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CONTENTS: Promotion of Tolerance:...............................3 POEM:...........................................................5 POEM OF A FAMOUS AUTHOR:.....................6 SHORT STORY:...............................................7 ACRONYM:..................................................14

Promotion of Tolerance: Tolerance is to understand someone’s attitude and behavior it doesn’t matter how is your relation with him/her you need to support them. It is also to be patient with others and with the problems they have and giving tips to them and helping them to find a solution with their problems. You have to be tolerant with others because then you can have respect from other and you can have a relation with other people.

Is necessary to be tolerant with others because is part of coexistence and is a very fundamental thing. We need to promote the tolerance because the people need to be respected and need to respect. You can promote tolerance by different ways in your environment, like in the job, school, house, public areas, shops, etc. The ways we promote tolerance in house are: listen and respect the ideas from other members of your family it doesn’t matter if you are disagree, be open to other ways of thinking and do not refuse the things you don’t know, be the only who guide your own opinions and your way of thinking.


The ways we promote tolerance in job, school or public areas are: recognize that the people around you think in a different way and respect their way of thinking, don’t classify the differences in bad or rare things, listen to people around you, avoid discrimination or exclusion of people, avoid conflicts and don’t be in the things of others unless they want to tell you.

I think that having and promoting tolerance is an important thing to coexist in the society now a days because we need respect and we can start respecting an being patient with others so is a good idea to start promoting the tolerance because then we can avoid a lot of conflicts and problems and is necessary to help other people because if you were in the other place you would like to be helped.


POEM: Nature and the relaxing sounds Nature are all things in our world that weren’t created by the humans are all those green things we see in forests and principal elements, those are fire, water, earth and air. Nature is a general thing that is composed by very precious and interesting things. Nature is a relaxing theme so people like to go in vacations to forest, beaches or mountains to get relaxed from all the other things we do in daily life, nature is also used to base in poems or books. It is also mysterious because is a lot of nature in the hole world and we don´t know all the places in the world, or all the animals living in this planet it also bring science to people and it open the range of knowledge of scientific and normal people. Waterfalls are the most relaxing thing in nature, in my opinion, but the compound of waterfalls, rivers, animals, and forest sounds are very relaxing and so majestic for me.



A Mother's love is something that no one can explain, It is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain, It is endless and unselfish and enduring come what may For nothing can destroy it or take that love away . . .

And it still remains a secret like the mysteries of creation . . . A many splendored miracle man cannot understand And another wondrous evidence of God's tender guiding hand. HELEN STEINER RICE

It is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, And it never fails or falters even though the heart is breaking . . . It believes beyond believing when the world around condemns, And it glows with all the beauty of the rarest, brightest gems . . . It is far beyond defining, it defies all explanation,



Jeffry´s revenge The story takes place in a little town in the north of America where a nice family was living in 1995. The story of this family is so nice but an accident take place and the children of that family start having problems; they went to an orphanage but the difference is that the older child want revenge for the parent´s death and the youngest help in the orphanage and do a big project to enter school. 15 years later Jeffry start doing experiments in the abandoned orphanage where he was living. In the other hand Barry start working in S.T.A.R. Laboratories and he get new friends at the job. In June Jeffry create a new substance, the purpose of this was to kill people but first he has to try in a person; and he decided to kill his brother. So he called him. In the morning Barry arrive to the orphanage and he observe in a window the purpose of the calling: “kill someone” in this case the person was him, but he decided to stand up to his brother and he follow his lead. Jeffry invited him a cup of coffee, then he “went to the bathroom” and take the substance but Jeffry discover him and he injected the substance in Barry´s neck. Barry go out quickly and discover that he has powers. Jeffry was so angry because he can´t know if Barry die or no and he start doing experiments with rats. One day Jeffry went to the city were Barry was and he discovered him and he have a great idea. This idea consist in do an explosion in the sky with the substance that has been injected in Barry but with one more component that can be controlled with a special device. Jeffry went to S.T.A.R. laboratories and he launch the substance, but Barry try to stop him and the explosion did not function or that is what they think.

One year later Barry discover that the substance affect other people and that they were other people with superpowers, the team fight with this kind of people that were called “the empowered”. Barry´s team start creating a kind of cure but they did not found it, the problem is that “the empowered” people start committing crimes, the team control them with special weapons and tools and Barry with his powers; Barry ´s powers consist in teleportation, super velocity and freeze.


His brother inject the same substance but his body react in a different way, first he start upheaval, then he start getting hot, so hot that in few seconds he noticed that in his hands there was fire, he start elevating and with the passage of the time he become faster. He love his powers so he create a substance to improve his powers and he obtain a new one, it consists in creating a magnetic wave around him, this wave produce that people and things become slower at that moment. One day Barry and his team faced with a girl that with only shouting she can destroy a big building. This “empowered” people had been sent by Jeffry through a whole year. This girl want to kill Barry but in the first day she can only hurt Barry´s hearing, she cannot kill him because Barry teleport to the laboratories. Barry´s ears take a week for composing. Jeffry take that week to introduce in the laboratories and take Barry´s DNA and find a weakness point and make Barry´s power fail. The week have passed and Barry go to the laboratories to investigate a new proposal for improving his powers, but he find the camera security films and he noticed that Jeffry have entered there, so he teleport to the orphanage but Jeffry wasn´t there; he was furious because he could not discover what his brother was planning so he ask his team to search what he stole or what he do in the laboratories. In the other hand Jeffry was experimenting with innocent people and the police did not noticed about this events and Barry´s team only concentrate in discovering what does Jeffry stole. -Barry: Bellamy, have you discovered something?

-Bellamy: No I have not, is so difficult, the video was manipulated and it is so blurry. -Barry: What about you Ashley? -Ashley: I found some clues in the x-ray´s area, I suppose he was searching for information. -Barry: So can you take me there… -Ashley: Yes of course I hope you find what he wanted. -Barry: Okay, let´s go there; Bellamy continue investigating please.

They went to the x-ray´s area… -Barry: Ashley, show me what you found. -Ashley: But you have to be careful, do not touch anything that can create a disaster, this area is one of the most dangerous. -Barry: Of course, what do you think I am? -Ashley: Collect all the necessary things.

Someone entered to the room, Ashley and Barry hide in a rapid way. -Ashley: Can you see who is there? -Barry: No, I think… I think… that is the girl. -Ashley: Can you specify more please. -Barry: Is the girl that attacked me the last week. -Ashley: And what we are going to do. (Worried) -Barry: It is so simple.


They teleport with Bellamy and they run away but the shouting girl, (or that is how they called her), found them so Barry and his team decide to deal with her.


-Shouting girl: Do you think you were going to escape? No, the answer is no. -Barry: What do you want? - Shouting girl: I am doing my work, your lovely brother send me to kill you and if I do not do it he is going to kill me. -Barry: We can help you and you can escape from him. - Shouting girl: No, I am not going to get in risk. The fight start and the team was annoyed because of a great shout of shouting girl. Barry freeze her feet and he start running around her to leave her without oxygen. Shouting girl faint and the team take her to a special jail that cancel all the powers. This jail was created by Bellamy. - Shouting girl: What is this? -Barry: Is a special jail that restrict the use of all kind of powers, and you are going to stay here for a long, long time. -Bellamy: Do you think that the jail will function? -Barry: Yes, I trust in your capacity, but you have to trust in yourself. -Ashley: Barry you have to see this, the radiation sensor detect a radioactive substance near of your house and it is moving. -Barry: I am going there. -Ashley: Wait! You are going to need this soothing, is only prevention. -Barry: Okay, thanks.

Barry went to the indicated area and he fond Jeffry.


-Jeffry: Barry; my first experiment, you give me the solution to my craziness, I only want to take revenge, because you do not know in this whole years that our parent´s “accident” was provoked by a fast man. And you cannot tell me that it is not true because I have evidence about this event and I release this substance for having a good revenge and for fun (he laugh).

-Barry: It can be true what you are telling me but… -Jeffry: Of course it is true, do you think I am going to lie you with something like this. -Barry: You are a bad person, I think that I cannot trust in you anymore. -Jeffry: Believe anything you want. Barry get angry and he start fighting with Jeffry. First Jeffry burn his arm but Barry neutralize it with ice and Jeffry escape, flying. -Jeffry: I think you are going to look for me. Good luck with that. -Barry: Jeffry!

Barry went to the laboratories and he asked to the team to investigate recent news in the little town near the orphanage and he asked specially to Bellamy to investigate where his brother was.

-Bellamy: Keep calm, everything is going to get better and you have to be prepared, so, start training. -Barry: Thanks, I will take your advice. -Bellamy: Good luck. Barry went to the airport and he start teleporting from longer distances, he freeze objects with major intensity and he was running as faster as he can. Finally Jeffry create a substance to remove Barry´s powers so he call from a public phone to Barry and the state that they were going to meet in a desert area near of the city. -Barry: Jeffry call me, he want to meet up with me in 6 hours. -Ashley: Where? -Barry: In the “blue desert” -Bellamy: You need help. -Barry: No he told me that I need to go alone.


-Ashley: But it can be a trap -Barry: I can teleport if that is true -Bellamy: Okay friend, take this earphone to be in contact with us. -Barry: Thanks, for all the help.

Barry teleport to the desert and Jeffry was there but Barry did not noticed that Jeffry has a syringe, so Jeffry injected the substance and Barry noticed that he cannot teleport anymore. -Jeffry: Sorry Barry I want to have an equal fight. -Barry: If you want to fight, then, what are you waiting for?

They start fighting and there was fire and ice everywhere, both start running but Barry noticed that Jeffry was faster than him. Then Jeffry shoot him with a fireball in the stomach and Barry give up. Jeffry take the opportunity to kill him so he heat his hand and with a fast movement he cut across his chest. Barry only said, that he love Jeffry.

The next day Barry was buried and all his friends and family was there except Jeffry. Jeffry was planning a worst thing for the city now that Barry was death.


Everyone went from the funeral but no one notice that the coffin was shaking‌


ACRONYM: esus is my saviour.

n September the second is my birthday. obody should be alone in


friend that helps and support you is a real and good friend. hanks to my parents, because they always understand and support me. aving brothers is a great opportunity and I love them with all my heart.

nd thanks God I have the necessary things to be happy. umber all the important things you have in your live and value them.


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