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Who else wants to make some extra income online? If you are anything like most of the folks reading this right now, the simple answer is YOU do, right? With the stock market in a free fall, our investment portfolios blowing up and melting down before our eyes and the real estate market literally withering away month after month, it seems EVERYBODY is trying to throw their hat in the online marketing ring. Let's take a quick look at 3 simple things you can do to start making extra income THIS week. Read on. Step #1: Parlay Your Passion Into Profit What do you love to do? What are you REALLY, really good at? Don't say nothing...EVERYONE has an expertise, you simply may not realize just how good you are. Pick it, write it, record it, or transcribe it. The key is to simply get it down on paper. (or pixel) Once you have a short report illuminating your expertise, selling it is going to be FAR easier than you think. This alone is easy to monetize, but our next two steps will amp UP the energy a bit and make this easy. Step #2: Build a landing page that illuminates your offer Simply write a concise, bullet point landing page that tells people who you are, why your information is valuable, and how it can help them improve their own lives. Offer some key credibility points, and then ask for their name. Tell them you'll share your expertise with them for FREE in exchange for their name and email address. Very simple - very common, and VERY effective. Send traffic at this page via articles, social networking buzzing, PPC if you've got a few bucks to invest, press releases, viral reports, you name it, you can do it! Step #3: Follow Up Until Your Fingers Hurt Once they have your report, audio, download, special access blog or makes no difference, and YOU have their name, the relationship has begun. You can either create other products behind the one you've already done and sell them, promote affiliate products, cross sell related items, ideas, products, offers and so forth - you can offer your OWN services or coaching, are ONLY limited by your imagination.

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==== ==== check link for various opportunities ==== ====

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