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I was eavesdropping on a group of friends recently and one was talking about how they were doing a bit of redecorating at home and moving the furniture around to try and freshen things up.  One of the group piped up 'You should use Feng Shui to help you decide where everything goes'.  Now didn't that get the conversation going, where do you get a Feng Shui consultant, do you really need one, won't the house look weird, what does Feng Shui do anyway and so it went back and forth.  In reality their level of knowledge about Feng Shui in the group was very low and a lot of it based on popular misconceptions. There are probably many of us in the same boat, somewhat intrigued by the idea of Feng Shui but a little unsure of what exactly it is and how you go about using it.  Well the good news is that it doesn't need to be complicated and if you understand some basics then you can even try a few things out today and get an idea of whether it is for you.  What I am going to give you here is a little bit of history, a bit of theory and then some practical tips on the types of things you can do to incorporate Feng Shui into your life. History Feng Shui has been around for literally thousands of years.  It seems to have originated in China and is possibly a derivative of Taoism.  As you would expect over time thing evolve and several different streams of Feng Shui have developed over time and this can lead to apparent contradictions between some streams of Feng Shui at times.  With our faster paced, more stressed lives these days, Feng Shui has become more popular as the attraction of a home that is free of clutter and calming has a greater appeal. What is Feng Shui?In very simple terms Feng Shui is about getting the Chi flowing in your life.  Chi is the natural energy that is flowing all around us.  The theory is that by changing the position of different items, closing doors, having certain colours in the garden and so on can enhance the flow of this natural energy.  Certain symbols and pictures in different locations can also help.  This flow of energy will help you increase or improve your health, wealth, family unity or find a romantic interest. Now let's get down to the practical stuff, what do you have to do to get this energy flowing?  Feng Shui can become complicated, involving measurements, consultants, truckloads of symbols ... and lots of expense.  If you are reading this then you are probably at the point of wanting to try Feng Shui without the last bit - lots of expense - and the good news is you can.  What I am going to do here is give you some things to try in your house, garden and the rest of your

life.  Now remember Feng Shui only needs to be as complicated as you want to make it, if some of the ideas don't appeal don't use them try the next one.  There is no point in doing something that you are not comfortable with.  Anyway enough rambling on lets get down to it: House Bedroom - this is the one room or place to do even if you don't do anything else

Your bed should be accessible from both sides. If possible it should not be in line with a door. Keep the air fresh in the room - open the window or get an air filter. Remove electrical equipment like TV's and computers. Use candles Close the door when you sleep.   Living Rooms

Ideally have a flat ceiling. Close adjoining doors. Try and make sure you have an even number of chairs. Remove the clutter. Have some plants in the room. Home Office Avoid setting up your desk so your back is to the door Bathroom

Keep it as clean as possible. Keep the toilet lid down. Use candles and music. Garden

Have a welcoming entrance. Keep it tidy. Add some water and somewhere to sit. Other

In your car, keep it clean, remove the clutter and play harmonious music.

Jewelry - if you have crystals wash them regularly. So where to from here? Obviously the points here are the real basics and are only touching the surface of what can be a very complex subject.  The idea has been to give you a few things to try or give you an idea of the sorts of things that might be involved in changing your life to incorporate Feng Shui.  If you have tried these and feel comfortable with the ideas and feel it is working for you then you may wish to get into the subject more deeply reading books or getting a consultant involved.  There is no shortage of resources out there to assist you.  One that I would suggest is Feng Shui Decorating : More than Furniture Placement available from Top Line Publications.  This ebook goes into more detail on the principles we have covered here and then also talks about how to select a consultant.  Choosing a consultant can be challenging with a range of qualifications and experience offered.  Trying to sort out what matters and what to look for can be confusing so a little assistance can save you a lot of headaches. Good luck with your Feng Shui journey.  I hope this has given you some basic information to help you decide if Feng Shui is something you want to incorporate into your life.

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