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Manifesto We come to RAIT, some of us have done our research on while many others have just heard about the college because of Horizon and Placements. Well, some of us happened to read this blog written by a senior, "Me and My RAIT". YES, it was bloody amazing! We then thought to ourselves 'This is the perfect place... Sab bade exams me doob gaye toh kya hua? Yeh college toh baap hai!' Fantasized about several things until we could finally step into it! The first few weeks, (for most of us) pass in a very monotonous way! In a way, it was pretty damn cool, making new friends, and the joys of bunking et al but nothing totally mindblowing. Then came September, 4 Weeks - 4 Fests! Then came Freshers... the best party/night, we'd been to in our lives (Well, up to then at least ;) ). It seemed unreal (A mix of FnF and Pie Series) Crazy scenes all around! We were lost and in a way that we wanted and had never experienced before. Then came the exams and soon after a couple of KTs, but that didn't really matter, as the biggest thing still had to come! 'Horizon' - The Most Extraordinary 3 Days of a RAITians year! Busting our asses over the years as a volunteer, event head, host, coordinator, committee member... to being lucky enough to watch the artist from a touching distance. One word that defined RAIT was 'Freedom' - The freedom to do *whatever* we wanted. Everything was following the script we had read in that blog. RAIT wasn't just a college, it was a place we craved to get to everyday. The 'Oneness' in the college... the family like atmosphere... almost every student knowing each other... helping each other out... playing cricket or football at the circle... playing guitar in the lawns... participating in events and working to make them even bigger and better for *their RAIT*... That however started to change slowly! Today, one doesn't even see 30% of that chronicled past. It seems like a different place. Nobody at the Circle... Nobody in the lawns... Nobody lazing around on the floor at Glass Doors. You have to work instead to build a and people hang out at their Class(room)Doors!


Aaaannndd you have to bring out a Newsletter!!! This is an initiative to bring back that Oneness in whatever little way it is possible. Maybe, by keeping you all aware and psyched about the things that are happening or going to happen soon, by connecting you with the coolest people doing cool things in or for our College, by giving you a platform to voice your grievances and opinions and making sure you have the right to follow up on those suggestions or complaints! This is being done with a hope that, the feeling of it being *Your RAIT* is enlivened once again. These are going to be the fastest and the most colourful 4 years of your life so shed your inhibitions ...take control and live life The RAIT Way!


The Committee As the very imaginative title suggests, this page contains everything you need to know about the brains and brawns behind the coveted organization! General Secretary – Arjun Gosain

The king bee of the SUC hive is a hard hardworking person with an amiable personality. His passion to flourish along with ingrained leadership qualities makes him a deserving GS.

Joint Secretary - Aditya Mujumdar

An efficient worker with smart and witty pants makes him the brain of the SUC committee. His ideas and advice are revered by many and his cool nature adds to his persona.

Cultural Secretary-Vaibhav Deshmukh

Christened with the title of the “Bade Bhai” of the college, he is the only face common to all cultural activities. A cool attitude with a generous sense of humour makes him a choice person to hang out with.

Chief Horizon Coordinator – Chinmay Sumant

One of the two wheels of Horizon who will steer and drive the festival into sheer exhilaration and success. His creative mind coupled with a focused will has earned him this coveted position.

Chief Finance Coordinator-Kennieth Kakara

The other wheel of Horizon, this guy has a way with money. It’s a closely guarded secret of his and hence he remains the only person suitable enough to handle this job.


Marketing Head-Srinath Bharadwaj

An able minded guy with a deep and authoritative baritone. His voice commands attention and his stance calls for fun. No wonder everybody at RAIT knows him.

Marketing Head-Pranav Shinde

He is sincere, diplomatic, broadminded and as straightforward as an arrow. His “cut the crap” and “come to the point” attitude makes him a formidable manager.

Public Relations Officer – Anisha Kagale

This golden girl with one hell of a creative mind can singlehandedly take care of the entire artwork required for any activity. Her beautiful creations are a much valued asset to the committee.

Technical Head – Sohel Jiwani

This soft-spoken marvel with a kind and intelligent face can be considered as the dark horse of the committee. His dedicated and focused attempts towards sponsorship and promotions have made him a very resourceful and reliable person.

Cultural Coordinator – Chinmay Baitule

His calm and composed demeanour is said to be his deadliest weapon. His logical thinking and far sightedness are sure to go a long way in symbolizing the college with SUC.

This is the season of entrance exams again for the Final year students. We have 3 students who have done stupendously well in their GRE Darshan Vijay Shetty (EXTC) - 334 Rohit Belapurkar (INSTR) – 327 Vineet Kaushik (ETRX) - 326


What’s Hot!! This is not the place where we discuss rumours and affairs. A Normal RAITian’s life is a carnival of activities and this in fact is the place where we will bring you news about events and fests from various colleges, ours included. TEACHER’S DAY

It's Teacher's Day! The day when we could show them our gratitude. Tell em that we appreciate everything that they have done and are doing for us. Be a little more well behaved than we usually are. No need for any gifts too, a simple 'Happy Teacher's Day' is enough to make them feel special. But we at RAIT don't do simple. We improvised. Plannned events and games for all the teachers. Tried to make them laugh too. And the sight of teachers playing games and singing made us laugh too. Various programs to look forward too. Kalaraag coming up with a brilliant skit, Footloose dancing to funky music. Games like 'Minute to win it'were organized. Teachers struggling to finish the task under a minute was funny. Teams were made among the teachers too. Dumbsharades, Antakshari, GK quiz, etc were the various games played. Teachers singing and competing to answer the quiz first, eagerly raising their hands to wsa sight to enjoy. Teacher's day sure brings us and them closer. Also makes the teachers feel special. That's the idea, when all's said and done. That's what we want. A big thank you to all my teachers. Without you, RAIT would be a colourless corridor. Thank you for everything.


GANESH CHATURTHI A festival which has been celebrated in our college for several years with great pomp. There is a buzz among every friends-circle/group. Especially the first years. It would be the first time they'll witness how a festival is truly celebrated at RAIT. They would wanna be a part of it. They would wanna get in there. Participating in all rituals. Also in the events organized during those five days. And it's upto the seniors to show them the RAIT way. Trust me when I say, the seniors do one helluva job. Keeping with the tradition, Puja Aagman, Blood Donation and Satyanarayan Puja were the events held. Also, delicacies were provided to everyone. The last day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. The Puja was held for the last time and the the band started playing. The students danced their hearts out. Very energetically too. The idol made it's way out of college slowly as everybody shouted and danced. 'PUDCHA VARSHI LAVKAR YA', was heard everywhere. At the end of the day, everybody was content and knew how special the past five days were. That's how the festival is celebrated. That's the level of participation it gets. That's the RAIT way !


Techfest We, at RAIT, have our very own technical committees and they recently had a multitude of events to showcase their skills at organising both technical and non technical events.

IEEE - Whizion CSI - Techmate ISA - Genesis ITSA - Aspire

3 days of entertainment. That's what this festival provides. Events were organized by all the departments. Games, puzzles, quiz, sports, etc. Requires skills to win anything. Also, events organized were such that everybody can participate. What I mean to say is, there is something, some talent in everybody, something that they are good at. And this is the platform where they showcase their skills. Gamers were in for a treat. CS, FIFA and NFS. Three of the biggest games ever. The competition was too damn high. Football lovers played a 1 on 1 or 2 on 2. Think you are good at programming? Go for any coding event. You have creativity? Build bridges using ice cream sticks.There were a lot of other fun events too. Designed to make you think hard and fast. Winners got a lot of prizes. Students from other colleges participated too. And the organizers had so much fun. Techfest is a great way to relieve your stress and enjoy the weekend. Brilliant stuff.

RAIT shines at Mumbai University Youth Festival: Ankit Shah (TE Comps and SUC Coordinator) – Best Speaker – Debate Rahul Kamble - (TE EXTC) – 2nd Prize – Collage making Marathi Skit – ‘Aayushya Sundar Aahe’ - 3rd Prize Hindi Skit – ‘Ulta Pulta Ho Gaya’ - 2nd Prize Congratulations Kalaraag! Keep it up! :D


Well, Hello there, happy readers! You have reached the section of the newsletter where you will find us lashing out mercilessly on anything about the college that bothers you the slightest. So even if you are put off by the stray dog that sometimes trots along the corridors, we’ll have that covered in a slew of angry and colourful words. For this issue, however, we are focusing on our canteen. The canteen, for those who never figured out, has been strategically constructed in the basement of the RAIT building, thus putting to rest any fire hazard fears. This also means that during the rains you are greeted by the overwhelming smell of hundreds of stinky feet and a suffocating dampness. If that doesn’t steal your appetite, the prices must surely do. With its exorbitantly priced food, our canteen fares rather poorly when stacked up against neighbouring eateries (as well as our neighbouring college). Say, you still decide, against all self restraint, to go for that bowl of Hakka noodles that you have been craving for so long. Now would be a good time to mention how our canteen, with all the time it kept students waiting, has been able to perfect the ancient Chinese recipe with a twist of its own. And this fellow SE was lucky enough to find out the secret ingredient-roasted cockroaches! (That might explain the price hike, eh?) Note that this discovery happened at a time when news of sudden stomach ailments amongst canteen goers was rife. Adding to the infamy, many would agree, is the sub-standard and delayed service by the canteen staff. Imagine the plight of this birthday boy who, already frustrated by the late arrival of his order, gets thrown out of the lab for reaching late which was no fault of his! The reason for the slow service is that the canteen is highly understaffed. And being ill-mannered doesn’t help their case. Complaints and suggestions don’t go down well with them either.


With the high prices and our nearly empty wallets, the medical canteen or Bikaner or Shivam are the only possible alternatives. But this ‘long exhausting expedition under the scorching sun’ (which should seriously be considered as the next task for Amazing Race) makes us wish that we’d much rather starve to death. RAIT-ians are therefore forced to settle for the canteen with the funny smell, runny taps, overflowing water coolers and the fans that rarely work in the damp dungeons of RAIT. When a random college student was asked about the Canteen, this is what he had to say. “Some things are so ingrained in every facet of our lives that it becomes difficult to make it a point to impact change. Someone should take up the issue, say NO, demand better because we deserve the Best!” And that is what we, the SUC, are trying to do this, by our newsletter!

Your take Which is your favourite hangout place? A. Canteen B. Amrock C. Circle D. Omega Which feature about the canteen do you wish to get changed on top priority? A. Quality B. Prices (Lowered) C. Service D. Hygiene What would you like to see happen more in college? A. Art Workshops. B. Musical Events. C. Sport Workshops. D. Festival Celebrations.

New college Events? A. Cosplay week B. Battle of the bands C. Prom Night D. Stand up Comedy


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The First Edition of the RAIT Manifesto