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Rights and Licensing amidst Digital Change

O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference February 10, 2009

Rights and Licensing amidst Digital Change Moderator: Ed Colleran, Senior Director, International Relations Copyright Clearance Center Panelists Nancy Ziser, Director, Digital Rights John Wiley & Sons Hadrien Gardeur, Founder Feedbooks Greg Merkle, Vice President, Creative Director, Dow Jones Enterprise Media Group

Disruptive change ► Explosion of Internet use and content creation  1.2 billion Internet users worldwide (up from 48 million in 1996)  Creation and use of content is exploding • 161 exabytes of digital content created and copied in 2006 • Equal to 3 million times all the books ever written • IDC estimate for 2010: 988 exabytes  Today it takes 5 years to read the new scientific material produced every 24 hours

► Increasing pace of technological and business innovation    

Easy-to-use software tools for creation and participation Cost of copying and distribution is near zero Increasing bandwidth Growth of ad-supported business models

► Content and software now are inextricably linked through tools of value-added distribution and knowledge discovery


Recent Research on Digital Content ►Digital information is easily shared – without respect to copyright licensing  89% of information users regularly forward digital content to others  Almost 70% of knowledge workers start their search on the open Web

 60% believe it’s just fine to share free information from the open Web or from print sources

 30% think it’s fine to share information they pay for online  45% purchase information independently and more than 50%

say it’s okay to share it, assuming the purchase provision allows for this








Rights and Licensing amidst Digital Change Issues to be explored ► Discussion on new licensing models ► Social media tools-what’s new and where do we benefit? ► How are new aggregation models enhancing content use? ► Users freedom to create new content vs. the rights of the original content owner ► What are online communities doing with content? ► What impact is social media having on intellectual property? ► What and whose rights need to be considered? ► Revenue and branding opportunities

Thank you

► Edward Colleran

► Hadrien Gardeur

► Greg Merkle

► Nancy Ziser

Rights and licensing admist Digital change  

Content and software now are inextricably linked through tools of value­added distribution and knowledge discovery.Digital information is ea...

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