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Baker's racks are a timeless piece of furniture that transcend decorating styles and have many uses in the modern home. Traditionally made of metal, the racks were used served the functional purpose of cooling pies and helping bread rise through heat-conducting shelving. The multiple shelves allowed professional bakers to keep organized while producing many delicious baked goods. Today's copper bakers racks have been modernized to highlight intricate designs and incorporate other uses, such as storage of everything from books and knick knacks to wine glasses and bottles. Copper has long been popular as a result of its reputation for excellent thermal conductivity and ability to heat evenly. When combined with tin cladding, it provides an outstanding cooking implement. Copper bakers racks are an extension of the upswing in popularity of this beautiful and timeless material in home decorating. Trying to decide which room to place your baker's rack can be more difficult than choosing one, since they are incredibly functional and fit the dĂƒÂŠcor of almost every room - not just the kitchen! The styles available online are tremendously diverse: corner units are great for bath and laundry rooms, adding whimsy and function to smaller spaces. They charmingly display candles and flower arrangements, and attractively store towels and laundry products. These rooms also benefit from the addition of wicker storage bins, which are very popular and fit snugly on wire shelves. Unlike many pieces of furniture used for storage, copper bakers racks are lightweight and easy to move if you like to rearrange the look of your room from time to time. One tremendously popular use for copper bakers racks is as a fun and functional accent addition to your patio, lanai or garden. Attractively organize your outdoor space or garden shed to display plants, store watering cans and keep potting accessories handy. When combined with outdoor furniture, it gives your seating arrangement a finished look, and works great for food service! The advantage of copper is that as it weathers from exposure to air and moisture and it takes on a beautiful, garden-friendly patina of green (think Lady Liberty!); the ultimate complement to your outside area. But if you are using your copper bakers racks indoors and want to keep that lustrous finish, maintenance is easy. Several products for cleaning copper are readily available, or, you can just mix baking soda and white vinegar together to create a paste that recreates the store-bought brand. Simply rub the paste onto the rack to clean, and then rinse. After drying with a cloth, your copper bakers rack will look like new!

Copper racks are an excellent example of a piece of furniture that complements the principals of feng shui (pronounced "fung Shway"). This ancient Chinese method of improving one's existence using the laws of both Heaven and Earth includes redesigning the home to increase positive aesthetics and balance the energy in the home. It may sound like mystifying mumbo jumbo, but feng shui has been commonly accepted by home designers, who recommend it to bring peace and harmony to the residences of their clients. Bakers racks have many of the design elements recommended by the method: Water (represented by glass; Wood (including not only wood accents but rectangular shapes); Fire (think of adding candles as accent pieces on your baking rack); Earth (includes ceramic tiles and soil from a plant pot); and Metal (the central material used in bakers racks). It's difficult to come up with a reason not to own one or more of these attractive pieces. Whether you want to bring harmony to your home, organize your accessories or have a handy place to cool a pie, your bakers rack will be a treasured furnishing for years to come.

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==== ==== Are You In Danger Of Loneliness, Poverty, & Sickness, Because You Are Overlooking These 11 Most Important Feng Shui Considerations? Click the link now to discover more! ==== ====

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