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Witness Tree Brattleboro Museum, Brattleboro, VT 2012

Honor Student at RISD 2010-2012

Industrial Design Triennial Show Woods Gerry Gallery, Providence, RI 2010

EDUCATION Rhode Island School of Design BFA Industrial Design 2010-2013 Danish Design School Furniture Design Spring 2012 Exchange Student Mass. College of Art and Design Foundation Year 2009-2010 Danville School Vermont High School 2005-2009

RISD Scholarship 2010-2013

All School Show MassArt, Boston, MA 2009-2010

Roddy Foundation Scholarship 2011 Alfred T. Granger Art Scholarship 2009-2011 VSAC Board of Directors Scholarship 2009-2011

Riders on the Train Axiom Gallery, Boston, MA 2009

VAAE Scholarship 2009

Pieces of Vermont Vermont Arts Council Spotlight Gallery Montpelier, VT 2009

Mass. College of Art Trustee’s Scholarship 2009



Wood Shop Monitor RISD ID, Providence, RI 2011-2012

Adobe Photoshop CS5 / Adobe Illustrator CS5 Adobe Indesign CS5 / Solid Works CAD Final Cut Express / Quick Time Pro / Sketch Up SketchBook Pro / Microsoft Office / MacOS X

Internship Kaiju Studios, Providence, RI 2011 Store Manager The Curratorium, Providence, RI 2011 Visual Resource Editor Fleet Library, Providence, RI 2010-2011 Head Framer Framing Format, St. Johnsbury, VT 2010

Salutatorian of Danville School 2009

CAPABILITIES Industrial Design / Research / Sketching Prototyping / Delivery / Collaboration Framing / Digital Photography Film Photography / Post Process Editing Wood Working / Metal Working Screen Printing / Ceramics

DOVELINE Rosewood, Brass, Steel, Industrial Felt, Curly Maple, Magnets, Suede, Ribbon, Nylon Band 2011 Drafting tools are often tedious to use, vulnerable to error, and short in lifespan. The aim of our project was to create tools based around an ideal of tradition, ease of use, and craft. Our multi-use product includes a main scale as well as attachable/detachable parts* (center point, scribe, lead tip, and blade) for drawing circles. Our design intent for this project was to re-introduce the value of tools through and beyond their function. — Marks & Philosophy Marks & Philosophy Team: Jonah Willcox-Healey Wesley Chau Zach Jenkins *All parts (except set screws) were hand-machined in studio Follow the link to see the Doveline in use:

THE DESK THE DESK SERIES Danish Designed Desk from the 50’s, Ash, Metal Hardware, Latex Paint. 2011

I began by working with the existing drawers and making minimal exterior structures that could transform a simple desk drawer to wall shelving. The ash clamps utilize sliding dovetails to expand and encompasses the size of the drawer. The small footstool/seat was inspired by the beautiful feet on the desk and what other life a drawer might have after its life in a desk.




MATCHSTICK CHAIR AND DESK Walnut, Hard Maple, White Oak Veneer, Baltic Birch Ply, Industrial Felt, Metal Hardware, Rubber Caps, Latex Paint 2011 The Matchstick chair and desk began from initial research from visiting local high schools and understanding the user group that was to be addressed. The desk was designed as a small teachers desk for classrooms where multiple teachers would use the same space each day. Included in the desk is a cable organizer along with two desk drawers that are large enough to hold tabloid size paper. The desk top has an angle of three degrees to provide a surface that is easier on the wrist for typing on the computer. Felt was used to line the drawers to create a surface that reduced the movement of items inside when opening the drawer. The felt as well as the large bolts on the surface of the desk can be seen in the chair. The chair which is made from a bent lamination form of birch and oak has a slight angle for added comfort while the seat is surfaced with felt for a small amount of cushion. The felt has been sewn on to the seat to add another level of playfulness to the chair but also to create the ability to replace the seat top when needed. The modular aspect that helps to link the chair and desk together is the walnut connector piece that joins the legs to either the chair seat of desk top. The legs and end caps were also made to be standard sizes so that in future models the material could be made out of metal tubing and injected molded parts if needed. The chair and desk were designed to have the main components replaced when needed since this was a key aspect that was noticed at the schools. The legs of the desk and chair, seat cushion, connectors, and rubber end caps are able to be replaced when one wants to update them or if they become broken.


WITNESS TREE The Witness Tree Series were the outcome of a course that focused on the life of a historical tree and the era that it would have witnessed . The tree chosen was the Historic Elm tree that resided in Frederick Law Olmsteds backyard in Boston. Frederick Law Olmsted was a famous landscape architect who created well know parks such as the Boston Emerald Necklace Parks, and Central Park in New York City. All of the projects were in response to his life and what was going on around him in the early 1900’s. I chose to link my life to that of Olmsted’s and the Elm tree by connecting things that I enjoy with when they were developing in the 1900’s. One aspect was the rise of photography and its role in showcasing and protecting the wild landscapes such as Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite Valley, which were both constant inspiration to Olmsted. As a avid photographer I was drawn to this idea of the preservation through the lens and sought out to make both the amateur camera ( box camera ) and the professional camera ( large format ) that would be used during the 1900’s. The rise of alpine skiing also began in the earlier 1900’s for the Boston area and would have influenced Olmsted for he was always interested in how people interacted with nature and the public space. Growing up on the east coast skiing has been a part of my life from a young age so being part of the process of creating a pair of hand shaped skis was very rewarding. ELM BOX CAMERA Elm, Leather, Metal Hardware, Camera Componets 2011



Elm, Leather, Copper Rivets 2011

Elm, Blackend Aluminum, Brass, Metal Hardware, Camera Componets 2011

BLOK LIGHT Tamo, Ash, Steel, Fluorescent Lights 2010 The Blok Light was inspired by the ability of light to pass through a dense material like that of wood. Adapted to become an ambient light source for a room, the Blok Light creates a natural warm glow that’s intensity is nuanced by the Japanese Tamo’s rich wood grain.

ADRIFT Driftwood Railroad Cross-Tie, Maple, Cement 2011 The Adrift Bench is the combination of an old railroad cross-tie that was found adrift, with a cast cement support inspired by the rocks it was found on. The black coloration of the wood is from its previous life as a cross-tie and being soaked in creosote. The driftwood was hand cut with a butterfly joint to create a supporting leg.

Jร–KU Vacuum Formed Styrene 2011 Iceland, where mountains rise out of the sea, and the endless ebb and flow of glaciers create barren landscape for those who have come to call it home. These two elements, the Icelandic people and the landscape they live in inspired the Jรถku cup. Iceland is one of the top ten importers of coffee in the world, after oil coffee is their largest imported commodity. With this in mind I set out to make a cup that could be used for coffee but also relate back to the harsh landscape in a playful manner. Assigned to using only vacuum formed styrene for the container the Jรถku cup was first made from a poplar buck and then vacuum formed over so that multiples could be made. In production either a single walled or double walled slip cast porcelain would be used to emulated the look of ice and snow. Creating an underlined humor that a hot liquid could be poured into an iceberg/glacier inspired form.

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Portfolio 2012  

Jonah Willcox-Healey Portfolio and Resume 210

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