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Every student, at any age, needs reference materials to learn from. Apart from written Courses that summarize the subjects explained during formal classes, the best sources are Treatises, Manuals, Monographs, Handbooks and Encyclopedias. Every good student dedicates many hours, in preference to leisure, rest or sleep, to the study of the matters s/he chose to delve into for professional improvement and gain. It would be nice and highly rewarding to reach at any time the best written information to impress on one's memory. Unfortunately it is also quite an expensive proposition that only a lucky few can allow themselves. Old books risk to be outdated, given the rapid advancement of science and technology, so that the amount of possible valuable sources is restricted and of limited access. As it is materially impossible to assemble at home all the best books and journals available, students resort to technical libraries where they look for what interests them and where they find most of what they need. But they could appreciate the convenience of studying from home, at any hour of day or night. Present time students are lucky to have been trained from very young age to use the computer for most various activities and tasks. So that they are able to use the Internet for extracting the information they need, if available. Of course much of the reachable wisdom is only offered against payment of substantial fees, although more and more information is presented freely. It only takes time and persistence to find out the useful sources's links. Search Engines produce long lists of links to the sources treating the subject that one writes into the search box. It takes some care and exercise but one can generally reach useful and thorough articles covering at least the basics of many subjects of study. Among the best sources that cover most different arguments is the free Encyclopedia called Wikipedia, an amazing construction built by volunteers who contribute from their knowledge and wisdom for anyone to see and learn at no cost. Every page can be downloaded and saved in its proper folder. Other Encyclopedias are available through monthly fees and probably as time goes on more and more Institutions will publish the information they collect and distribute, as a service to readers but also as advertisements to their future customers.

Also commercial firms publish large amounts of special knowledge, as a means of becoming known and appreciated in their market. It is suggested that every student start building his/her own encyclopedia online, organizing it in easily reachable folders in their computer. In time it will likely grow to respectable size and become a fundamental source of reference materials. A keyword driven Index will complete the building and provide additional usefulness. You have only to decide to start now.

Elia Levi is a retired Welding Engineer and Metallurgist with over 40 years of experience in industry. He built a website, that offers advice and information on Welding Processes, Equipment, Materials, Jobs and Careers, Quality, Safety, Processes and Applications. On the subject of the above article see: Metals Knowledge.

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==== ==== One search -- many encyclopedias. Check out Online Encyclopedia Free. Also find great tips ==== ====

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