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LADOIRE GENĂˆVE The Geneva-based House of Ladoire has been playing with contradictions and associating extremes within atypical creations featuring cutting-edge complications and sophisticated aesthetics. Driven by Lionel Ladoire, the design of these objects is defined, built and refined in tune with a rock/ underground mood inspired by contemporary culture.

HELVET MECHANIC Ladoire Genève timepieces bear the “Helvet Mechanic” label. They fulfil the most rigorous criteria when it comes to Swiss craftsmanship and knowhow. Ladoire Genève timepieces also defy the rules of traditional watchmaking and advocating the deconstruction of time displays.

LADOIRE GENÈVE manufacture

Frédéric Esnoult, Senior Watchmaker Ladoire

Lionel Ladoire, Co-founder Ladoire

IN-HOUSE MOVMENT The components in Ladoire’s mechanical timepieces are entirely produced by craftsmen in the best Swiss workshops. Ladoire’s movements are designed, developed, manufactured, tested and lovingly pampered at Ladoire’s Swiss Manufacture.

RGT -Calvet o1

HELVET MECHANIC Ladoire Genève timepieces bearing the “Helvet Mechanic” label adhere to the most rigorous criteria when it comes to Swiss craftsmanship and knowhow, while also defying the rules of traditional watchmaking and advocating the deconstruction of time displays.

Black Widow –Calvet o2

LADOIRE manufactured movement

MICRO CERAMIC BALL BEARINGS The concept of Ladoire’s complication is revolutionary: entirely set on micro ball bearings, it has no hands, besides the off-center hand for the GMT. Ladoire owns an international patent for this unique technology using micro ball bearings.

1. Hours 2. Minutes

3. Seconds

EXCLUSIVE TIMEPIECES Creations by Ladoire Genève suggest a new relationship with time reflecting a resolutely avantgarde approach to Fine Watchmaking. Ladoire Genève timepieces are all manufactured in very limited numbers (unique pieces, 3-piece or 12-piece limited editions), price starts from 59’000 CHF exclusive of taxes.

UNIQUE LIFETIME GUARANTEE All Ladoire timepieces are equipped with 2 years international warranty, valid from the date of first purchase. Moreover this warranty is renewed for 2 years as long as a charged maintenance is entrusted to Ladoire every 23 months

RGT – Roller Guardian Time® 1st ACT

RGT Red Gold

12- piece limited edition

RGT Roller Guardian Time Unique time display

How you read the time ?

RGT Punk Rock

3-piece limited edition

RGT Black & Black 12-piece limited edition

RGT Diamond noir 3-piece limited edition


• White-gold case, coated with ‘chocolate’ PVD • Dial decorated with ‘Clou de Paris’ • Strap of KARUNG snake’s leather

RGT – Technical specifications LADOIRE Manufacture-made movement: Calvet/o1 • Movement with automatic winding via a micro rotor • Jewelling: 38 jewels • Thickness: 9.30 mm • Shaped mainplate (39.50mm x 29.50mm) • Circular-geometry bridges (hand bevelled and drawn with a matt appearance) • Balance with screws, black PVD-coated* • Optimised gear-train toothing profile • Frequency 18,000 vph (2.5 Hz) • 52-hours power reserve

Case • Three-part asymmetrical case: 9 – 3 o’clock: 56mm 12 – 6 o’clock: 45mm • Bezel and case-back in satin-brushed • Black DLC-coated titanium crown: ergonomically positioned at 8 o’clock • Black DLC-coated corrector pusher at 2 o’clock • Cambered glareproofed sapphire crystal • Convex glareproofed sapphire crystal case-back • Water-resistant to 50 metres

Functions • Regulator – Offset hours, minutes and seconds with patented display complication (HMS Planetary®) with indicator mounted on ceramic micro ball bearings • GMT with fast-adjustment push-button system

Strap • Leather with anti-allergenic matt black lining • Double pin buckle in two-tone DLC-coated grey and titanium-coloured titanium

Black Widow collection 2nd ACT

Mr Green

12-piece limited edition

Mr Grey

12-piece limited edition

Mr Race

12-piece limited edition

Mr Ice

12-piece limited edition

Black Widow - Technical specifications Workshop-crafted movement LADOIRE: Calvet/o2 • Calibre with automatic winding via micro-rotor • Jewelling: 38 rubies • Thickness: 10.95 mm • Black Widow W-shaped bridge structure • Gear-train with specific, optimised toothing profile • Screw balance, black PVD (A-DLC) • Frequency: 18,000 v/h (2.5 Hz) • Power reserve: 52 h Functions • Offset regulator complication - HMS planetary ® - duly patented. • Fixed Hours, Minutes and Seconds display via 3 silicium discs mounted on ceramic micro ball-bearings. • Ceramic micro ball bearings (ZrO2) Ø 0.397 mm, thickness 0.99mm, without lubricant, for maximum output, stability and reliability. • The hour, minutes and seconds indications are displayed by cages mounted on 127 and 7 micro ball bearings, respectively. • 12-hour GMT complication with quickset corrector at 2 o’clock

Case • Asymmetric 2-part case: 9 o’clock–3 o’clock: 50.84mm / 12 o’clock – 6 o’clock: 41.77mm • Titanium bezel, middle case and case-back • Finished in black A-DLC type PVD coating • Black titanium crown with A-DLC type PVD coating, ergonomically positioned at 8 o’clock • Black titanium GMT quickset corrector with A-DLC type PVD coating • Cambered, glareproofed sapphire crystal • Flat glareproofed sapphire crystal case-back • Water-resistant to 50 metres • Asymmetric titanium single-lug attachment system Leather strap • Full-grain smooth leather strap, double hand-stitched • Black pin buckle A-DLC type PVD coating • Ergonomic strap secured by a single asymmetrical lug.

LADOIRE ‘s BUCKLES Regular buckle - Double ardillon - Articulated to fit wrist shape - Titanium or/ and gold - Fine tuning of size

Simple ardillon - Titanium - Fine tuning of size

LIONEL LADOIRE Talented jeweller, rock drummer, professional “pro rider” snowboarder, Lionel Ladoire is above all a man who is both passionate and free, and who has excelled in each of these different “lives” with ardour and tenacity.

In complete contrast to classical watchmaking, Lionel Ladoire is a conceptual watchmaker who loves nothing better than overstepping the mark and being part of the wave of young watchmakers of the 21st century.



Catalogue 2011

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