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*Indications for Spinal Diseases

Simple, Safe, Smart

Spinal Disc Herniation Scoliosis Facet Syndrome Sciatica Spinal Stenos is

Not relying on surgical operations, you can safely and quickly cure a variety of spinal diseases through decompression, extension, and muscular extension functions.

SD Spine Decompression

Surgical Principle Simple, Safe, Smart Decompression


The disk is located between spinal bones. It is ousted due to serious uplift pressure and then neural tissues are pressured. The pain the patient feels usually causes another pain onto the lumber vertebra leading to his waist; onto buttocks leading to his bottom and legs. As for the cervical vertebral (neck), the pain in this area causes another pain on his shoulder, arms, and hands. In other words, the pressured disk put pressure on nerves. This fixation table plays a role in restoring the dislocated disk into its original (normal) position by delivering uplift pressure into negative pressure.


Spine Decompression

Simple, Safe, Smart

Decompression Extension Extend muscle



This fixation table is designed to cure the root problem through the natural treatment that a human body has by replacing a spine to correct spinal location and extend flexibility. In other words, extension plays a role in restoring functions of organs and muscular tissues by solving the problems of pressed nerves of transited spinal intervertebral foramen and spinal canal.

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Decompression Extension Extend muscle

Manufacturing License: No. 2671 Manufacturing Item License: No. 09-721 KGMP : KEMTI-AD-080077

Muscular Extension


The muscular tissues around a spine play an important in keeping the spine in a normal form. If the spine is bent with muscles transited for a long time and if stiffening momentarily being raised and tensed, it can be also transited. In other words, the muscular tissues around the spine dominate the spine, which holds it in a normal shape or causes transit.

Rehabilitation effects are the same as for the belt wearable patients with abnormal obesity

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Center of body-SPINE

SD Features by Part

Straighten Human Body’s Center, Spine

Belt Fixation (Extension)

SD : Spine Decompression

The belt for fixing a human body replaces a pressing role by manual operation. It corrects your changed spine through a mode set to fit a human body into an integral form by putting pressure when fixing the belt.

The‘SD’ (Spine Decompression) is a fixation table designed to improve the natural healing of dislocated disks by restoring the herniated disks into their original position through simultaneous treatment procedures for decompression, extension, and muscle extension and inducing moisture, nutriments, blood circulation, etc.

Designed for a Human Body to Closely Stick to the Integral Form Surface (Extension, Muscle Extension) The bend of the integral form made in a human body shape plays a role in straightening your spine (cervical vertebra, dorsal vertebra, lumbar vertebra) line, and the integral form for the head, breast, and buttocks has individual longitude features so plays an important role in extending a spine and extending muscular tissues around the hardened spine.

Head Area


Remote Control

Spine Decompression

Buttocks, Head Mode Execution (Extension, Muscular Extension, Decompression) This mode is executed consisting of the shape and longitude of the integral form and the belt replacing manual operation. After the buttocks and head area mode is executed, the electric motor converts the uplift pressure in the disk into negative pressure through set force for fixed time. In other words, due to the functions of the integral form and belt, muscles are extended, decompression is put into the dick, and the herniated disk is restored into its original (normal) position.

Function for Sacral Only (Lumbar Vertebra – 2D Extension) Due to the mode execution, the integral form of buttocks operates by set force. Then, the function exclusive for sacral designed to support the sacral also operates due to the tube flux. In general, spinal transit happens to the lumbar vertebra most frequently. When the moving part for buttocks operates at set values, the exclusive function for sacral plays an important role in extending the dislocated lumbar vertebra by supporting the sacral area.

Due to the air pressure loaded by the belt and the shape and longitude of the integral form, the spine is rehabilitated. Spec. 1.Model Name : Fixation Table 2. Model Name : SD(Spine Decompression) 3. Length : 1739㎜(W) 4. Width : 701㎜(D) 5. Height : 482㎜(H) 6. Weight : 63㎏ 7. Rated Voltage : AC220V/60Hz 8. Power Consumption : 200VA

Head Area Sliding

Buttocks Area (Function for Sacral Only)

Buttocks Area Sliding

SD = Decompression + Extension + Extend muscle

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