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year levels to allow smooth transition from the old curriculum. The old curriculum still applies to the third and fourth years. With the new structure there is a new focus on Mathematics and an emphasis on the interactive learning

As prescribed by the Department of Education (DepEd), the high school depar tment is implementing the 2002 Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) this school year.

New AVR, Speech Lab to facilitate learning To provide better learning, the SSC-R administration opened new facilities for the Cañacao campus population, S.Y. 2007-2008. A 45-seater audio-visual room was constructed on the 63 sq. m. former dark room on the right wing of the fourth floor to solve the AVR reservation problems in the campus. This facility is equipped with a multimedia projector, two large-screen televisions, a sound system and other audio materials. It is made available for both the

grade school and high school students. Another new facility was a 40-seater speech laboratory constructed on another former dark room on the right wing third floor. This is equipped with audio tools that will aid the students in the development of their speech capabilities. It is expected that this facility will help the Sebastinians practice the correct grammar uses and pronunciations of words in both English and Filipino context.(Maricor Lumantas/Irish Sua)

Brand new. The facilities built for the Cañacao Campus population.

It aims to make every Filipino learner to be capable of self-development throughout one’s life, to be patriotic, kind, ecologically aware and Godfearing. The said curriculum will only take effect for the first and second

Cagulada tops Kulay at Tubig

approaches. Values formation is also integrated in all subject areas.

Five learning areas make up the said design; four of which are the tool subjects that include Filipino, English, Science and Mathematics. The last is a cluster of subject areas called MAKABAYAN that is the experiential area of the “laboratory of life”. This subject includes Social Studies, MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health), TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education) with Computers, and Values Education. BEC promotes mutual interaction between students and teachers, other students, instructional materials, and multimedia sources. Also, the use of information technology and greater emphasis on computer literacy in all the learning areas is integrated in every school where equipment is available. It envisions the ideal Filipino learner in our rapidly changing world towards becoming a well-developed human being.(Nellene Rull)

Principal launches new org structure To provide stability in the high school department, Principal Rev. Fr. Cristopher C. Maspara, OAR designed a new organizational structure that will take effect this school year 2007-2008. The said structure was laid down during the faculty meeting held at the Cañacao Campus Audio-Visual Room, June 4. One of the significant changes was the inclusion of two new positions where the appointments of Mrs. Eleanor B. Perez as Academics Coordinator and Mr. Ferdinand L. Manguera as Students Affairs Coordinator took place. The said posts will be

With the theme “Sa Regada, Ika’y Mapapa-Ahhh!”, the Kulay at Tubig annual city art competition done during the week-long celebration of the Regada Water Festival, June 19. The Sebastinian flame can be felt with the victory Justine Cagulada who bagged the 1st prize for the secondary division and Krizia Ann Odvina who made it to the top 10. Competed with them were Sebastinians Eliel Mae Galgo, Charles Ayran and Jeff Agulana. The other contenders were students from Cavite National High School, Jimel Academy, St. Joseph College, Sovereign Christian Grace Academy and Sangley Point National High School. Cash prizes and company products were awarded to the winners. (Irish Sua & Katrina Mr. Ferdinand L. Manguera, the new Students Affairs Coordinator Marie Alverde)

Mrs. Eleonor B. Perez, the new Academics Coordinator

directly under the Office of the Principal. The Academics Coordinator will plan out and coordinate all the academic activities. Under Mrs. Perez’s supervision are the four subject area chairpersons. Meanwhile, the Students Affairs Coordinator will be in charge of all student activities as well as discipline. Under him are the club advisers and the two newly appointed prefects of disciplines, Mr. Ruel P. del Rosario and Mrs. Maribel D. Ordoñez. The two prefects shall be in charge for the males and females, respectively. (ECHO)

2 Editorial



“I’m a reporter!” said a commercial model in a TV ad endorsing a shampoo. Duh! How could they possibly explain that by just using that particular shampoo they publicize will make one a reporter? Or worse, how could they elucidate their slogan “Breaking free from dandruff will cause you NO limits”? Isn’t it so unjust to declare that only people without dandruff will be able to attain a good satisfying life without fears and worries? The globalization of the world today does not only affect the way the mass media produce their TV advertisements, but influences the audience who view it as well, majority of which are the Filipino youth. What’s new-driven life causes them to forget what is necessary and choose what they want instead. Our culture is the one at stake in our present situation. We tolerate these companies whose concern is primarily to earn profit and do not care what happens after us. And what do we do in response to these? None. According to one commercial, taking the product being advertised will make them the best parents in the world. Really? Will that daily supplement transform my mom and dad to the most loving, most caring, most responsible and most progressive parents in the world? What if people a lot younger than me will take it seriously? Could they possibly reject their parents, or simply become ashamed of them for just not taking those? Facile they are, and unreasonable forever will they be. They are infecting the minds of the innocent youths, manipulating the perspectives and activities of the Filipinos and enthralling them to care only about what they want; shrouding the nationalism and patriotism of the people in an immensely dark canopy, dismantling the foundation of a righteous and progressive country. Presently, a powdered milk declares that it will make your child grow intelligent and productive, being on the top of its own self-proclaimed pyramid of success, a food supplement affirms that taking it will make you complete and a brand of soft drink asserts having one bottle of it during your family dinner will intensify and strengthen a family… We always believed that God is the only one deserving to be on top of our pyramid of success; that only our family and friends can make us complete; that only selfless love is the answer towards the unity of a family. Iniquitous they are, and noxious forever will they be; leading the people into a dreary panorama, encaging them into a life full of deceiving illusions ending them in despair. Choose these capricious culprits of the nation over the sake of our country? Think again. You can buy them, but never sell your life to them. Somewhat over-reacting? It’s just the truth.

Book Haters, Hook Baiters The abrupt changes in the society, especially with issues concerning the Filipino youth, are infallibly highly noticeable, and one of those matters is reading a book. Reading a book? Well, the subject may quite sound stress-free and does not need an emergent attention. But our situation nowadays can be considered critical. Being money-wise, one would just prefer watching the Harry Potter series on the movie screens instead of buying the books. “Why must one read books if there are movies?” is a simple expression of a typical Filipino student of today; youth who wants everything to be fast and easy, who would never read

“They would rather pack in herds rather than being alone, particularly with a book.” a book unless necessary, and youth who would choose entertainment over knowledge. When you read, you can internalize the words and thoughts deeply, absorb the implications chapter by chapter, and feel the happiness, sadness or the anger of the characters as if you were also there. Your imagination travels you to fantastic destinations as you unravel the mysteries of the book you read. But in contrast, I think

Discipline “We must bear in mind that all our actions have their own consequences.” In our school today, as we all know, we are all taught to be disciplined. We need to maintain silence, to fall in line and to pray. We always think that those teachers who discipline us are strict, but still, we should all know that it is their job to discipline us and if we follow them, all will go well. But have we applied discipline to ourselves? Perhaps, readers will not be motivated to read this editorial, as of now. First, what does the word “discipline” mean in our lives? Is discipline just

standing straight and keeping quiet? To be true, that is just a small part of discipline. As high school students of a prestigious Catholic school, we are obliged to practice self discipline; after all, we must begin with ourselves. We must know the time to talk and the time to keep quiet. A little of that couldn’t kill us at all, just keeping quiet for five minutes couldn’t hurt us, and yet we choose to chat and to chat and to suffer being scolded. And after school, at home and in all places, we must learn to respect our elders, our

Filipinos do not love reading books. I understand that Filipinos are naturally known to be lovers of gaiety and pleasure. They would prefer to pack in herds rather than being alone, particularly with a book. I also understand that it is a fear of Filipinos to be clashed with endless arguments, idiomatic expressions and confusing thoughts because Filipinos never Javier, page 7

surroundings, and all. Just by these little tips, we learn to be better persons. Discipline does not only mean being punished by being wrong, we are punished because we go beyond the limit, and we deserve it. We must bear in mind that all of our actions have their own consequences. In all of what we do, we must remember to behave. Our parents work hard to be able to enroll us in this school, and we must not disappoint them by showing off unwanted behavior. Sacrifices are a part of life, just like the little sacrifice of not talking for less or even greater than five minutes. I would like to thank our mentors, who tirelessly discipline us, for their brave nature and determination. To be greatly respected someday, we must begin as students practicing self discipline starting now.


Social Awareness Towards a Futuristic Nation The youth nowadays seem to lack interest on social issues, focusing more on the advances in technology – computers, cellular phones, televisions, radios, etc. As far as everyone is concerned, these social issues we used to disregard are the basic ingredients towards a succeeding or failing nation, a very important matter that everyone must bear in mind in case they care for a stable country. But what really is social awareness? I define social awareness as being knowledgeable, interested and responsive to social issues like

poverty, education, political decadence, the youth and other citizens, etc. In response to becoming socially aware, I will be taking into consideration both the youth and human dignity. “Social investment in the youth is worth a lifetime of prosperity, stability and progressive condition for our nation”. Contrary to this statement, neglect of these youth will bring us closer to instability and political turmoil. To solve this, education must be prioritized but support among the citizens must be given voluntarily, for “the children are

the hope of the nation” and that if we believe in ourselves, we would surely be giving off the best of what everyone may least expect. Children who must be contributing to pushing the society up are now very much engaged to computer games, drug addiction, and child labor. In school, students are taught of mathematics, sciences, history, etc. but only few teach us the application of these facts, which I think discourages some to attend classes. Some children graduate with honors but not Sarile, page 7


Question: “Do you think it is necessary for our classrooms to have airconditioning units?” Responses: “I think it is not necessary since it will only cause a higher tuition fee increase.” - Jowee Ann La Corte, IV- SA “I would be a yes since the season is reaching a very high temperature and we need it so we will not feel exhausted inside the classroom.” - Ma. Crisel Joyce Mariano, IV - SA “Placing an air-conditioner inside our room will only cause us headaches, especially now that the outside weather is warm.” - Jerick Papa, III - SFA “I consider the weather today to be just fine and I think it is not necessary anymore because we can still survive the upcoming hot weather.” - Angelyn Cruz, III - SEM “No, because it will just affect the performance of the students inside the room, like making them feel sleepy during discussions. - Algen Genova, IV – SS “Yes, because the weather today is very hot, and a COCC (cadet) like me would very much appreciate a refreshing classroom after facing the heat of the sun during salutation time.” - Gaudy Franz Collado, III – SEM

Servicio... Por Pavor? “If you’ll vote for me, I will…” This is one of the most popular lines we always hear whenever the campaign period starts. Their words are so pleasant to hear and their friendly gestures are so convincing, these people affirm that they are your friends all of a sudden and promises that they will always be by your side whenever you need them. But isn’t it that they sound like an old record that hypnotizes the voters? If and if ever they will be elected, when will they do their promises? How sure are we that they are worthy of our trust? Will their promises have their fulfillment or will they remain promises forever? Anyway,

promises as they say… are made to be broken. An election, whether a school organization election or a national election, is one of the most important practices that we must not set aside. This is where the fate of our future and our government lies. They will be the ones who will represent us, the ones who will help us gain better life and most of all the ones who will lead us to progress and together with them we should be able to wave our flag proudly up high. But have we imagined the things that might happen if we will give the prestigious authority to a person who just wants riches and popularity? Who among us does not want a

position in the government anyway? If it can give us an instant job, an instant office and an instant celebrity treatment, for sure, it is not impossible to have an instant power? Can you just turn your back to what it has to offer you? But beyond this, did they ever realize that their purpose is to serve and not to be served? How about us? Are we just going to set aside our right to vote and the right to choose the right candidate for our government? Are we going to risk it all? Fear to God and let our conscience dictate our hearts and mind for in doing so, I don’t think we can still go wrong for as they say Vox Populi, Vox Dei!

“Yes, because the students will be more motivated to study and to go to school.” - Ma. Wilma R. Turalde, II - SNT “Placing a unit inside our room will only cause the odor of some of my classmates to be trapped inside the room.” - Ma. Celine Jannina Ramos, II – SNT

Dear Editor, Hello Editor-in-Chief! How does it feel to be one? I heard that being an EIC is a very heavy responsibility. What do you do and how powerful are you in the Sebastinian Echo? Anyway, take care always and God bless. Best regards, Janelle G. Palicpic, IV – SA Dear Janelle, Well, all things are going fine. Sometimes, well yeah, I feel a lot of stress and pressure since I have so many articles to edit. I am also the one who writes the main editorial. Though it’s a lot of work, but I am thankful that some of the staffers, the other editors, submit their job on time. Time management is what counts most here. That’s all. Thanks for your concern! Take care, Editor-in-Chief

An Unsoiled City: Could We Achieve it? “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. This old adage implies that being clean not only in our actions but also in thoughts is a way of showing respect for ourselves and for God. Cleanliness is also a window to one’s soul. The same goes for a city. The cleanliness and sanitation in a city show the discipline and gentleness of its citizens. Proper sanitation has been one of the major problems not only of Cavite City but of the whole country as well. As

one walks down the city streets, one could not help but feel distressed about the city’s current situation. Plastic bags flying about, candy wrappers lying on every corner, every step would be like a step in a world of chaos, a world of disorder. Lack of discipline, as it seems, is one of the culprits that cause this problem. For us to reach the road to cleanliness, we must first be able to open the doors of self-discipline. Instilling this value would greatly improve us not only as

a person but also as a citizen, a Caviteño. Cleanliness is a big step towards progress. Thus, it plays a major role in providing us with a good future. As students and citizens of this city, it is our obligation to act as paragons of cleanliness and do our best in preserving the beauty and order of our city. It would be nice that someday that as one treads along the streets of the city, one would be able to see and appreciate the cleanliness of the environment.

Dear Editor, I am a fourth year student and it is sad to say that our school building has a problem. I would like to complain about the leaking ceiling in the fourth floor when it rains. It somehow causes a disruption in the corridors of the fourth floor and it creates big puddles of water on the floor unless a bucket is placed under the leaking part. I hope that through this letter, certain authorities will be informed and provide an immediate action on the current situation Thanks, Anonymous Dear who-ever-you-are, I am not promising that it will be given a very immediate action but we will try our best to coordinate with the school administrators and facilitators to repair the ceiling. We will also try to cooperate with the Student Council. Just be careful though, puddles can be nasty too! Sincerely yours, Editor-in-Chief


4 Twins in Baste:

Twice the charm


Times two, times two and times two. Shown above are the three pairs of twins in the high school department. (From left to right) Dustin and Daryl Solis, Darlin and Zanita Kaye Felicida and Ian John and Ivan Kevin Satentes. (Photos courtesy of ECHO)

Have you ever wished you had a twin? We’ve asked our brothers and sisters who happen to be twins in our school of how it feels like to have a twin. First in the list are Dustin and Daryl R. Solis from IOLC. They are identical twins. They were born on July 23, 1994 and Dustin is older by one minute. Although Dustin is older, Daryl is noticeably taller than him. The two do not only share the same looks but they also share the same likes and dislikes. They both like playing sports, particularly basketball, playing computer games and eating. Dustin loves playing his guitar but Daryl is not really into music. But they say they are not really that different. In fact, they are both outgoing and nice. They are both grateful that they are a twin because each has a person who he has so many things in common to be in company with. We have other look-alikes from the second year and they are Zanita Darlin and Zanita Kaye S. Felicilda. Darlin is from II-SLR and Kaye is from II-STCJ. They were born on May 18, 1994 and Darlin is older by one minute. If you look at them closely Kaye has this mole on the upper left of her lip and apparently, she is taller. Like Dustin and Daryl, Darlin and Kaye are identical twins. They both like playing basketball and computer games. Both of them likes music but Darlin is the one who is really into it. Both of the have almost the same attitudes; only that Kaye is a shy one while Darlin is actually not. They think it is cool to have a twin but they do not like the fact that they are being compared to one another. The last from the list are from IV-SA. We can see two tall guys who look exactly alike and they are Ian John and Ivan Kevin C. Satentes. They were born on March 12, 1992 and Ian is older by three minutes. Ivan is taller and has a scar on the left eyebrow while Ian has longer sideburns. They share the same interests. The two of them loves sport, especially their favorite, the basketball. Aside from that, they also love watching TV, playing PS2 and computer games and sleeping. They say Ian is smarter than Ivan, but the former is also the shy one while the latter is not shy at all. The two of them say that it really feels good to have a twin brother because both of them are very fond of teamwork, not only in sports, but also as simple friends. Since kindergarten until now, they were classmates, but they are sure that they are not going to be classmates in college since one is interested in aeronautics while the other one in engineering.(Azalea Cruz)

Twins c



Conscious By Jan Elaine Soriano

One school day, in the library, during lunch break, two close friends were discussing about school and other matters concerning studies. Jenny: Were you able to get our assigned reading materials for our English class? I was so busy doing my report in Science class that’s why I didn’t hear Maam. Gigi: Yes I did, but I left my notebook in my locker. Maybe you can wait for awhile until I finish my assignments. Jenny: Why are you so GC (grade conscious)?! You still have a lot of time later when you go home while watching the television or surfing the net. Gigi: I don’t have time to do these school works at home because I have to take care of my younger brothers and sisters. And I also have to help my mother in doing some household chores. Jenny: I can’t imagine where you get your energy and patience. Imagine, aside from taking care of your siblings, you are a class president, a top honor student,; and yet you can still manage to join extra-curricular activities and be the president of an organization. Can you still find some time to rest?! Gigi: Of course. While I’m in the library doing my assignments and research works, I can find some spare time to read some of our lessons. Jenny: You call that rest?! What about finding some leisure time like chatting with your friends and going to the internet laboratory to surf the net? Gigi: I’m not used to those things. I’m more focused on my studies than finding leisure time. Jenny: You know what? I’m so proud to be one of your friends. Because you are one of the most dedicated people I’ve ever met. How I wish I can do what you’re doing. Just like now, I still have to finish my report considering that it was given to me 3 weeks ago. Gigi: You can also do it if you’ll try harder. Jenny: Okay my friend, I’ll try harder. Thanks for setting a good example to me.



Meet John and Amy. The two top students of section 4-A. In short, they are the smartest of the smartest. Plus, they both have the good looks to boot. But there’s one problem. They never talk to each other. They have developed into steady rivals…But then again, destiny stepped in. “…And for the last pair, John and Amy. You will be presenting a report on human behavior,” the teacher declared. What is this, a death sentence? Amy protested silently. Of all the people…Why her?! John thought likewise. “Um, okay… just to make things clear, I want you to know that being stuck with you is not exactly what I had in mind,” Amy said to John as they started their research in the library. “Good, as long as we keep that similarity, we will have no problems at all. I’m just putting up with this for the grade,” John replied coolly. Hmp! What a GC! Amy thought. This cycle went on for weeks. They would enter the library, get a book, and take down notes from the desired material. After they finished, they passed the project to the teacher, and did the report the following day. Inevitably, they had the highest grades in class. But although the project was done, Amy still found herself going back to the library for no apparent reason. So did John. So they would see each other. They sat across each other, books in front of them, and never said anything to each other. Until one day, during PE class, Amy suddenly fainted. “Oh my goodness!!! Somebody get the nurse!” the teacher cried out. John watched from the sidelines. He was so worried. It was then that he realized that somewhere along those long hours he spent with her in the library, he fell in love. Long after the incident, another project that was to be accomplished by pairs was given, and wouldn’t you know it, John and Amy were partners for the second time. “You know what? I think somebody really wants us to be together,” Amy said. “It could be our teacher, it could be destiny, if such thing existed, or it could be…” “Me?” John supplied. “What?” Amy was confused. “That’s right. I wanted to be your partner again, if this is the only way that I’d be with you once more. That’s right, I fell for you this way, and I’m hoping that you will fall for me the same way I did,” John confessed, looking blankly at the open book in front of him. “Don’t worry. I already did,” Amy said with a smile on her face. “Teachers really have their own way of bridging gaps between students, huh?” John remarked. “Yes, they do,” Amy answered back. “They really do.”



How does the life of St. Ezekiel Moreno inspire me? (This article won first place in the essay writing contest held during the Feast of St. Ezekiel Moreno 2007 celebration) Being in a family with a dreadful history of cancer binds me to a world of worries and anxieties. I see my family as a herd of cows infected by cholera living ordinarily while the disease strike their number. My grandmother died of cancer of the ovaries. My grandfather suffered greatly due to his prostate cancer. My uncle died just last year because of lung cancer. My mom and her sister are survivors of breast and ovarian cancer. But how about me? It is a question so terrifying to answer. Lord give me strength! As I was reading My First Book of Saints, scanning and skimming through the selections, something caught my attention; something so bright as if a brilliant light that suddenly gleamed – the life of St.Ezekiel Moreno, Patron Saint of Cancer Patients. As I absorbed and internalize all I can from his life story, I realized that I was wrong. I cared more of the disease that can cripple and destroy my flesh in this material world rather than the one that can corrupt and defile my soul and bring it to damnation forever. I cared more of satisfying my worries and anxieties rather than the hunger of my soul for prayers and good deeds. St. Ezekiel Moreno, a man with a life of prayer and devotion, sacrificed a life of wealth and prosperity to serve the Lord, our God. He chose to serve rather than be served. Supposedly, he should not fell hunger, loss of money, bad health and experience a detrimental environment. But because of his intense fervor to spread the Good News and evangelize the people of God, he had undergone all of those. He may not shared his wealth:


gold coins, prestigious artifacts, and more, but he had shared the most precious wonderful thing: the kingdom of God. He was a missionary back then, who traveled from Spain to the Philippines to evangelize the locals. Nevertheless, he had not failed to bring these people to salvation. He lived with them, cared for them and attended to their spiritual needs. But then a killing disease, a palate cancer, had struck him. In spite of being terribly ill, he continued his missions and charity works; he never cared how he could preserve his life but rather save the soul’s of the many. It continued healing the souls of the people, for he knew that his body is nothing but a sheer dummy; he knew that his spirit will live on forever beside the throne of God in heaven. He died a righteous man who left a giant mark in this world. His missions are still continued up to now. He continues to inspire more people. His life is a great inspiration for me. At first, I have cared only for myself, of getting away from cancer. But now, the inspiration he gives me serve as the everbright light I use to see clearly from the shadows of the world. I have been able to overcome my fears and worries. I was able to look into things in a different perspective. I learned to smile, to laugh and to be happy in spite of difficulties in life for I know that God is beside and forever will He help me. The great tragedies in his life bide me to good to others without expecting something in return; to serve and not to be served. For I know I am not preparing a mighty palace decorated with gold and silver but rather a seat in the Kingdom of God. I have cancer. So what? For now I believe that I have a soul uncorrupted and undefiled of the clutches of evil.


6 Cavite City - Mall of Asia

Metro Star Ferry reopens To be able to provide the Caviteños a trouble-free, comfy, and inexpensive access to Metro Manila, the Cavite City officials have resolved to reopen the Metro Star Ferry which has closed a few years ago. Aside from this, this project is also aimed at boosting the city tourism as it will attract not only tourists but students from Manila to conduct tours and studies about Cavite City’s historic past. The ferry service will begin operating on the first week of August. Since the SM Mall of Asia has been a favorite and most recently visited location of Caviteños and since it is also the turning point for vehicles, both public and private, pursuing EDSA and Taft, the bureaucrats have decided that it would be more convenient for everyone to make the ferry service route there. Since this project endeavors to provide us a more economical means of reaching Metro Manila, a ticket would only cost 70 pesos for each person and 50 pesos for students. MORE Besides the reopening of the ferry service, a newly constructed waiting area for transporters is also provided. It is equipped with a comfortable atrium, a kiosk, and is located near the boarding area so that one could feel the breeze of Cañacao Bay and enjoy the view and skyline of Metro Manila. The ferry will not only provide service to the denizens of Cavite City but also residents of neighboring towns such as Noveleta, Rosario, Kawit, and Tanza. This venture will surely boost our tourism and open an economic tie-up between Cavite City and Metro Manila.

FERRY LAUNCHING.Senator Mar Roxas takes a look at one of the Metrostar Ferry that will reduce the travel time from Pasay City to Cavite City from one hour and a half to 40 minutes. (Photo courtesy of

PGMA approves Sangley Pt. Conversion

Conversion. Entrance to Naval Base Cavite (formerly Sangley Point Naval and Airbase). It is expected that container trucks and workers will be thriving in this soon to be economic center in the city of Cavite by 2010.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo officially announced the conversion and development of Sangley Point into a Container Port, March 8. This project will serve as a birthday present to Sen. Ramon Revilla Sr. who had been pursuing for the conversion since 1998 up to 2001. Malacañang has issued Executive Order No. 629 on June 21, 2007 converting Cavite City’s Sangley Point, home of the Philippine Navy, into a fully operational commercial port and ordering the Philippine Reclamation Authority to convert it into an international logistics hub with modern seaport and airport

City Hall Extension, soon to rise Designed and built in the late 1950’s, the Cavite City Hall building, sad to say, has run out of space to provide rooms for new offices and personnel. It is with this reason that an extension of the Cavite City Hall is being constructed. The construction of the extension began on March 27, 2007. Enough funds were allotted for this said project, the first phase

of the construction for instance costs 2, 546, 131.08 pesos, which will be reaching completion on July 16, 2007. The need for an additional room in the city hall has also greatly increased since the implementation of the project of the city mayor, the “One Stop Business Shop”, which is aimed to provide ease, comfort, and

efficient service to the taxpayers especially during the peak season of business permit and license renewal. With the creation of new branches of government offices for public service, the need to expand the old building is inevitable. This project will surely benefit not only those working inside the city hall but also us Caviteños as well.

Medication for ADHD may help students succeed at school researchers found that Science Daily— In an 18-yearstudy on attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Mayo Clinic

Children with ADHD are found to be more restless and inattentive in school.

treatment with prescription stimulants is associated with improved long-term academic success of children with ADHD. The Mayo Clinic results are the first populationbased data to show stimulant drug therapy helps improve long-term school outcomes. A related Mayo Clinic study reveals that compared to children without AD/HD, children with ADHD are at risk for poor long-term school outcomes such as low achievement in reading, absenteeism, repeating a grade, and dropping out of school. Both studies appear in the current edition of the

Journal of Development and Behavioral Pediatrics. Nearly 2 million children, or approximately 3 percent to 5 percent of young children in the United States, have ADHD. This disorder a ff e c t s a c h i l d ’s a b i l i t y t o focus, concentrate and control i m p u l s i v e b e h a v i o r. T h i s disorder is so common that most school classrooms have at least one child with clinicallydiagnosed ADHD. “In this study, treatment with stimulant medication during childhood was associated with more favorable long-term school outcomes,” explains William Barbaresi, M.D., Mayo Clinic pediatrician and lead author of the reports.

through an enabling reclamation component. The president also created an executive committee to oversee the planning and implementation of the project, composed of the PRA, representative of the Office of the Mayor of Cavite City and various government agencies. Through the conversion of Sangley Point into a Container Point, Cavite City would be developed into an economic zone and would be made center of businesses that would increase its income and would also become an open ground for international socio-economic relationships. This project is also aimed at developing

the City’s economy, improving infrastructure provision and creating globally competitive employment. Trade and Industry Secretary Peter Favila said that the chief executive of Cosco had committed to invest between $4 billion and $5 billion to develop Sangley Point into a commercial port. The development involves the reclamation of some 4,000 hectares around Sangley Point for mixed-use development. It features a modern naval and air base, regional hub seaport capable of servicing giant super panamax container ships, an international see p.7

Secondhand smoke can affect teens’ tests PHILADELPHIA (UPI) — Teens exposed to secondhand smoke at home are at increased risk of failing tests in school, a U.S. and British study suggests. Lead author Bradley Collins of Temple University in Philadelphia, and colleagues at Oxford University and University of Bristol in England, found that exposure to secondhand smoke at home decreased the odds of passing standardized achievement tests by 30 percent in high school students 16- and 18-year-olds. However, the study also found that when examining the effects of prenatal tobacco exposure and secondhand smoke together — prenatal exposure did not influence test performance, the Journal of Adolescent Health reported. The researchers analyzed data from 6,380 pregnant women and children from the 1958 British National Child Development Study, and said they found it interesting that secondhand smoke exposure trumped prenatal exposure. The researchers note that U.S. and British smoking

statistics are similar — approximately one-third of women in their childbearing years are smokers; 10 percent to 15 percent of women report smoking during pregnancy; and up to 60 percent of children may be exposed to secondhand smoke at home. The study did not reveal why secondhand smoke influenced failure on school tests.

Passive Smoking.Researches have shown that secondhand smoking is more dangerous than active smoking especially in young children.

PTA renders salute to new president

Newly elected PTA officers as they recite their oath on the induction of officers. (Photo by Eliel Mae Galgo)

To turn the offices of the P a r e n t s - Te a c h e r s Association (PTA) over from the four-term administration of Dr. Rodolfo Garcia Jr., who is also the president of the SSCR Alumni Federation, to new post holders, the election of new set of PTA officers was held at the High School auditorium, July 21, 2007. The program, that was attended by the parents, teachers and outgoing PTA o ff i c e r s , s t a r t e d w i t h t h e foreword of the outgoing o ff i c e r s r e g a r d i n g t h e i r accomplishments and financial report, while the election proper was held afterwards. The election results declared LCDR Emmanuel C. Bello PN as president. He is an officer of the Philippine Navy and a father of a high school freshman from section Our Lady of Consolation. The complete list of the new set of PTA officers is as

follows: LCDR Emmanuel C. Bello, president; Dra. Grace F. Dosol, VP for Internal Affairs; Lt. Jose E. de Jesus, VP for External Affairs; Ms. Erika V. Alix, secretary; Mrs. Nancy C. Lingad, treasurer; Mrs. Ma. Resurreccion M. Alvarez, a u d i t o r ; M r s . E l i z a b e t h T. Santos, directress-at-large. O t h e r O ff i c e r s a r e M r s . Rochelle G. Macario, 1 st year parent-representative; LCDR Augusto M. Villamor, 2 nd year parent-representative; Mrs. Zenaida M. Ilao, 3 rd year parent-representative; SSGT Reynaldo Y. Melano, 4 th year parent-representative; On the part of the teachers, Ms. J a m e l i e E . N o r r i s , 1 st y e a r teacher-representative; M r. R u e l P. d e l R o s a r i o , 2 nd year teacher-representative; Mr. Ronald Allan B. Balderosa, 3 rd year teacher-representative; and Mrs. Judith D. Tolosa, 4 th year t e a c h e rrepresentative.(Angelyn Cruz)


CM holds seminar on the brown scapular To promote devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the title of the Blessed Virgin Mary that was made known by the Recollect friars since their arrival here in the Philippines in 1606, the Campus Ministry office organized a seminar on the brown scapular and on Our Lady, July 10, 2007. M r. G r a c i a n o d e l a Peña, OCDS, a member of the secular order of the Carmelites, was the speaker. His plentiful knowledge of their own order paved the way to better understanding of the students about the topic. He discussed the importance and the purpose of the brown scapular in which he is devoted to. He pointed out that the vesting of the scapular requires responsibility to be taken care of, worn at all times and kept by the owner. At the end of the seminar, each student were assigned a prayer partner whom they will include in their prayers.(Tricia Angela Sarile)

To let the voices of the secondary Sebastinians be heard, the High School department Student Council (SC) held its election, Friday, July 20, 2007. Voting began synchronously at three o’clock in the afternoon at the students’ respective classrooms. Mr. Edwin Expectacion, SC Adviser, facilitated the electronic counting held at the High School Audio-Visual Room. The votes declared the following to assume the posts: Jochegen Caraos, president; Christian Wilson Turalde, vice president; Renz Marion Javier, secretary; Jose Rebecco Adao, treasurer; Caesar Joshua Taccad V, public relations officer; Ramoncito Tadepa, auditor; Rodolfo Prudente and Azalea Cruz, peace officers; Karen Cecilia Arigo, 3 rd year level representative; Patrick dela Cruz, 2nd year level representative; and Lemuel Rei Maigue, 1 st year level representative.

Sebastinians dominate Buwan ng Wika tilts Although San Sebastian promotes the use of the English language among its students, it has never forgotten the Filipino language as seven high school students dominated the different competitions held in celebration of the Buwan ng Wika conducted by the Division Office, Aug. 22, 24. Renz Marion Javier, IV- St. Augustine, copped the first place in the Tagis-Talino and Extemporaneous competitions held at the Division Office, Aug. 22. Lemuel Rei Maigue and Cheska Arianne Alonday both from I- Our Lady of Mt. Carmel also bagged the first place for the Dalawahang Pag-Arte Contest while Justin Carina Hallare of III- St. Francis of Assisi made her way to the top in the Talumpatian. On the other hand, Alessandra Mine, II – St. Nicholas of Tolentine placed second in the Pagpapakahulugan ng Sayaw Competitions. These competitions were held at the Julian Felipe Elementary School, Aug.24.

SSC-R bags places in Math, Science Quiz Eleven high school students clinched their way in the Division Math and Science Quiz Bee held at the Cavite National High School, Sept. 11. Mathematicians Patricia Anne Tanael (I-OLC) and Gaudy Franz Collado (III-SEM) went home with second place for the First and Third Year levels. While siblings Maria Wilma Turalde (II-SNT) and Christian Wilson Turalde (IV-SA) made a clean finish at third place for the second and fourth year levels. On the other hand, for the Science category, Miguel Carlos Umali (I-OLC) and Estelle Joyce Malinis (III-SEM) grabbed the second place in General Science and Chemistry respectively. While, Krizia Ann Odvina (IV-SA) placed third in Physics.

Sangley Point.... from page 6

Caraos holds SC’s top post Prior to the election, the nominations for the Student Council, which was opened to all 4 th year High School Students, took place at the High School Auditorium, Friday, July 6, 2007. The other nominees were Patrick James Repollo for President; Nicolette Shane Jose for Vice President; Kenneth Lombres for Secretary; Raphael Alvarez for Treasurer; Czerina Villarde for P.R.O.; Michael Ilagan for Auditor; Glem Emwil Dino and Hazzel Anne Ramos for Peace Officers; Kirstie Allen Afable for 3 rd year representative; Francis Jess Manalansan for 2 nd year representative; and Minela Jean Montoya for 1 st year representative. The campaign period took place from Tuesday, July 10, up to Thursday, July 12, acted upon continuously by the two parties: SAYAD (Student’s Alliance for Youth and Development) and SHOEMART ( Student’s Helpers Organization Encouraging Mutual and Reciprocal Teamwork). The objectives and platforms of both parties are now being pushed upon by the new officers and are to be expected to be implemented until the end of the school year.(Tricia Angela Sarile)


The brown scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Internet photo).

airport, housing and livelihood facilities, commercial and industrial areas, schools, hospitals and other institutional facilities, parks, playgrounds and other amenities and roads and rail system. Though the project is mainly aimed at improving the city and the country as well, certain issues could not be prevented to arise. Such is the problem concerning the relocation of the settlers in Sangley Point. Waste management, drainage facilities, land reclamation, and port development are also dilemmas that the government is encountering. These aspects, though, are being given careful study for the welfare of the Caviteños in conformity to existing laws.

Javier... (con’t from page 2)

Sarile... (con’t from page 3) knowing of what is happening in the world, what they only know are the contents of those medical books, formulas, terms and so on. Hence, application is still the best course of learning. Rallies and boycotts are the first things that come in mind when we talk about human dignity. People fight for what they think is right, but have we thought that doing this is an act of selfishness? Has anyone thought that having satisfaction will cause others to suffer just to get what they want? People nowadays are so responsive that they react with everything that is happening. Some just cause traffic jams, unpleasant noises, and waste of time. Poverty is just one root cause of political instability. Everyone longs to be given attention, to have money in just a blink of an eye, to live in a very big house and to have all the latest gadgets in the world. This is the problem we must solve; our lack of patience, hope and trust in ourselves pulls us towards a self-centered human being.

“Poverty of whatever type hampers education and, with lack of education and wisdom that results from acquiring knowledge, our poor fellow Filipinos are easily taken advantage of”. They are deceived that the cause of these hardships in their lives are the leaders of our society, generalizing all as “corrupt” and never taking into consideration those who dedicate their whole being for the good of everyone. One must remove this kind of perspective and instead, build trust among our leader whom we favored of during elections. In building a stable nation, one must take the lead for others to do so. As one commercial ad says, “Why follow when you can take the lead?” We citizens, may he be a child or an adult, must work hand in hand in creating a change in our world, which is the main aim of social awareness. Now, we can already define social awareness as “creating a goal of peace and stability towards a progressive and well-developed country, a futuristic nation.”

wanted to be secluded in solitude. Hence, Filipinos must really hate books. But this is not what we should be dreaded of. What could possibly happen to the Philippines when these Filipinos would be sworn in the government? Of course, the country will suffer greatly and the future generations will suffer more. Reading books is greatly essential; for through it can you broaden your horizons and expand your limits of the world. The obscure environment will be illuminated and you will come to know the reality better. After all, quite a number of Filipino students do love reading books. But they only cover a very small percentage of the country. I never want to raise my family in a community ruled by people who never laid a finger on a page of a book in the near future, and I am sure no one wants to be the same. Do not be book haters, for being so, it would be just parallel to baiting the country into the hook, leading us to an ever fading tomorrow.

Junior Baycats aims high for excellence Basketball—one of the most famous sports worldwide. In fact, almost all of us know how the game works, its rules and even how to play. In order to qualify the team, one must possess the right strength, good body figure, perfect timing and a healthy lifestyle. That’s what the High School Varsity team has now. Our players are persevering and sacrificing really a lot. Just imagine. They are still at the 4 th Centennial Gymnasium for their 2-hour training from 5 P.M. to 7 in the evening, six days a week. They do this because of their determination to be good athletes and also to achieve their goal… to win every single fight they got for the school and, of course for themselves

as well. But it doesn’t mean that they will just focus on their sport. They make sure that their academic subjects will be always their priority. These Baycats, as they were called on-court, are really disciplined and their sacrifices really paid off. As a matter of fact, according to Sam Plameras (a 3 rd year varsity player), they made it to the semi-finals at the NAASCU last year, which was head at San Beda College- Alabang. But because of some matters concerning their uniform, they were disqualified. “Pero hindi ibig sabihin nito na susuko na kami. Mas lalo pa naming gagalingan sa mga susunod na mga laban!” Sam said. “Sa totoo lang todo training kami ngayon kasi may laban kami sa

University of Manila. Home court pa nga ang laban. Pero hindi ibig sabihin na papatalo kami sa kanila. Gagalingan namin.” He continued. These simple yet talented teenagers decided to pursue their varsity career for they want some experience, improve their skills, learn new techniques, as a stepping stone for college, to gain friends, and of course to have some fun. As of today, we already have 12 varsity players from different year levels. 5 both from the 2 nd and 3 rd year and 2 from the Seniors, and an undertrainee. The Basketball Varsity Team is still open for aspiring students who wants to be a Michael Jordan or a Kobe B r y a n t s o m e d a y. ( K i m b e r l y Santos)

Garcia hits the ball intellectually Table tennis, an indoor game played with a ball, rackets (paddles), a net, and a table platform similar to the court of loan tennis, also known as “ping pong”, is an ideal sport for Michelle D. Garcia. Michelle, one of the varsity players of table tennis, is also an intelligent student of San Sebastian. She started playing table tennis when she was just an elementary student. When she entered high school in SSC-R de Cavite, she still continued playing. When she

was a freshman, she was recommended to join the varsity team by a fourth year student, and because she likes it too, she did until she became a full pledged varsity player. During their training, she mastered different styles or strokes dealing with the game. Their trainings are conducted by Mr. Alex dela Cruz, every 5:00 – 6:00 in the a f t e r n o o n e v e r y M o n d a y, Wednesday and Friday. There are only five varsity players for table tennis and she is the only girl. This situation did not lead

her to quit but to pursue it as a challenge. Michelle started playing table tennis only as a hobby but as time passed by, she became fond of it and loved it until she became a varsity p l a y e r. S h e i s n o t o n l y a n athlete of table tennis but also a good player of badminton and basketball. Imagine how she is able to manage her schedules involving sports and academics considering the fact that she belongs to the first section with consistently high grades.(Kimberly Santos)

Sports Feature:

A table for two? TABLE TENNIS. This sport acquires speed, good eyesight and well-conditioned reflexes. Even if this sport is just a minor event, still this will enhance the students to develop their discipline and also their hidden talent in this sport. Actually, we have students who possess all the characteristics of a good table tennis player. These students are just like you and me. They are attending school but the difference is that, instead of going straight home and rest after a very exhausting day from school or hang out with their friends like we do, they are preparing themselves for their daily trainings at San Sebastian College main campus just like the other varsity players

of the major sports event like Volleyball and Basketball. With the help of their attending couch, Mr. Alex dela Cruz, these students learn new styles in table tennis and enhance their skills in the said sport. In fact, they already brought home some awards for they are competing to other schools. According to the varsity players, through this sport, they develop their skills more and they gain confidence and discipline. This sport also gained them new friends.

The table tennis team is encouraging the high school

Sportsmanship in Academics The concept of sportsmanship is significant in dealing with academics. It teaches a person how to deal with failures and defeats in a good manner without being frustrated and aggravated. In our venture in academics, we encounter so many trials, burdens, responsibilities, troubles, competitions and failures. In sportsmanship, we learn how to consider those defeats as building blocks of our strength and potency. It also highlights the concept of fairness and evenhandedness. As students, we are obliged to study our lessons for the exams, do our assignments everyday, submit several requirements to our teachers and compete with the other students. I consider those things as trials. I believe that God really permits us to meet trials because He wants us to become stronger so that we are prepared for more challenges that we will encounter in the future. We should learn how to carry our own burdens. “No pain, no gain.” There are some people who cannot accumulate the concept of sportsmanship. Those people are the ones who want to surpass trials with ease. In academics they are the lazy students who always copy the answers of their seatmate during examinations. In short they are the cheaters. I believe that they are the lowest type of students in the school society. Their ruthless acts become their habits and their habits become their attitude. In sports, cheating is the greatest sin. Cheaters should learn how to value others’ efforts and learn how to establish their own. The value of sportsmanship should be also applied in academics. We should remember that encountering defeats simply means becoming stronger. The stronger we become the more prepared we are for the upcoming trials and obstacles. Many are blinded by the darkness of cheating. Remember that in sports, cheating is the greatest sin and fairness is the greatest value. Life is just a simple thing that can be summed up into three words: “It goes on.”

Sports Trivia:

Ins and Outs

Do you know that... ·





students who wants to improve their skills and gain some experience and even friends through this challenging sport.(Kimberly Santos)


...the Philippine Basketball Association has already named the All-Time Mythical Five of Philippine Basketball? They are the following: Carlos Loyzaga, 1950s; Narciso Bernardo, 1960s; Robert Jaworski, 1970s; Hector Calma, 1980s and Alvin Patrimonio, 1990s. ...according to the Guinness Book of World Records the Philippines holds the Largest Golf Event that is being held every year in Baguio City? It is hailed as Fil-Am Golf Championship since 1949. The tournament draws 1,000 (approximately) amateur golfers all over the archipelago. ...the first Asian Chess Champion is a Filipino? Rodolfo Tan Cardoso, born in Pangasinan, ranks 5th in the world junior chess tournament held in Toronto, Canada in 1957. He acquired the title First Asian Chess Champion at the age of 25. ...the greatest Asian Athlete is a Filipino? Simion Toribio, a Filipino high jumper, was awarded the Helms World Trophy for being Asia’s greatest athlete. “Filipino Field Athlete of the Half Century” was also his title. ...the first basketball league in Asia is the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) that was established in 1975? ...the first football players in Asia were Filipinos? In 1907, Philippine Football Federation (originally the Philippines Amateur Athletic Federation) was founded. The first football match in Asia was held in 1913 Manila Far Eastern Games. (Christian Wilson Turalde)

The Sebastinian Echo (Vol. XX, No. 1)  

The Sebastinian Echo (June-September 2007),

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