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Private Exchange Provider Contracting: Unique Issues Product Format: Audio Conference Presenter(s): Wayne J. Miller, Esq. Now that the initial enrollment in public exchanges is over, providers are increasingly focusing on private exchange network contracting opportunities. This program ‘Private Exchange Provider Contracting: Unique Issues by expert speaker Wayne Miller on Thursday, June 19, 2014 describes critical differences in public and private exchange provider networks. He would talk about:      

Private vs. public exchanges: what are the differences in provider contracting? The fact that if you’re automatically included in private exchanges under existing contracts How payment terms differ in private and public provider agreements ACA and state laws that still apply to private exchange contracts Due diligence necessary before joining a private exchange network Five critical terms that are negotiable in provider contracts

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Private Exchange Provider Contracting  

Private Exchange Provider Contracting - learn Private vs. public exchanges, what are the differences in provider contracting and other uniqu...

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