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Government Audits and Investigations: Enforcement Activity is up, Be Ready Product Format: Audio Conference Presenter(s): Robert W. Markette, Jr., CHC It is important for you to learn the most common risk areas for audit and understand the importance of internal processes when responding to ADRs and demands. In this session ‘Government Audits and Investigations: Enforcement Activity is up, Be Ready’ on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, Robert W. Markette, Jr. CHC, would be explaining how your compliance program can be effective part of preparing for audits and preventing recoveries. In this program, you’ll:    

Understand why being prepared before you receive the ADR is important. Know what areas are of most importance to the auditors, so that you can audit yourself first. Understand to not only identify your own non-compliance, but fix identified noncompliance. Learn how to be better prepared for ADRs and audits related to face to face matters, the single biggest risk area for home health, with a close to 80% recovery rate and much more…

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Government Audits and Investigations - Enforcement Activity