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An Overview of Food Safety for Non-Foodies Product Format: Audio Conference Presenter(s): Douglas C. Moyer, PhD, CPP

Preserving food and keeping it fit for human consumption has been a challenge since the antiquities. Join Douglas C. Moyer - PhD, CPP in this audio session ‘An Overview of Food Safety for non-foodies’ on Tuesday, June 10, 2014 to learn:     

What Food Safety is and how it differs from other food disciplines like Food Fraud, Food Quality and Food Defense Origins and history of the US Food Safety system The list of known "bad bugs" that public health authorities work to prevent Various Federal agencies that have statutory responsibility for Food Safety Data regarding Food Safety incidences

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Food Safety for Non-Foodies - An Overview  

Food Safety for Non-Foodies - Look at the FSMA to perceive how it is proposed to enhance Food Safety in this sound session by Douglas C. Moy...