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Aesthtics Versus Architecture

The Lineup M


Brent Mills Age: 20 Position: Guitar/Clean Vocals Plays: 1996 Fender Jag Stang Musical Influences: Every Time I Die, The Chariot, Dead and Devine, System of a Down, Nirvana. Favorite AVA track: Cowboy


Blake Hester Age: 19

Position: Lead Vocals (Screams) Musical Influences: Minor Threat, Every Time I Die, The Chariot, Converge, Stray From the Path Interests: Beer, Hot Dogs, pooping, and long black-outs on the beach. Favorite AVA track: The Builder and the Arsonists


Jared Barron

Age: 19 Position: Drums Plays: Ddrum: Diablo. 4 piece. white on white Musical Influences: Underoath, Vanna, Periphery Interests: Mini-golf Tournaments, Go-Carts, nugs. Favorite AVA track: The Builder and the Arsonist

Isaac Hale

Age: 15

Position: Guitar Plays: Gibson SG Musical Influences: Pantera, Slipknot, Every Time I Die, Stray from the Path Interests: being metal, metal, metal music, living the metal lifestyle, metal shows, metal shirts, metal riffage, and nicki minaj. Favorite AVA track: Lamb Skin (pending release)

Johnny Muench Age: 19

Position: Bass Plays: Fender Jazz Bass Musical Influences: Norma Jean, Brand New, Manchester Orchestra Interests: I’m a ridiculous Simpe sons fan, and most of my free time is spent watching episodes. I love Dr. Pepper and BBQ more than anything. And weed. Favorite AVA track: Holy Shit! It’s Scott!


Recent Happenings

Since the release of their second EP “Deadbeat”, Aesthetics versus Architecture has been busy at work doing anything and everything they can to get their name and music out there. In the past month alone they have played with long time friends Uh Huh Baby Yeah! as UHBY released their new EP under both Little Heart and STREAKER records. A mere week later they played with Beartooth, and band that has exploded into the mainstream due to their front man, Caleb Schomo, to a sold out crowd in Lexington. Playing shows isn’t the only thing that has kept the up and coming band busy. They have been busy writing and recording demos in preparation for their first full length album. The band plans to release a free digital album prior to the release of the full length.

The band is currently planning a summer tour, which will mark the second summer in a row on the band has been on the road. Last year they embarked on the Crystal Vision Tour with other Little Heart Alum’s Uh Huh Baby Yeah! and Your Favorite Hero.

Photos courtesy of Pierce Abernathy and Jared Burnett


Aesthetics Versus Architecture  

An E-paper about Louisville based Aesthetics versus Architecture, including bio's on members and happenings within the band.

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