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Eco Friendly Food Packaging Food packaging is one of the most important aspects concerning food maintenance and sales. Due to its importance, it is necessary for companies to ensure that food packaging supplies should be closely watched from its production to its sales. Various countries are now introducing new regulations and restrictions on food packaging supplies one after another. In fact, substandard packaging is the main culprit, which is causing hazards to health and also damages a manufacturer’s reputation. Discussed herein, are the various key points which are needed to be looked into especially if someone is running a food business and the steps they should take in contributing more socially.

Why go green?

Utilising eco-friendly food packaging is extremely beneficial to both people and nature. This type of eco-friendly food packaging can be broadly defined into two types. The first method is the recycling of materials. For instance, we normally use glass bottles for drinking which reduces packaging trash. The second eco-friendly food packaging is bio-degradable materials that can decompose under the effects of air and water. An example is plastic bags, which are normally used to carry goods from the supermarket. With increasing environmental awareness, consumers are appealing for more green containment solutions from suppliers. In this respect, governments throughout the world are also encouraging suppliers to use ecofriendly food packaging and are initiating strict policies to ensure minimum damage to the environment.

Food Packaging Products Custom Coffee Cups

Eco Barista™ cups are made to minimise their impact on the environment. Conventional coffee cups are lined with a petroleum based plastic lining where as Eco Barista™ cups are lined with a bio plastic called PLA which is a bi product of corn starch, the materials in the cup are renewable. Green house emissions are minimised in the manufacture of the cup and the carbon emissions produced by distribution are offset. Eco Barista™ cup is compostable in a commercial compost facility.

At EPS Distribution we are a goof packaging supplies business that provides a range of environmentally sound solutions to suit your needs. The Eco Barista and Eco Takeout range includes Eco-Friendly Disposable Coffee Cups, Biodegradable Clam Shell Packaging, Biodegradable Containers and Plates to assist the reduction of one’s environmental foot print.

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