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Common Urological Billing Errors, Coding Challenges and Denials Product Format: Audio Conference Presenter(s): Michael A. Ferragamo, Jr., MD, FACS Today's billing demands accuracy of coding to receive one's entitled reimbursements and also to avoid frequent denials of payment. Join expert Michael A. Ferragamo in this information packed 60-minute conference “Common Urological Billing Errors, Coding Challenges and Denials” on Tue, Apr 15, 2014, to:     

Review of common mistakes made in E/M coding and ways to avoid Correct use of CPT code 99214 Correct coding and diagnoses of skin lesion removals How to bill for repeat procedures in office and hospital settings Correct coding when using modifiers -25, -59, -62, -76

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Urological Coding Billing Errors, Challenges and Denials