the first four German Benedictine sisters and one novice from Tutzi ng, Germ any founded St. Scholastica’s College.

■ We remember the year 1859, some 150 years ago, when the Jesuits returned and opened the school called the Escuela Municipal de Manila located right across the San Ignacio Church in Intramuros. This was the very first Ateneo campus.

■ We also remember the beaterios which likewise provided formation and some instruction for girls.

■ We remember the year 1862, 150 years ago when the Vincentian Fathers came to the Philippines by virtue of the 1852 Royal Decree of Queen Isabel II of Spain in order to administer the Conciliar seminaries of Manila, Naga City, Cebu City, Iloilo City and Vigan and to take care of the religious and scientific instruction of the diocesan seminarians and lay students in Colegio

■ We remember the year 1904, 107 years ago, when the first Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres opened the first Paulinian school in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental.

■ We remember the year 1911, 100 years ago, the Brothers of the Christian Schools, known as La Salle Brothers, opened their first school in the Philippines on General Luna Street in Manila.

■ We look back also 70 years ago, the year 1941, when these Catholic education institutions organized itself into an association called the CEAP (Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines) to be able to collectively respond not only to urgent educational issues but also societal issues. CEAP was born upon the inspiration of Bishop

Michael J. O’ Doherty with Msgr. Jose Jovellanos as the first President. Without doubt, Catholic Education in the Philippines has a long and rich history. Many of our heroes and significant personages in the church and country are a proof of this. It is not an exaggeration to say that Catholic Education laid the foundations of education in our country. Thus, we cannot but remember with gratitude the heroic missionaries who begun the task of education in the faith. Their contribution was not limited to Catholic Education but included even the other sciences and disciplines. We may cite for example their ethnographic and scientific studies, the grammar and catechetical books like the Doctrina Cristiana which not only instructed us with the Church doctrines but also preserved our dialects. Such is no mean contribution to our society and culture. Indeed, ‘at great cost and sacrifice our forebears were inspired by the teaching of the Church to establish schools which enriched mankind and responded to the needs of time and place.’ Ex Corde #65) (Read full text at http://

New Wave of the Future: The Hunger Games

By Jamie Ambat


ARCH 23, 2012 - the day when all the tributes will go shouting and dreading for their lives. Are you ready for something new? Are you tired of the vampires chasing you? Well, Suzanne Collins’ work is the right one for you. If it ever occurred into your mind that books were boring and filled with crazy words, well, think again. In the novel, ‘The Hunger Games,’ it is not just a love triangle with hope-filled protagonists, and pridefilled antagonists, but it talks about what can possibly happen to the future, how the government changes, and how much people are affected by their reign.

This epic novel is not alone, in fact, it is a trilogy---The Hunger Games, which will become the mostawaited movie this 2012, Catching Fire, and The Mockingjay. Fans have zestfully responded about this new addition to the list of epic books in the world. This has changed people’s views about their lives and the future. Needless to say, some writers have been influenced by Collins’ genius. From the long lists of books made to movies, I am definitely sure that this will thrill your lives. Take a break from all the vampires, wizards, and all the plain boring love-sick people around there. Get ready to be touched by this dystopian romance, from the

Internet Stardom


N this world full of gadgets and exciting things the newest and probably the easiest way to become famous is to use internet. Any kind of person can find a way to fame specifically through Youtube, may you be an amateur director, newly born artist or even a high school student. So how can we be a Youtube Celebrity? There are plenty of things to learn about how to become a Youtube personality from those who have already made it. Here are some of the most important tips that will make you a Youtube sensation. First off, you should understand that Youtube personalities become famous when they have a concept that is unique, very interesting and worthy of attention. Find out what you are good at and what unique quality you possess that will make

others be interested in looking at your videos. Musicians, animators, and skaters are not only ones who become a Youtube hit. Whether you are interested in creating science projects, pursuing your passion for journalism or supporting a good cause, make sure that what you choose to do is special. Humor can make you become famous on Youtube when applied in different genres. Therefore, you can diversify your recordings by incorporating hilarious home videos into your library of stand-up gigs. Since funny videos get the most traffic on Youtube, find topics that will allow you to produce an unlimited series of humorous videos to share with your fans. Always have the entertainment factor in the videos, which is a sure... Internet… p.4

love triangle of Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. It is far from being boring which is greatly affected and strengthened by the greatest histories of all time. Like the hero, Theseus, which is like Katniss in the latter part. Collins also had the idea of her father, who fought in the Vietnam War, the feeling to lose someone that you love. Suzanne Collins also borrowed the idea of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. She managed to make it very thrilling, involving it to Katniss and Peeta’s romance. And this novel is not just about star-crossed lovers, but also to fight for someone that you love, and being ready to sacrifice your life just to save them. For instance, Katniss volunteering

for her sister’s place at the 74th Hunger Games, which will be a fight to death, because if she loses, she dies, and if she wins, she gets it all--- her life, the fortune for her family, and happiness. The famous line, “May the odds be ever in your favor,” is talking about the risks and hopes, wishing that you will not be the one taken out from the bowl, where they fetch the names of the tributes that will go for battle. Suzanne asks us if we are

ready for that, wishing us luck for all the trials we are about to encounter. This will change the point of view of your life; think about what you can do for the future, or how you could start a rebellion. These are the little things that are involved in the trilogy, and still much more that we could scavenge about. And the question is this: Are the odds ever in your favor? ■


HBED joins Cavite City Spelling Bee High school students flaunted their vocabulary skills in the 2012 Cavite City Spelling Bee held at the library of Cavite National High School last January 31. The competition was attended by more than 100 high school students from different public and private schools in the city. Twenty selected students from the Higher Basic Education Department joined in the said event. Raf Austin Estacio from II-Philippians placed 3rd after spelling mind-blowing words orally in the challenging round. Other Josephians made it to the Top 20 and entered the difficult round, as well. Top 50 spellers will be qualified to the MAR Dunong Word Challenge which will be held at Dasmariñas City this coming February 29. This competition is a project of the City Government of Dasmariñas in cooperation with the City Tourism Office. Akiram Briceño

JJC competes in CALABARZON confab; bags places Young journalists from the City of Cavite competed against other DepEd divisions of Region IV-A at the 2011 Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) held in Lucena City with the theme, “Promoting Digital Literacy through Campus Journalism”, December 3-7. Lucena South One Elementary School became the home of more than 200 participants from the Division of Cavite City during the duration of the event. Trainings were carried out to prepare the students for their respective competitions which included news, sports, feature, and editorial writing, editorial cartooning, copyreading, radio broadcasting and scriptwriting. Moreover, not only were the students the ones who prepared for the RSPC 2011, even the school paper advisers had their own contests. JJC… p. 4

CBCP launches ‘Year of Missions’


N line with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines’ declaration of the Year of Pontifical Mission Societies this 2012, a Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Archbishop Socrates Villegas, CBCP vice president, was held at the Shrine of St. Therese of the Child Jesus in Villamor, Pasay City, January 14.

humility of life, and helping hands.

In his homily, Villegas pointed out that ever yone is a missionary in his/her own way. With that in mind, he urged every Christian missionary three things – holiness of life,

S t u d e n t s , t ea c h er s , a n d administrators from different Catholic schools from all over the Philippines attended the event, with the Augustinian Recollect Schools’ delegation as the largest. [JJC]

The CBCP declaration was given to commemorate the 80th foundation year of the Pontifical Mission Societies and the 150th anniversary of the Society of the Propagation of the Faith founded by Venerable Pauline Marie Jaricot.

Juniors, Seniors party at Chefoo Restaurant


T. Joseph College Cavite City celebrates a night of elegance and beauty as Juniors and Seniors presented themselves during their Junior-Senior Promenade at the New Chefoo Restaurant on February 24, 2012. The program started with a bang as girls and boys catwalked their way to the ballroom in their best gowns, cocktail dresses and suits. The invocation was led by Junior Miguel Carlos while the welcome address was given by senior Keiane Ambos. Sr. Ma. Flora Silvero, A.R., school directress gave her inspirational message followed by a message from BED principal, Sr. Luzviminda Escal, A.R. Senior Kamille Anne Orilla delivered her bequeathal speech while junior Jeremiah Nathaniel Reyes made the acceptance speech. This was followed by an elaborate bequeathal and acceptance ceremony where the Juniors and Seniors exchanged mementos. The passing of the key to the Juniors and the presentation of the lamp to the Seniors highlighted the event. Senior Alynna Carlos delivered the class last will and testament where she enumerated the special traits and talents of the Seniors and bequeathed them to special Juniors. Special awards were given to the

Minor awards included ‘Mr. and Ms. Seniors’ which were awarded to Lorenzo Marau David and Kamille Orilla. Meanwhile, Jose Miguel Alberto Carlos and Ma.Reacielo Santonil were ‘Mr. and Ms. Juniors’. To celebrate the month of love, the “Mr. and Ms. Valentines” awards were given to Joseph Reyes and Keiane Ambos. The ‘Stars of the night’ were Lance Loanzon and Lainelyn Quila.

Rodchie Valera and Jian Soliven were the ‘Face of the Night’ With a pink tuxedo and striking yellow gown, Kevin Gamad and Shaula Abarro earned the ‘Best Attire’ award. Special ballroom numbers were performed by selected Juniors and Seniors. Not to be outdone, the teachers surprised their w a r d s w it h a l iv e l y performance. After dinner, it was a free-forall dance session with the Juniors and Seniors grooving the night away until 11. Jose Miguel Alberto Carlos

‘Sex issues’ top youth problem—survey


HE most urgent concern of young people today are sexrelated issues like pre-marital sex and teen pregnancies, according to a recent survey among Catholic youth ministers in the country. The survey, which was commissioned by the National Secretariat for Youth Apostolate (NSYA), showed that young Filipinos are grappling the hardest with “sex issues”, followed by “growth in faith”, ranked the second highest concern, followed by “nurturing relationships”, third. “Family issues” and “drug abuse, vices” hold the fourth and fifth highest spots respectively. Runualdo Villamata, Diocesan Youth Leader of Lucena, Quezon, admitted that early physical intimacy jeopardizes young people’s future. “Meron samin, 16 years old pa lang, dalawa na ang anak (In our place, there are 16 year olds who have two kids already),” he added. According to Villamata, the

MISSIONARIES. Archbishop Socrates Villegas and priests from the Pontifical Mission Societies pose for a photo opportunity during the launch. Photo by Anthony Trias

stars of the night. Shawn Maverick Gonzales, junior, and Donna Marie Angeles, senior, were entitled Mr. and Ms. JS 2012.

TOO YOUNG. The NSYA survey shows that more and more young Filipinos have engaged in sex-related activities. Internet Photo Church and youth ministry, in particular, is responding more actively to this reality of young Filipinos. He said that since January, the Diocese of Lucena, for example, has been holding Basic Orientation Seminars, which have talks on God, the Church, the Christian family and youth ministry.

the value of chastity.

Villamata, who oversees the youth ministries in Lucena’s 36 parishes, said that such seminars also encourage young people to wait before plunging into exclusive relationships and to see

The survey was done primarily to consult youth ministers regarding the program and content of the National Conference for Youth Ministers in October. []

The NSYA, the executive arm of the CBCP – Episcopal Commission on Youth, surveyed youth ministers from 86 dioceses in the country and 27 member organizations of the Federation of National Youth Organizations last April. LIKE.




From Blessed to Saint Pedro: It’s More Fun in the Philippines and a son of the Father. Because of his simple yet meaningful and well-lived life, he was named as the Patron of the Youth for the Archdiocese of Cebu. A miracle was reported to be attributed to him in the year 2003. Two hours after a woman was pronounced dead after undergoing heart surgery, it was reported that she was brought back to life through Blessed Pedro’s intercession. TIME TO REJOICE. Cebu Archbishop Emeritus Ricardo Cardinal Vidal smiles as he holds the statue of Pedro Calungsod. Internet Photo


HE long wait is over for Filipino Catholics.

Pope Benedict XVI finally gave the nod for Blessed Pedro Calungsod’s canonization along with six others from Italy, France, S p a in, G e r ma n y a nd America set this October 2012. After being beatified on March 5, 2005, he is all set to be named as the Philippines’ second saint after St. Lorenzo Ruiz. Blessed Pedro Calungsod is a young native of Visayas, p ar t ic u la r l y fr o m t he province of Cebu. He died in the 16th century. He was one o f t he bo y catechist s together with the Spanish Jesuit missionaries who

went to the Ladrones Islands in order to evangelize the Chamorros. Sadly, he was killed after getting hit by a spear at his chest while protecting Padre Diego Luís de San Vit o res fro m Matapang, a native of the Island of Guam who did not want his newborn daughter to be baptized by the religious. Blessed Pedro is r eme mber ed by his companions as a boy with a very good personality, a virtuous catechist, a faithful assistant and a passionate Catholic. Calungsod has dedicated his life for the service of the Catholic Church- lovingly and patiently doing his work as a catechist, an altar server

Such need for a miracle is needed in order to officially declare a beatified person as a saint . Miracles are carefully investigated by Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints and are subject for the Pope’s approval. Luckily, they had their eyes on Blessed Pedro Calungsod. That is another thing to be proud of, Filipinos! Within the year, all that is needed is the bull of canonization, which declares an individual’s life as exemplary and recognizes his role as a heavenly intercessor. This is to be released by the Pope and will serve as a “passport” in recognizing Pedro Calungsod as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church. Maria Alynna Corinne Carlos

SJC kicks of 66th year with a bang Celebrating its 66th founding anniversary, St. Joseph College joyfully opened its week of merriment, December 12, 2011. With shirts marked, “St. Jo: Love q toh”, members of the Josephian family held a parade heading to the school grounds from San Sebastian College-Recoletos main campus to announce SJC’s long-lived commitment to the Caviteños. This year’s theme was based from a text lingo meaning, “St. Joseph: I love this!” Students from different departments also showcased their talents in dancing in their annual field demonstrations. Grades five and six and the second year high school grabbed their trophies, winning in the elementary and high school categories, respectively. In the afternoon, friendship ball games between SJC Cavite City and St. Rita College, Manila were held, ending with SRC bringing home the bacons for both basketball and volleyball. Other highlights during the foundation week were the Thanksgiving Mass (December 11), outreach program (December 13), Rock SJC concert (December 14), First Simbang Gabi, Panunuluyan and Agape (December 15), and faculty get-together (December 16). Keiane Ambos

Clinic holds seminar on bone disorders Dr. Abundio C. Celera Jr., an Orthopedic Surgeon and Diplomate of the Philippine Board of Orthopedics gave an overview of the structure and functions of the Musculoskeletal System as well as its relevance to everyday life. Together with Doctor Celera were registered physical therapists, Ms. Sonia T. Reyes, Ms. Rachel F. Quadra and Mr. Roland L. Sardan who discussed and demonstrated the benefit of exercise and proper body mechanics. Students of the Institute of Health Sciences and the Professional Education Department attended the said event. Catherine Diaz

SJC places 4th in LSCS, Josephians hold annual family day Technokids I.T. cup W O F is for FUN and FAMILY

ITH the theme “It’s More Fun in St. Joseph College,” February 11, 2012 marked St. Joseph College’s annual Family Day.

Students gathered for the parade, all wearing different styles of hats each school year designed. Mr. Justine Itugot with his opening prayer and the Teatro Baile de Cavite with their opening number commenced the program. After the short performance, the families are all livened up and the hosts are finally introduced. The lovely hosts were none other than Ms. Wilma Doesn’t and Jeremiah Reyes from III-Galatians. This was then followed by a speech from Mr. Jess Barrera along with Sr. Flora Silvero, A.R. . SJC Family Day wouldn’t be the same if there were no games to enjoy, so activities were planned for the students and their family to participate in. Included in the list were the Pinoy Henyo proceeded by Family Apir. The games were a big hit and got the

aud iences excit ed and pumped. The fun did not stop there for SJC had a big surprise for the students and their families. Celebrities were invited in the celebration and had serenaded everyone in the event. Mr. Emilio Garcia and Ms. Charie Pineda were the ever so kind pop stars that came and surprised everybody.

One of the main reasons why Family Day was held is because the school saw this as a good opportunity to present their new course, which is Culinary Arts. This course was being advertised as a lot of professional chefs were in SJC to demonstrate different recipes. A cold and hot dish were demoed as people in the audience observed and asked questions. After the cooking demos, a cooking contest was held wherein Moms and their daughter or son were teamed up to cook something delicious. As the program was coming to an end, it was finally time for the awarding

of winners. The award for the best hat design went to the Third Year and Grade S ix, w h i le t h e mo st organized group went to the First Year students. After the awards were given out, an intermission number from the teachers was performed and the program ended successfully. I n t he aft er no o n, an impromptu beauty contest was held for moms, wherein t hey faced t he t alent competition as well as the question and answer portion. Mrs. Beth Nocon reigned as the champion of the said contest. The much awaited Bingo game of everyone was not forgotten. The whole afternoon was spent by families, most especially by the parents, co mpet ing against each other to win prizes.

Indeed, SJC never failed to live up to the expectations of parents and students and has really justified the event’s theme, “It’s More Fun in St. Joseph College.” Kimberly Ong

n its sixth year, the La Salle Computer Society and Technokids Philippines hosted t h e a n n u a l I n f o r ma t i o n Technology (IT) Cup at the Yuchengco Auditorium, De La Salle University, Manila on January 28, 2012.

Representing St. Joseph College were Johanna Delgado and Roi Christian Advincula for the grade school division, and Jose Miguel Alberto Carlos and Maria Alynna Corinne Carlos for the high school division. The computer quiz bee covered mostly topics on programming and web development, technical hardware, multimedia and current tech trends and issues. Random types of questions were thrown to the contestantsmultiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks, enumeration and most of the time, identification. Even the audience had a chance to win prizes as trivia questions about the past IT Cups were

asked around. This had been an icebreaker for all, a time to relax a bit, while waiting for the final round.

SJC’s high school contestants qualified for the final round, earning a spot in the top 10 scorers out of 19 schools. The highlight of the final round was when SJC tied scores with Immaculate Heart of Mary College for the third place. As tons of tie breaking questions were raised, the people remained patient, as well as excited for the two schools, hoping that the match between the two would be over soon, and it took almost 30 minutes before SJC landed on the fourth spot. Josephians has joined the I.T. cup in the past but this is the first time for the school to pass through the second round. That “small step” was transformed into a “giant leap” for SJC when representatives qualified and never went home without a fight for the final round of IT Cup 2012. Maria Alynna Corinne Carlos

For admission-related inquiries, send an e-mail to

St. Rita Manila overthrows SJC Cavite

Roadway to Championship Winning in any athletic event is an extraordinary experience. Being a victor means that one is unbeatable. We all know that every athlete wants to be a champion because it is a proof that he is the best in the sport he is playing. But the road towards this achievement is full of darkness. One will face a lot of challenges in order to reach the end of the road---victory.


AINT Joseph College (SJC) Cavite City invited Saint Rita College (SRC) Manila for friendly games in basketball and volleyball, December 13, at the SJC Quadrangle. As expected, Josephians cheered for their own varsity teams in order to strengthen up their game and give a magnificent performance. First in the lineup of games was the SJC vs. SRC volleybal (girls) game. At the start, the game seemed to be very tight. The crowd loves the action when

Training is the main factor that one needs to consider in order to make it to the championship. This will help him improve his skills, be physically and mentally fit, and develop unity among his colleagues.

the rally comes longer, and every time SJC scores, fans g ive great ro unds o f applause. Unfortunately, this game ends to be a victory of Saint Rita Manila Volleyball Girls against SJC Volleyball Girls. Both teams showed sportsmanship from the start and at end of the ballgame. Next is the matchup between SJC and SRC basketball (boys). Teams gave their best shots in every second of the game. Players Ezzel Adle, Aoki

Clarito, Joseph Reyes, Kirby Balacanao, Mark Lean Espanto, and JC Espiritu made the opposing team struggle in the offense and defense parts of the game.

In training, the player gets stronger and his readiness to face all of the opponents is being enhanced. And of course, training will never be possible without the guidance of a good coach. Right now, lack of training is the biggest problem of every individual athlete and team. Without zestful and enough training, achieving the prestigious championship trophy is beyond reach.

Not bad at all, they gave a very good game that the opposing team had a hard t ime o n sco r ing and defending at all times.

Aside from intense training, determination is also a secret to success. A good example of great determination shown by a team is the rare comeback of the Talk N' Text Tropang Texters in their semi-final showdown against the Petron Blaze Boosters. The Texters were down in their series 3-1 but because of their impressive perseverance, they won their 3 straight games and advanced to the finals. Eventually, they got the championship against the Powerade Tigers and put themselves in the history of Philippine basketball.

However, despite St. Joseph College’s good performance, St. Rita College Manila still managed to defeat SJC.

As players, we should also have the determination that they had shown. Giving up is a sign of being a loser or coward. If we really want to emerge triumphant, we must have a “never say die” attitude. Playing whole-heartedly will help us reach the top.

Both teams played very hard in order to succeed and grab the trophy . Jayby Guevarra

Being a champion doesn't mean that we are the greatest in the world. We must remember that life is a continuous learning. We will still learn a lot of new things and we must know how to use it in good ways. Moreover, we must not forget the true significance of sports. That is to enjoy and stay happy in playing the sport we like.

STCAA Meet kicks off in Laguna; Josephians joust


HE Southern Tagalog CALABARZON Athletic Association (STCAA) Meet was held in the province of Laguna on February 19-25, 2012. The 19-hectare Laguna Sports Complex in Bubukal, Sta. Cruz, Laguna served as its main venue. This region-wide sports event drew more than 8,000 participants from the Provincial

Divisions of Laguna, Batangas, Cavite, Quezon, and Rizal, including the City Divisions of Calamba, San Pablo, Sta. Rosa, Tanauan, Lipa, Batangas, Dasmariñas, Cavite, Lucena, and Antipolo. Athletes from Saint Joseph College (SJC) joined the Cavite City delegation in the different fields of sports.

high school student from SJC joined the basketball team together with students from different schools in Cavite City to represent the Division. As a varsity player Espanto gave his best to qualify for the STCAA, honing his talents, skills and character to build up a good

basketball player. Another representative from SJC, Jonel Dela Cruz, is a 4th year high school student who contended in the field of Arnis. Meanwhile, SJC high school

sophomore Kim Gerald Chan defeated different players in the contest and brought home a gold medal in the field of Taekwondo. He undersized and his opponents by showing the techniques and skills of a great fighter. Jayby Guevarra

Mark Lean Espanto, 3rd year

Athletes from the Division of Cavite City perform at their best during the STCAA 2012 Opening Parade in Laguna. Internet Photo

JJC Volume VI, Issue 2  

JJC Volume VI, Issue 2

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